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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Weds: Afternoon Post

Hey everybody! I just got done watching tonight's BB20 episode and I have to say...Rockstar basically got herself evicted this week (it'll be official tomorrow). Not only did she show her answer to Tyler, but then she got the last round (Tyler VS Rockstar) answer wrong and got herself eliminated, making Tyler's correct answer have him win the Veto. Fessy's DR saying that Rockstar is dumb was the cherry on that sundae for me. lol Oh, man.

Okay, so moving on from that hot mess..

The Hive still..yes, still...thinks Rockstar will have the votes to stay this week but it's not even going to be close (looks like it'll be 5-1). Hacker Kaycee just confirmed tonight that she did in fact cancel out Fessy's vote for tomorrow night. So we can expect Scottie to be the only vote for Rockstar to stay, as everyone else votes her out. (Brett brought up the idea of maybe framing Scottie by claiming he didn't vote for Rock to stay but I don't think that idea stuck.)

Earlier today, Brett told Kaycee that he's not sure how Scottie is voting and to go campaign to him, so she did.

Meanwhile, Rockstar is obessed with her eviction speech and wants to call out Tyler "following" Angela around and "doing whatever she wants", while she told Sam earlier that "Angela is a b*tch" and called her "princess". (Sam told Rockstar to cool it.)

That's it for this Afternoon Post! A lot of the HG's spent the day napping and lounging around. Another chill day in the books for this season but we knew that'd happen again today. Tomorrow is the live eviction and chaos will ensue, I'm sure.

Tonight I got the confirmation email from CBS that tomorrow's HOH Comp will be an endurance comp!! (a BB insider spoiler on Twitter said it'll be the Slip n Slide comp, which we're on track to get around now).

Us live feedsters *will* be able to watch it unblocked, as CBS confirmed. So get those live feeds ready & don't forget to get your snackies before the show begins!!

Okay, I'll see y'all in the morning with The Overnighter. Hopefully they'll be enough material for me to work with, otherwise I'm just gonna start blogging about their naps out of pure boredom. lol ;)

PS The HOH bathroom sink has been repaired by BB.

Stay tuned...
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UnionGrl said...

The guy to watch in this HoH comp is JC. It's an advantage to be closer to the ground and he is strong and determined. It would be so cool if he won- but who, other than Haleigh, would he put up? Not Ty, not Brett, never Fez but maybe Scottie or, if she asked him, Sam. Could be very interesting.

A.J. Jepson said...

Based on tonight's show and the lunacy that is this cast, I'm calling Tyler and Kaycee in the final two. The other side of the house can't seem to stop battling themselves (*ahem* Rockstar) and each other.

Bzest Mama said...

First off, I just wanna say thank you soooo much for this blog. And secondly, am I the only one who just wants to kiss Rock for showing Tyler the right answer! I mean I'm 100% all for level six but that veto comp was a heart stopper for sure!! I think I hurt my back for doing so many fist bumps in the air when I saw Rockstar up there in all her glory with the wrong answer! Lol...Tyler if you ever read my friend have just out done Paul..jmo..keep it up! #TylErFOrTHeWiN!!!

Robin Maynard said...

I don't think JC wants to win yet. He will win when he is in striking distance. He is my fav and playong very very smartly.

Unknown said...

That was, by far, my favorite OTEV to date. Not only was the skunk funny, but I couldn’t stop laughing at how it all played out. I feel bad for laughing, but honestly, how does The Hive continue to mess up SO BAD?!?! It’s truly laughable at this point!

I love Tyler’s game, I think he’s played flawlessly to this point and will be super disappointed if he’s not Final Two.

Thank you Jamie for all you do! I look forward to your updates daily!

Htown said...

I mean the Hive has to be the worst the worst alliance in BB history.. I'll start watching again when its just Level 6, then we will have a game until then happy to read your blog Jamie:)

I'll be okay with Tyler, Scottie, or Sam winning... Just not Brett or Angela lol

Robin Maynard said...

Sorry *playing.

Unknown said...

I agree. It was the best episode EVER

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