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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Weds: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Hump Day!! We're almost through the week, and better yet, we're almost to eviction night yay!!! Last night was another quiet night in the BB house, as the votes are locked and Rockstar's eviction is inevitable. Of course, The Hive still has no clue.

I'm not sure how The Hive still doesn't see who is aligned with who as we're in Week 7 and they've nothing but blindsides all season long.

At what point do you (1) notice how the votes fall (2) who's always hanging with who (see above gif) and (3) stop attacking your own alliance members weekly and blaming them for the votes. I mean, come's week 7. lol

Level 6 isn't even try to hide it anymore.

Starting at around 7:50pm BBT last night, Angela talked more about her childhood and how she got started in pole vaulting. If you have about a half-hour to listen, and you're curious to see what molded Angela as a child, this is the convo for you. It's very personal and deep. It started off with just Angela/Tyler, then Kaycee joined and then Brett later on.

In other news...
Fessy broke the HOH bathroom sink from sitting on it. (10:55pm BBT)

Haleigh: "Well...there we go."
Fessy: "I just leaned against it!"
Haleigh: "Well, f*ck."

Fessy tried fixing it and was making it worse.
BB: "Please stop." (*lol)

And last but not least...

Sam is starting her weekly cycle of meltdowns by complaining about how she might be alone forever. Fessy/Rockstar comforted her. She seems to be on a breakdown schedule and by tomorrow, we might see her continue to spiral. (Hopefully not.) Speaking of Sam, she said if she wins HOH, she already knows exactly what she's going to do...very much like the 1st time..and again, won't be doing 1 on 1's. Hmm. Wonder what she has in mind. You never know with her.

*And that's it for The Overnighter!! I except today be just as calm as the past 2 days have been but we have tomorrow night to look forward to. So in the meantime, enjoy the feeds break and go outside and enjoy some fresh air before a new HOH is crowned and chaos begins again. I'll be back later on tonight with the Afternoon Post as usual. Until then, have a great Wednesday everybody!!

Stay tuned...
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leroy janecek said...

Great update! I’m beginning to feel sorry for Sam. Has she had her exam by the doctor yet?

Sugarsparkles said...

I am a live feed subscriber but you say there’s a “flashback” feed feature?

Chikis said...

Fessy is THE dumbest ever!! Aside aquard when it comes to Haleigh....he really has no clue of anything!!! Hahaha! He's not even good for entertainment anymore.....he needs to go!

Chikis said...

Oh my gosh! i can't even stop laughing at Fessy!!!

Razldazlrr said...

omg - the sink! ha - I'm surprised more stuff doesn't break, since the place is essentially a set!

Stacia said...

Omg I saw that on BBAD last night and it went to commercial the instant after it started to fall. Fessy totally had both feet up on the tub. That wasn't no "lean". I was surprised water didn't go everywhere.

Unknown said...

Thank you for all your tireless work of keeping us informed daily! ♥️

P.Nokio said...

Anyone heard any updates on Bayleigh's possible "bundle of joy" AKA "bundle of swaggy"??? Also read on another site that production put her up in a MOTEL 6 this week???!!! If true, that's HYSTERICAL!!!

Unknown said...

We haven’t got to watch the feeds this season, but I have been following the blogs and twitter. But I have a question, is Angela a mean girl?
On the show she seems a little bitchy but that could just be how they edit her.

Jamie said...

Unknown: Angela is NOT a mean girl (look to Rockstar and Haleigh for absurd comments, inclduing calling Angela the "c" word). Angela is a no bullshit kind of girl, but never personal and never mean.

P.Nokio...that rumor is false. She's in the jury house. No update if she's pregnant or not and we won't get one either.

Unknown @ 2:51pm: Thank you so much!!

Sugar: yes, its on the PC only however. :( Not available on devices.

Leroy: THank you!!

UnionGrl said...

I remember Sam saying she hadn't gotten her period in a while so the stress of co-habitation may be altering cycles and that's what happened to Bay. She just didn't seems freaked out enough for it to be a real preggers scare.

Sugarsparkles said...

Thank you Jamie!
Also I agree. Albeit she hasn’t the warmest presence, Angela is not a mean girl. Rockstar just has serious hang ups. There she goes again. In tonight’s episode she said Angela was a pretty privileged princess and mocked her. Ugh. The hive needs to change their name to Blindside. They are sore losers carrying out a vendetta on behalf of evicted players. That’s pretty much the gist of it. Did they forget there’s $500,000 at stake? Lol Come on Thursday.

Kayla Moore said...

Thanks for answering about Angela, I’ve only read the blogs but the girls, mainly Rockstar, always say she is mean. Anyways, idk why my name is coming up unknown, but I love your blog so much.

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