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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

New Blog Link

It's that time of the year, ladies & gents! The new blog for Big Brother 21 is up and running! Make sure to bookmark it!!

As always, you can simply find the blog by going to See y'all over there!!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Celebrity Big Brother 2

Happy Winter, guys & gals!! As some of you may know, Celebrity Big Brother 2 is coming on Monday Jan. 21st at 8pm ET/7pm C. I will not be blogging CBB, but if you'd like to get the feeds for CBB, then just clicky-click the pic:

Thank you for signing up for the feeds ANY season through me, as it supports the blog. I cannot wait until Summer time for our normal BB addiction to begin (*sigh* close, yet so far! haha) I'll start posting around late May so make sure to follow me on Twitter and check this blog back in May for the switch-over to BB21!

See y'all then!! :D

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

BB20: Thank You

BB Addicts Family:

Another year, another season has come and gone. I can't believe I've had the honor of being able to blog about Big Brother for 12 seasons now! Wow!! When I started blogging (BB9), I had no idea that I'd be able to do it every year and for over a decade at that. That decade came and went so fast, I still can't believe it's been that long. From all of this, I have met so many BB addicts, made some amazing friends along the way, even met some "fans" of mine (which is still beyond weird to me that I have "fans") and I witnessed the beginning of the BB Addicted Family starting to form and grow into a huge group over the years. We've all made friends along the way, shared our opinions, made each other laugh, learned from various HG's, and some have learned about themselves in the process. It's truly amazing how this blog is more than just that. It's a family. The BB Addicted Family.

I spent the past month or so thinking about if I can to come back for another season. I love blogging. I love BB. I love blogging about BB. The support (through your donations and feed signups) from you BB addicts is the only thing that kept me's the sole reason I was able to come back year after year. You guys & gals kept me here. Period. Nothing else. My life has changed drastically since a decade ago when I first started, and my time is very limited these days but I still tried my best to juggle my job, my marriage, 2 puppies, a new house, etc.

It's been really hard and often I'd find myself not having the energy to stay awake to blog...but I still did. So, after spending countless hours talking to myself and my husband about what I plan on doing in the future (he just found out an hour ago what I decided btw), I have decided this:

I will be back next season.

I will continue to do 2 posts a day (morning and night) like I did this summer, with Sunday's still being my "off" days (aka Sunday Fundays) as usual. I will dedicate as much time as I possibly can to the blog, just as I do every year. If there's a night or two I don't do an update, please forgive me as I most likely just fell asleep before I could crawl to my laptop that night from pure exhaustion. lol

I figure y'all are here supporting me, so I'll be here for y'all. If the support stops, then I'll bow-out gracefully and hang up my blogging hat.

I love you guys & gals and I am humbled by your ongoing support. From the bottom of humbled heart, thank you!! I'll see y'all Summer of 2019 for Big Brother Season 21!! ;)


(PS Feels weird to not sign off as "Jamie and Miss Bella" in my Thank You post like I do every year, but I'm sure she thanks y'all too from across the rainbow bridge. She was a BB fan, too.)

Stay tuned...
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Weds: BB20 Finale

It's here! It's here!! It's finally here!!! Tonight is the Big Brother Season 20 finale!! Who's excited?! I totally am and yet, I'm sad that this amazing season has come to an end. We laughed, we cried, we got the BB season we all deserved (finally! lol) The Final 3 is a good one and if Tyler/Kaycee are in Final 2 together, we'll have the best F2 this season could've asked for. Truly.

(pic from Stacy A. on the BB Addicted Facebook Group, she made this cake!)

On tonight's finale, we will see the jury roundtable with Dr. Will, Final HOH Part 3 (Tyler VS Kaycee), then JC get evicted (since Ty/Kay are taking each other to F2), the final 2 speeches and then the live jury vote.

I'll also be doing a post after the finale, and you'll wanna stick around for that. ;)

Tonight's season finale begins at 9:30pm ET, so make sure you meet me back here then with your snackies ready to go!! :D

9:30pm ET:
Big Brother 20 Finale begins...

9:49pm ET:
BB showed Part 1 Final HOH where Tyler won and then Part 2 (JC VS Kaycee)...

..where Kaycee won against JC!

9:55pm ET:
Jury Roundtable discussed how good Tyler is playing the game and how much of a comp beast Kaycee is. Angela outted Level 6 to everyone. They were shocked. (*I'm surprised Brett didn't tell them all.)

10:03pm ET:
Time for Part 3 HOH (Tyler VS Kaycee)

Winner of Part 3 Final HOH is:


It came down to a tie breaker.

10:20pm ET:
Evicted from the BB House is:


(but we already knew that was gonna happen.)

Note: I'm having severe internet issues currently and gifs are taking forever to upload, so I'll add them after the show.

10:34pm ET:
Jurors just asked Tyler/Kaycee questions on their game play/moves.
Up next, F2 speeches.

10:45pm ET:
Tyler and Kaycee did their F2 speeches (Tyler's was better, in my opinion).

Then the jury cast their votes and they are now officially locked in. Up next, pre-jurors return!

10:56pm ET:

Winner of Big Brother Season 20 is:


CONGRATS to Kaycee!! It's well deserved!!

Winner of America's Favorite Player is:


(He looked so shocked and humbled, had tears in his eyes aww!)

Stay tuned for another post in about 20 mins!

Sidenote: Swaggy proposed to Bayleigh, she said yes, I barfed.
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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday: Final HOH Part 2 Spoiler

Happy Sunday Funday, y'all!! Last night just after 9pm BBT, the feeds came back from JC/Kaycee playing Part 2 of the Final HOH and...

Winner of Part 2 is:


This all but seals JC's fate in the game, since Kaycee and Tyler confirmed to each other post-part 2 comp that they're definitely still "final 2" together. On Wednesday, Finale Night, Tyler/Kaycee will battle it out in Part 3 (Mental Comp) on the air but like I said, it doesn't really matter as they'll be taking each other to F2 anyway. Both Tyler/Kaycee agree to wait "until the end" to break the news to JC that they've been a Final 2 deal since the beginning of BB20. As far as JC goes, he's pissed that he lost and said he didn't know it was going to be a physical/mental combination comp. (*It is every year, though.)

The question now is "Who will win BB20?" I think both Tyler and Kaycee have impressive BB resumes and it's anyone's game to win. It'll come down to (1) is the jury bitter or (2) who do the jurors think is more deserving of the $500k.

Speaking of jury, Dr. Will did this years Roundtable with the jurors. We'll see that on Finale Night. There is a new episode tonight at 8pm ET and we can expect to see Jeff enter the house, the Final 3 of JC/Kaycee/Tyler doing the "Remember when.." segment, followed by the F3 battling it out in Part 1 of the Final HOH (that Tyler won).

Now it's a waiting game until finale night, so go out and enjoy the next few days and meet me back here with your snackies on Wednesday at 9:30pm ET for the finale!!! (*The live feeds will be ending early Wednesday morning, so if you're a feedster, tune in to watch them say goodbye.)

Stay tuned...
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Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday: Part 1 HOH Spoiler

Happy TGI-Friday, y'all!! Last night, the Final 3 had their Part 1 Final HOH Comp and feeds came back at 12:42am BBT.

Winner of Part 1 Final HOH is:


Since Tyler has won Part 1, he will advance to Part 3 and battle the winner of Part 2. (*Saturday is Part 2 between JC/Kaycee). Kaycee/Tyler have confirmed to each other their Final 2 deal to the end, as JC continues to tell Tyler that he will take him to Final 2. So either way you slice it, Tyler is expected to be F2 come finale night on Wednesday.

Before the Part 1 HOH Comp, Tyler/Kaycee talked and the plan was for Tyler to drop out of the comp once JC was out but after JC was the first to fall, Kaycee fell and thus Tyler won.

In other news, JC is being delusional about what he thinks he's done the whole game. To his credit, he did play the game but not to the extent that he thinks he has. For example, he thinks he was the one who convinced Kaycee to vote Angela (JC's target) out last night. Little does he know that Tyler/Kaycee have had a Final 2 since Day 1. (*Tyler told Kaycee the other day that while their F2 was official on Day 2, they had talked about when to to talk about a F2 deal on Day 1, so that's why he told Angela "since Day 1" and Kaycee said "since Day 2".)

So tomorrow is the Part 2 Final HOH Comp and it'll be a physical comp. Whichever wins, Kaycee or JC, will then go to Part 3 (Mental Comp) on finale night. After tomorrow, it'll be a waiting game until Wednesday night's live finale and so this means that my blogging gig will be over after tomorrow night. Of course, I'll be live-blogging the Finale as usual but as far as updates and such, it's a wrap for me.

I'll make a post tomorrow about the Final HOH Part 2 winner. Until then, have a great Friday night!!!

Stay tuned...
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