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Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday: Part 1 HOH Spoiler

Happy TGI-Friday, y'all!! Last night, the Final 3 had their Part 1 Final HOH Comp and feeds came back at 12:42am BBT.

Winner of Part 1 Final HOH is:


Since Tyler has won Part 1, he will advance to Part 3 and battle the winner of Part 2. (*Saturday is Part 2 between JC/Kaycee). Kaycee/Tyler have confirmed to each other their Final 2 deal to the end, as JC continues to tell Tyler that he will take him to Final 2. So either way you slice it, Tyler is expected to be F2 come finale night on Wednesday.

Before the Part 1 HOH Comp, Tyler/Kaycee talked and the plan was for Tyler to drop out of the comp once JC was out but after JC was the first to fall, Kaycee fell and thus Tyler won.

In other news, JC is being delusional about what he thinks he's done the whole game. To his credit, he did play the game but not to the extent that he thinks he has. For example, he thinks he was the one who convinced Kaycee to vote Angela (JC's target) out last night. Little does he know that Tyler/Kaycee have had a Final 2 since Day 1. (*Tyler told Kaycee the other day that while their F2 was official on Day 2, they had talked about when to to talk about a F2 deal on Day 1, so that's why he told Angela "since Day 1" and Kaycee said "since Day 2".)

So tomorrow is the Part 2 Final HOH Comp and it'll be a physical comp. Whichever wins, Kaycee or JC, will then go to Part 3 (Mental Comp) on finale night. After tomorrow, it'll be a waiting game until Wednesday night's live finale and so this means that my blogging gig will be over after tomorrow night. Of course, I'll be live-blogging the Finale as usual but as far as updates and such, it's a wrap for me.

I'll make a post tomorrow about the Final HOH Part 2 winner. Until then, have a great Friday night!!!

Stay tuned...
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Unknown said...

Thanks for another great season Jamie! We definitely see and appreciate all the time and effort you put into the blog. I would have no idea what was ACTUALLY going on in that house if it weren't for you. I hope you come back for another season, but I completely understand if you need a break!

Daniel B said...

- If Kaycee goes final 2, she wins. Either due to bitter jurors or vs JC. Even though I feel Tyler deserves to win because he's played the best game and had an influence in everything.
- Only way Tyler wins is if he takes JC. Tired of emotional votes when it's about PLAYING THE GAME! IMO the last winner who DESERVED it was Derrick.
- If JC wins, I'm done watching BB. He should have been disqualified after scooping, opening the bathroom, kissing asleep Tyler, etc.

I predicted as soon as JC won HOH that Tyler/Angela would be nominated, Kaycee win Veto, Angela goes to jury. Never vocalized, so this time I am lol.

Leah Pants said...

Thank you!!

Critter said...

Thanks Jamie for another great season of your blogging! You're the best! Hope to see you next season๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

DeniseG said...

If JC makes final 2, then Kaycee or Tyler win.

If Tyler/Kaycee final 2, I think it will be too close to call. And I would be happy with either one winning. Kaycee hasn't made enemies but Tyler has played hard the entire game and many will respect his gameplay.

Thanks Jamie for blogging a great season!!!

Alicia Grice said...

I 100% agree with if for some unknown reason JC wins. I also think he should’ve been pulled long ago. Once is an accident, three separate inappropriate borderline abusive events is a pattern. B.B. needs to get their s%^*¥ together.

Susie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Thank you in advanced Jamie for all you do keeping us die-hard Big Brother fans updated on the game. I'm sad to say this year with my schedule I wasn't able to take advantage of the live feeds, but with your great job of updating us, I felt like I had the live feeds. Thank you so much for what you do. #JamiesBiggestFan

Susie said...

OK found out how Tyler won, thanks for all the help

Jamie said...

Thank you so much!! That's so cool that I have a "biggest fan" haha It's weird but cool at the same time. THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE!!!!!!

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