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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thursday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Live Eviction Day to y'all!! Tonight at 9pm ET, we will see Rockstar get evicted and then the HG's will be battling it out in an Endurance Comp and it is rumored to be the Slip n Slide (which typically takes 1-2 hrs to complete).

The votes still are expected to be 5-1, with Rockstar going. Won't even be a close race for votes and The Hive is in for another blindside this week. JC told Kaycee that she has his vote, as he's refusing to tell Fessy how he's voting this week. Fessy pushed back and told him he has to tell him how he's voting, as JC pushed back even harder saying he doesn't have to tell him anything,

Last night, Angela/Kaycee said they want to put up Haleigh/Fessy and backdoor Scottie if they win HOH tonight. On the other side of the house, we have Rockstar telling Haleigh/Fessy/Scottie that she wants to see Tyler/Angela nominated together and to get Angela out.

Haleigh is scared because she can't compete in tonight's HOH comp (since she's the current HOH) and wonders what this week could hold for her/her alliance.

Haleigh thinks tonight is a Double Eviction (it's not, probably will be next week though) and told Scottie that if she gets evicted during the D.E., to align with Tyler/Brett. Maybe she's starting to wake up after-all.

In other news...
Remember how I said yesterday that Level 6 isn't even trying to hide their alliance anymore since the other side is totally oblivious? Well, Rockstar noticed that Kaycee/Angela had the number "6" on their hats before they did their DR's yesterday. lol Of course, her/The Hive don't think it means anything.

At 10:44pm BBT, Sam/Tyler had another talk.

Sam: "What am I supposed to do tomorrow?" (regarding how to vote)
Tyler: "Wh..wha..what do you wanna do?" (Tyler's fishing to see where she stands.)
Sam: "You tell me what to do."
Tyler: "I don't wanna tell you what to do. You do what you think is best for you."

Tyler said of course he wants Rockstar out because Rockstar wants him out. Sam asks how the majority of the house is voting. Tyler responds.

Tyler: "I don't know. A lot of it depends on what you do. As far as I know, Kaycee is gonna stay, whether you vote (for or against) her."

Sam says that nobody can manipulate her, as Tyler says Rockstar has told him that she already has.

Sam says that unless it "comes out of her mouth, they're lying". Sam says that "they" (The Hive) think she's voting to keep Rockstar but she's not: she's keeping Kaycee. Sam says she likes Rockstar personally and loves her, but...

Sam: "Game wise..if you want her (Kaycee), we'll keep're literally the only f*cking loyalty I have in this entire house."

Tyler tells Sam that if people think that Angela/Tyler are close allies, then they'll be on the block together, while Sam is his actual closest ally. She's happy he said that.
They talk and then hug for a 2nd time. (Tyler is so charming and knows how to read Sam and play into her well in order to always get her to remain loyal to him after she has her bad days of freaking out.)

Tyler said he'd like to talk to her more often, at least every few days when she's in a good mood. (*lol)

Moving on...

JC tells Fessy that nobody is targeting him and to let "them 3" (Angela/Kaycee/Tyler) take each other out.

And last but not least...

Looks like #Tangela might be starting to become a thing, people!

They've been having a lot of deep conversations lately about their lives outside the BB house, developing trust, they're from the same town (which would make things easy post-BB), they're getting close in bed...*sigh*'s happening. Slowly but surely. For the record, I think even if feelings are developing, Tyler's way too focused on the game and won't screw it up for feelings with Angela (if there is/will be on his part).

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Meet me back here at 9pm ET with your snackies & live feeds ready, as I'll be covering both the show and HOH comp LIVE right here on the blog! :D See y'all tonight!!!

Stay tuned...
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leroy janecek said...

There’s a rumor going around on other sites that Hayleigh accidentally thought of the 6 meaning there’s another alliance! Any truth to that?
Btw... this (IMO) is your best summary so far!!

Razldazlrr said...

wow - they are really stupid though to get out Rockstar - she is perfect to take to the end - such a goof - I really couldn't believe she gave the answer to someone on the other side and then came back with the wrong card - I think production would figure out a way to get Tyler back in the game, even if he lost

Daniel B said...

I'm shipping #Tangela !! So ready to see the looks on Hive's faces tonight!

Lisa Plotner said...

Hope you're right about Tyler's game focus. I am team Tyler & hope he wins. I read Evil Dicks jury Q&A & hes correct about being bitter, but I hope Tyler's team would see what a good game he played if hes final 2. Yes one has to lie & manipulate but it doesnt appear that Tyler's been mean or cruel to anyone. But who knows? We'll see what happens. This is BB after all. Lol

Kb said...

Even if comments and this blog favor Level 6, it'd be nice to see something not go their way for a change. I root for underdogs.

John Dooley said...

I’d say there is a difference between underdogs and people who are just bad at the game and don’t see what’s going on at all.

UnionGrl said...

Keep your eye on Brett. He started off such as a$$ that it was easy to dismiss him but the longer he stays her cooler he becomes. I'm really impressed with his style, clever manipulations, and general mindfulness regarding the game. Talking to Fez in the bathroom last night was brilliant. This guy will go far.

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