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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thursday: Live Eviction Show

Good evening, BB addicts! Tonight's live eviction starts at 9pm ET and I'll be here to live blog it for those of you who can't watch it for whatever reasons. We'll also see the HG's (minus Haleigh) play in tonight's live endurance comp. It *will* be shown on the $6/ live feeds, so make sure you have those ready to go!

As it stands, Rockstar is still getting evicted. Earlier today, JC/Sam had a talk and she asked him to be "her person" in the how Tyler has Angela, and Haleigh has Fessy. They pinky swore on it. I'm not sure how real this is, but...yeah. It happened. lol

Okie okie, the show is about to begin shortly so make sure you grab your snackies and meet me back here at 9pm ET!! :D

9:00pm ET:
It's time for Biiiig Brotherrrr!!

9:11pm ET:
Tyler in DR said he has a lot of F2 deals and he's trying to be loyal to all of them, until he can't be. (This was during the Sam/Tyler talk segment). Sam said she trusts him and is loyal to him.

9:22pm ET:
Tyler's family segment.

9:29pm ET:
Time for the eviction speeches!
Rockstar outed Tyler/Angela/Kaycee working together. (Brett was trying to not laugh and was looking down. lol) Angela and Kaycee were smirking.

The Votes:
Angela evicts ROCKSTAR
Sam evicts ROCKSTAR
Scottie evicts KAYCEE
Brett evicts ROCKSTAR
Tyler evicts ROCKSTAR

Evicted from the BB20 House is:


9:47pm ET:
Brett came clean in his goodbye message. lol
9:55pm ET:
It's the Slip n Slide HOH Comp!
JC is having a really hard time with it (even Julie laughed at him lol). Fessy is doing great but he's going to have to start pacing himself a little better so he doesn't get worn out.

9:58pm ET:
Julie said that Zingbot is making his return this week yayy!!!

**End of Show**

TURN ON YOUR live feeds to watch the HOH Comp!!!

Stay tuned...
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Becky Norman said...

Oh no! I can't stand the an-ti-ci-pation! Just poured my 2nd glass oj unoaked Chardonnay..Joel Gott. I hope I make it. It's kill'n me. In a good way! GO level 6!!!!!
Jamie (my middle name also) THANK YOU so much for your blog. You ARE the best!!

JoyNSoul said...

I'm seeing a football game instead of Big Brother right now. :( Is there an alternate place to watch the show live?

Jamie said...

Joy: if you have the feeds, you can go to LIVE SHOWS at the top

Jamie said...

Thanks Becky! Enjoy your wine, girl!!

Kb said...

Hoping someone else besides Level 6 wins the HoH. Tired of their game. Yawn.

Mama B said...

Ok I love Tyler 100 times more now!!!!

Mama B said...

Omg Tyler!!

College Fan said...

Ready for TT Rockstar to exit...

JoyNSoul said...

Thanks for responding so quickly Jamie! :) I do have live feeds, but don't see that option anywhere. I see "Live TV," but that's what's taking me to the football game. I did go back to comments on your blog from last week's eviction though and saw to find it on I was able find it there! Yay! I'll have to keep looking for the "Live Shows" link you're referring to. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Omg...level 6 is crushing the other side.

Kelly Hadley said...

I hope Tyler stays loyal to Sam, I just LOVE their friendship!

Becky Norman said...

Thanks, it's so good!. Fessie and Scottie, FALL!!! Go Level 6!!!

Mercy said...

I honestly can't stand level 6- Brett and Angela inparticular are disgusting people. I wish Sam and JC would get with Faysee, Haleigh and Scottie and knock the rest out.


I feel the same. I thought I was the only one not a fan of L6 now L4. Hope to see them become Level zero. Now that would be awesome 👏

Archie Sims said...

Anyone else notice Blockstar's "accent" post-eviction? That plus the hair flipping made me cringe. So fake.

kb said...

I am so thankful I am not the only one not a fan of "Level 6 or 4 or 0", whatever. They are people I genuinely would not like in the real world either. Angela is very mean girl and Brett is a jerk. Glad there are others who aren't fans either!

Htown said...

OMG Fessy better not being going after Scottie.. First BB alliance, that goes after its own alliance. I'm starting to think the only brain in the Hive alliance was Swaggy C. I'm going for Tyler the surfer

Johnny Fontane said...

The goodby videos after the eviction were hard to watch. No reason for Brett and Angela to take a mean shot at Rockstar.

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