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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wednesday: The Overnighter

Happy Hump Day, y'all!! Last night had a bit more gametalk than the previous nights. This weeks eviction is about as good as done, with Scottie still slated to head to the jury house on Thursday night. Level 6 talked about moving forward and what they should be doing next.

We'll start with...

9:25pm BBT:
Tyler/Angela/Kaycee talk about this Thursday night's live eviction/HOH. (They think it'll be a Double Eviction).

Kaycee said they need Brett to win HOH and that they (L6) would have the votes. Kaycee said the odds are good that one of them will win HOH and that Fessy can't compete in HOH. They wonder what Sam would do, while Kaycee's not worried.

Kaycee: "Either way, we'd still have the votes."
Tyler: "And there's only gonna be 2 people not playing in veto."

They discuss using Sam as a pawn vs Fess.
Tyler: "You say 'you'e a pawn'.'"
Angela: "Just do damage control after."

Tyler said that if JC wins HOH, he'll probably get rid of Haleigh so he can get even closer to Fessy. Kaycee mentions that if she won HOH, she'd put up Fessy/Haleigh and would say it's because they put her up on the block. Tyler said they'll regroup after Veto (again, they're assuming it'll be a quick Double Eviction episode) and then figure out what to do. (*Their best bet would to put up Fessy/Haleigh if they wanna ensure one of them goes home. This would prevent one or the other from winning veto and saving each other, while L6 remains in control of the votes.)

Kaycee ends up leaving. Angela/Tyler get some much wanted alone time in a bed together.
Tyler said he hates being a Have Not because he just wants his bed back and that he misses sleeping beside Angela.

Tyler: "I'm really glad we're in an alliance (together)."
Angela: "Yea, makes things a lot easier."
Tyler: "Yea. Because you make this game very difficult (for me)."
Angela: "Do I? How so.."
Tyler: "You just walking around..being annoying."
Angela chuckles.
Tyler: "The worst."
Angela: "Back atcha."
Tyler laughs.

Tyler: "Can't say a damn thing I wanna say out-loud."

Angela said she hates the cameras being on her/them all the time and then covers her face up with her hoodie.

10:31pm BBT:
Tyler/JC talk in the kitchen.

Tyler is laughing (he just saw Angela and is happy) and JC is upset at Tyler getting closer to Angela. JC said he has risked his own game to keep Tyler safe and stick with their plan of getting to the end together. JC said at some point someone is gonna notice Tyler/Angela being a duo and will target Tyler for it.

JC: "You stick with the plan. You don't need this right now."
Tyler: "Who's saying what?"
JC: "About what?"
Tyler: "Me and her!"

Angela/Kaycee come in the kitchen, so Tyler/JC stop talking.

11:41pm BBT:
Sam turns in her cigs to production by leaving them in a bag in the Storage Room. (She's been planning on quitting for a little bit now.)

Sam: "Boy you better grab'em quick. And I mean quick. I might just run right back in here for them."

11:45pm BBT:
While Angela is in the D.R., Tyler talks to Kaycee.

He tells Kaycee that she (Kaycee) is his best friend and ride or die in the game. Kaycee said she knows and there's nothing to worry about. Tyler said he's not in a showmance with Angela and JC saying that people are going to start thinking that, is freaking him out.

Tyler: "Never in a million years (would I betray you)..."
Kaycee: "You got some feelings for the girl, though.."
Tyler: "Shut the f*ck up."
They both laugh.
Kaycee: "It's okay."
Tyler: "I will lose to you, before I ever betray you."
Kaycee: "We're good."

1:09am BBT:

Haleigh and Scottie spent an hour last night on the hammock talking about everything from their childhoods, to dogs, to Scottie appologizing to Haleigh for trying to get her to be the replacement nom this week. Haleigh said she forgives him. They share a lot of stories and laughs. It's a super cute flashback if you have the time to watch. (*If you're wondering where Fessy has been, he's in the HOH room by himself nearly all day.)

At 2:15am BBT, Haleigh climbs into bed with Kaycee downstairs.

*And that's it for the Overnighter!! Today is probably going to be uneventuful last the past couple days have been, but we'll have a new BB episode to watch tonight. Zingbot returns and then we'll watch the Veto Players play the Hide N Seek Veto Comp where they trashed the house. Should be a fun show to watch! I'll be back tonight with an afternoon post update as usual. Until then, enjoy the $6/ live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Kimberly Hall said...

With Sam quitting smoking (good for her!) I wonder what kind of withdrawals she will go through? Crankiness? Emotional roller coaster? ...I mean even more so than usual?

Dianne said...

Hay & Scottie are so cute together.

Dawnsy729 said...

Tyler is good. We haven’t seen this level of play since Derrick. And by “this level” I mean maneuvering & manipulating, while ALSO being a nice guy. That takes it to a level far and above the ridiculously vicious play we’ve seen in recent years. Really enjoying it!!!

jennifer craft said...

Tyler is so cute about the way he goes talking to Angela. They are almost as cute as Jeff and Jordan. Lol

Unknown said...

No one is as cute as Jeff and Jordan!

Fins Up said...

The patch will help and she doesn’t have to step down the nicotine if she doesn’t want to.

Met a gal in quit smoking class that was hooked on the patches!

pgh fan said...

Jc and Tyler are manipulating everyone!! I wonder who will get the other out first Tyler or Jc?

UnionGrl said...

Dawnsy, Jennifer, I so agree with you both. Any week something could happen that knocks Tyler but as it stands now, this guy is the best in many, many years. This is how I like to watch the game played well - patiently, thoughtfully, with a clear, focused head and finesse. Let's see if emotion ( which JC warned him of) makes or breaks his game.

UnionGrl said...

BTW, quitting smoking is a stroke of genius on Sam's part. Nothing explains moody behavior, snapping, and general craziness better than ' I quit smoking'. I'm sure this is not the first time and I am again reminded that Sam may have the best under the radar game yet. We'll see.

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