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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wednesday: Afternoon Post

Good evening, everyone!! Tonight's episode was really good! We saw Zingbot get a few jabs in on the HG's and then the Hide n Seek Veto Comp where the HG's completely trashed the whole BB house. Brett's DR's were hilarious!! I also liked his strategy of continuing to hide his veto with mattresses (although it was kind of ridiculous and totally obvious that someone was trying to cover something up lol) But Brett won veto as we all know, so worked!

Today was yet another calm day in the BB house but that'll change tomorrow when we get a new HOH crowned and Fessy/Haleigh will be the most targeted in the house. The HG's think tomorrow is a Double Eviction but it's not. Executive Producer Allison Grodner did say that there'd be one this season, like in every season, but just not this week.

Earlier today (12:13pm BBT), Brett nearly burned the BB house down. lol He was cooking bacon in the oven. The HG's noticed a burning smell, followed by smoke, and then Brett opened the oven door to see flames in it. Eek!!

The feeds were down for a little but when they came back on, all was well. The HG's were instructed to run the clean cycle on the oven for 4 hours prior to using again.

Sidenote: Not too long ago on the feeds, Brett said he wanted some bacon and BB replied "Be careful". lol Cute.

At 2:12pm BBT, Haleigh/Fessy had their daily fight. (Every time they talk, they fight.)

Fessy still thinks Brett is the one telling the truth about keeping Rockstar last week, as Haleigh doesn't believe Brett. Fessy reminded her how Scottie was trying to get her on the block this week as the renom. He asked if Scottie is still the one going home this week (err..jury) and she confirmed that Scottie will be going by 5-1 or 6-0, depending on how Sam votes.

At 3:00pm BBT, Scottie was seen on the feeds packing his BB bags in preparation for the live eviction tomorrow.

It wasn't until this moment that I realized that I'll actually miss him and that we're getting to that point in the season where the evicted HG's will actually start to hurt a little bit. I also tend to get way more anxious during the HOH comps and Veto Comp results. This...this is the good part of Big Brother.

In other news, we saw another side of Kaycee tonight (5:48pm BBT).

 She cried as she talked about coming out to her mom in the D.R. (she thinks it'll most likely be shown on BB) and how she's "still coming around to" accepting Kayce being gay. Tyler gave her a couple of really tight, long hugs and both Tyler/Angela listened to Kaycee for awhile.This is worth the flashback if you have a minute.

7:16pm BBT:
Haleigh/Fessy are in the HOH room.

The gif looks cute, but she's actually telling him that she's not going to deal with his attitude all night and if he gives her one, she's ignoring him for the rest of the night.

Fessy: "I'm just saying don't be dancin' on dudes or I'll leave you a** in a heartbeat."

(This is the most dysfunctional "showmance" I've ever seen on the show and that's saying a lot. Do I need to remind y'all of Mark and Elena?! lol Oy.)

**And that's it for the Afternoon Post!! I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter as usual. Until then, enjoy the feeds!

Stay tuned...
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Dawnsy729 said...

Not a fan of Zingbot's zings ... some of them were especially mean this year! And omg at the mess they made. Pouring milk all over??? Brett was hilarious! And poor Sam ... lol ... JC: "You should not go inside." His accent made it 10x funnier than the comment itself!

Toby Sluss said...

I like how they all ran away and hid after zingbot said Sam was crazy.

wantmoredrama said...

I laughed when JC was breaking he news of the messy house to Sam. SO FUNNY! And thanks Jamie.... I thought I had those visions of Mark and Elena out of my head and now they are BACK! Ish! Watching Fes/Hal makes me want to vomit. Soooooo dysfunctional.


Dawnsy729 said...

Oh the hiding was definitely funny! Even with the blog though I didn’t realize that they all think Sam’s crazy is that bad. 😔 poor Sam

AmazonChic said...

I think this season is textbook for anyone in BB training lol. Both for what to DO (get into a large alliance, don't wig out, stay cool and you can make it really far) as well as what NOT to do (if you're in an alliance and NEVER knows what's going on maybe you're in the wrong alliance?... Scottie should have jumped ship long ago imo)
Tyler and JC are both AMAZING players, and I would like to see them in the final 2.....I was not a fan of Brett earlier in the game but now I find him hilarious and very smooth operator. Sam had promise, but she's just not cut out for this and it's sad to see her struggling in there:(
Over all A FANTASTIC SEASON! two thumbs WAY UP! Thanks for making it even better Jamie!

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