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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Thursday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Live Eviction Thursday to y'all!! Tonight, the 2nd most boring (and horribly-gone-wrong lol) HOH of the season comes to an end. We'll see the HG's battle it out in the HOH Comp and then get ourselves a new HOH for the week. According to an insider leaker on Twitter, tonight's comp will be...

So we have that to look forward tonight.

As it stands, and has stood for days now, Scottie will be getting evicted most likely 6-0 tonight. He knows he's going, so there's no shocker there. The only thing possibly "shocking" will be if Scottie holds to his word of closing the house door behind him to ensure the HG's can't see the audience as he departs the house.

Okay, let's see what happened last night!

8:42pm BBT:
Tyler/Scottie played Foosball for awhile last night (aka Tyler is working on that jury vote). When they lost, they had to do push-ups...
..and when they won, they had to dance.
Tyler knows he's awful at the Floss Dance and said he just learned it in the house and he can't seem to get it down. lol

At 9:11pm BBT, Brett goes into the Have Not Room to check on Sam.

Sam's been doing more arts & crafts and Brett asked why she's making that. Sam was snippy with Brett and said because she has nothing to do and she's doing it "for herself". She comments how she doesn't need to shower, do her hair or makeup, she doesn't work out, everyone else is busy gaming, so that's what she's choosing to do. Brett was less than happy with this conversation and soon regretted checking on her.

After he left, he went and told Angela about Sam being snippy with him.

Mix this with the fact that Angela knows that Sam hates her, and I can see Sam's presence in the house becoming increasingly problematic.

Fast-forward to 11:17pm BBT, Brett is telling Tyler that he's done with Sam.
Tyler does what Tyler always does to diffuse a situation: he sympathizes and then blows it off. (He needs Sam in the game so he's not going to escalate the situation.)

9:40pm BBT:
Haleigh is in the HOH bathroom talking to Fessy about how she thinks Tyler/Angela are in a showmance now.

Fessy doesn't care and in fact, he thinks it's cute and wants to tell them that they (Fess/Hal) are in one, too. Haleigh mentioned how she saw Angela playing with Tyler's hair and said she doesn't sleep well without Tyler next to her.

And last, but not least...

JC finally admitted to Tyler that he's jealous of Tyler having a crush on Angela. (He's recently commented on how good looking Tyler is).

Tyler laughed and said he's glad he finally admitted it and he's being honest. During this convo, JC warns Tyler that the D.R. asked him questions about their showmance, so there's probably going to be a segment about them on the show.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! I'll be live-blogging tonight's Live Eviction and HOH Comp, so meet me back here at 9pm ET with your snackies for a fun-filled evening of BB!! See y'all then!!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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leroy janecek said...

Looks like Tyler blushed when JC told him about his crush😂😂

heather graif said...

There's not a pull handle on the first exit door on the opposite side that he could use, so he'd have to shut the second door behind him instead. I looked for a door handle the other day and I thought, fine! I'd just close that second door then! Lol kind of a better option anyway, as houseguests would get in trouble for trying to re-open the secondary door lol

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