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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Thursday: Live Eviction Episode

Good evening, ladies & gents! Tonight's BB20 episode begins at 9pm ET as usual and for those of you who can't watch the show, I'll be here live-blogging for y'all. Scottie is still slated to go out the BB door tonight, followed by the ball roll HOH comp (w/ Redemption Tickets), as per BB leaker Vegas said on Twitter.

Speaking of...
Vegas mentioned a few things about #Tangela today that was interesting. (I retweeted them all, so just go check out my Twitter for that). Vegas said that Tyler's true Final 2 is with Kaycee and that he wants the F3 to be himself/Kaycee/Angela. It was also pointed out that in both Tyler & Angela's DR sessions, that they like each other but Angela knows she needs to target him, though she doesn't know if she can do it. Also, apparently Tyler likes Angela more than Angela likes Tyler. Interesting.

Okay, go grab your snackies and meet me back tonight for the live show!! :D

9:00pm ET:
Welcome to Bigggg Brotherrr!!

9:18pm ET:
Showing the Veto Ceremony (that should've been shown on last nights show).
As we already knew, Kaycee was the renom. Sam doesn't wanna play the game at this point because Scottie threw her under the bus during his veto speech, saying she's playing everyone and they can't beat her in the end.

9:33pm ET:
Tyler just confirmed what Vegas said: that his real F2 is with Kaycee, but he wants himself/JC/Kaycee/Angela for Final 4. He also said that because of all his F2 deals, he can't win tonight's HOH comp. He has to let others take shots at each other and hope they don't target him.

9:37pm ET:
Kaycee/Scottie give their eviction speeches.

Kaycee: Shoutouts, thanks to CBS, thankful, loves Scottie, keep me in the house. Let's go.
Scottie: Appologized for his "immaturity" (to Sam/Haleigh).

Time for the Votes:

Angela votes to evict SCOTTIE
JC votes to evict SCOTTIE
Tyler votes to evict SCOTTIE
Haleigh votes to evict SCOTTIE
Sam votes to evict SCOTTIE
Brett votes to evict SCOTTIE

Evicted from the BB House is:


Scottie said his feelings for Haleigh are real, though he tries to push them down and bury them...they pop up whenever he sees her smile. Awww!!! Scottie!!!

In Haleigh's goodbye message, she said they will be great friends outside the house.

Tonight's HOH Comp (will take up to an hour)

Also, next week is a Jury Battle Back.
Baleigh/Rockstar/Scottie/whichever HG gets evicted this week will all battle it out to come back.

According to Vegas on Twitter, the HOH comp is supposed to be on the live feeds but so far, nothing,. I'll update this post if they come back on and definitely will update who won HOH in this post.

Update 7:30pm BBT:
Still no feeds.

Update 8:15pm BBT:
Still no feeds.

Vegas on Twitter said a prop broke and the comp is on pause until it's fixed, which means the feeds can be awhile before they come back on. Unfortunately, I have to go to bed (I work in the morning), so I'll see y'all then with The Overnighter. (Follow me on Twitter, as I'll update on there if something happens before I fall asleep). Sorry, guys!! :(

Stay tuned...
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Victoria Stairz said...

The houseguests keep saying, " us against eachother..." instead of PIT us against eachother. Did I miss a memo? Did the Millenials change it and just not tell me?

angel said...

Will they show competition on live feeds?

Faith said...

I love your blog and have read it religiously for years!!!

Unknown said...

Ugh. Why aren't live feeds on yet? :(

Jamie said...

Thanks Faith!!

Yea, I figured they probably wouldn't be on the feeds because Julie never said to watch it on the feeds. Im super pissed. :(

Stacia said...

Victoria, I didn't catch that. I did catch Fessy say in the "mist" of things and he wasn't talking about misting *lol*

Heather said...

How can they do a jury battle back after they have shown the evicted houseguests all the goodbye messages?

Robin Maynard said...

No apology necessary. You do an amazing job. Thank you so very, very much!

Unknown said...

Feeds back on everyone! Comp is over though

Unknown said...

Okay I can't tell from feeds just yet, but it seems Angela won! LETS GO!

Bzest Mama said...

Angela is the new HoH!!

Janice Rose Kane said...

Looks like "Tangela" win HOH...Bye bye Haleigh or Fessy 🙄🤷‍♀️

Stephanie Williams said...

It’s always been pin

acsc1312 said...

While we’re talking about the houseguests, I can’t stand when they say “disclude.” It’s EXCLUDE. Fessy is #1 abuser.

jennifer craft said...

I always thought it was pin haha maybe I’m wrong. But I’m not a millennial

Unknown said...

Why does everyone like JC so much? Annoying!!

technokidz said...

It's "pin" when you put the blame on someone ("Let's pin the vote on Scottie"). It's "pit" when it is against individuals or groups ("If we lie to Fessy then it'll pit them against each other")

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