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Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy TGI-Friday, y'all!! Last night, the feeds were down for the HOH Comp and it was delayed not once, but twice, as props kept breaking and production had to stop the comp while they were being fixed.

When the feeds came back on at 9:00pm BBT, we found out that...

The Winner of the HOH Comp is:

As I type this, it looks like this weeks nominations will be Fessy/Haleigh. Today is the Nomination Ceremony and we'll see if this is still the plan as of then.

I'm going to be gathering up the Overnighter and posting it below, I just wanted to post that Angela won HOH in case you don't follow the blog on Twitter or Facebook (or if you don't have the feeds).

About 10 mins after the feeds returned, Haleigh told Fessy that she saw Brett (who they thought was on their side, but truly isn't) was celebrating with L6.

9:10pm BBT:
Haleigh tells Fessy she thinks she's going up on the block. Fessy doesn't think so.
Haleigh points out that she thinks Tyler/Kaycee/Brett/Angela are working together, as Fessy is saying they (Hal/Fessy) just made a deal with Tyler/Angela to be safe. (*Oh, Fessy.)

Fessy: "Cam down! (Angela) is smarter than that.." (re: targeting Haleigh)
Haleigh: "It's not a dumb move, only you would be mad if she put me up." (*Bingo!)

Fessy thinks JC/Sam will be put up, though.

9:15pm BBT:
Tyler and (his true Final 2) Kaycee celebrate Angela's win in the Storage Room.

Tyler: "Let's go!"

2:09am BBT:
HOH Rooom

Angela tells Tyler she doesn't know what to do for nominations.

Angela: "It'd be so easy to send Sam home...I'm annoyed that you and I are the only ones that are getting blood on our hands."

Tyler said if they honor their deal with Hal/Fess, they'd probably honor it back. Angela said she doesn't wanna look stupid by not taking a shot at them while they had it. Angela comments that Brett wants Fessy out, but Fessy hasn't done anything to her. Tyler doesn't want to give Fessy the chance to do something to Angela, though. Tyler thinks JC would want Fessy out because he's good at comps. Tyler then mentions how if there's a Battle Back Comp (*as we found out last night, there is next week) then he doesn't want Bayleigh or Rockstar coming back and joining Haleigh/Fessy.

At 2:30am BBT, JC joins the conversation.
JC brings up a good point to Angela if she only nominates one of Hal/Fes: If Hal or Fess is up on the block, and the other wins veto and pulls them, then someone from their side would have to go up. JC said Brett agrees with this as well and that they can decide post-veto which one to send home. (*As you know, JC is close to Fessy and I'm sure he'll want Haleigh to go over Fess, but he's telling Angela/Tyler that he'd vote Fessy out.) JC adds that if they cripple one more number on the other side (Hal/Fess), they'll never be able to recover and have the votes.

3:30am BBT:
HOH Room

"I can't tell if (Sam) likes me, or wants to punch me in the face." (*lol)
Angela: "Probably both."
Tyler: "Both. For sure."

On the topic of noms, Brett wants Fessy to go because JC has Fessy/Sam wrapped around his finger. Angela was thinking about putting up Haleigh/Sam, but by the end of the night after L6 plus JC pointing out that it'd be a bad game move, she agreed and is planning on putting up Haleigh/Fessy on the block together. She plans on saying it's what the house wants.

**And that's it for the Overnighter!! So we have HOH Angela planning to nom Haleigh/Fessy. The Nomination Ceremony will be held at some point today, so make sure to check back for that spoiler later on. Until then, enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Buife Obianyo - Agu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Razldazlrr said...

thanks for the update - I was hoping Haleigh would win just to keep it interesting. Haleigh and Fess are such an easy choice - again putting up people that could be beat in the end. It sounds like Angela will use Sam for an option if one of them wins the veto. It will get more interesting as the numbers wear down.

wantmoredrama said...

Saw something on twitter that I loved! Perfect scenario: They vote Fessy out. Fessy battles with the rest of the jury and Scottie wins. Scottie comes BACK in the house. Brett is STILL in the house. Haleigh is also still in the house....... FESSY loses his collective sh$t in the jury knowing they are there with his girl πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

leroy janecek said...

Congratulations Angela!! Goodbye Haleigh or Fessie!! I prefer it to be Haleigh as Fess will be lost without herπŸ˜‚

Unknown said...

I was hoping Haleigh would win it would make it more interesting than doing the obvious and putting up Haleigh and Fessy together. Fessy is such an idiot for believing Tyler and Angela have their backs, Haleigh knows what's going on. Really don't care for Angela at all, never have.

Fins Up said...

I thought I heard talk after HOH was won that they’d put up two pawns as Angela wanted to backdoor Fes or Hay. Certainly it would be easy to put up Sam, but I think they could control her if Hay was the target.

Christina said...

At first I was thinking that Angela would be smart to keep up the facade of protecting Haleigh and Fessy. One could go up as a “pawn” and go out that way and if the other won veto, Sam could go. But with this battle back, it’s too dangerous. It really wasn’t the best week for Tyler or Angela to win. Kaycee would have been the perfect HOH this week. Can you imagine if Bayleigh comes back?!? Sam won’t be able to handle any juror being voted out again. Sometimes when I’m watching her, I forget I’m watching the feeds and not Orange is the New Black.

Gr8teful1957 said...

The way Haleigh and Fess have been playing, if Haleigh has won HOH, Fess was sure to go home...πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Unknown said...

I miss Scottie the hottie <3

pgh fan said...

Angela is mean but playing the game well. She will vote Tyler out easier than he will vote her out. Brett is a nut. Him and Sam at end is hysterical thought.

pgh fan said...

Curious is JC the only one that has never been on the block yet? I think so but confirming

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