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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuesday: Afternoon Post

Good evening, BB addicts! Hope your Tuesday went well. As predicted Monday post-veto ceremony, we're in the middle of a boring few days until a new HOH is crowned on Thursday. Scottie is a goner, we've known that for days, his hands are tied and there's nothing he can do at this point.

This morning at around 10:55am BBT, there were voices over the wall but none of us feedsters could hear anything due to Kaycee screaming back at them. In other news, Sam said around 11:15am BBT that she's quitting smoking tomorrow and BB is going to give her a patch to put on.

At 11:37am BBT, Tyler/Angela spent some time together in the lounge room talking for awhile.

Tyler: "I have so many things to say. Can't say'em."
Angela: "Mhmm. Cause the damn camera are on us all the time."
Tyler: "Go away! Don't make me take my mic off. Don't make me pull a Kaitlyn."
They both laugh.

11:45am BBT:
Tyler called The Hive "dumbas*es" for getting out one of their own this week. Tyler said the only reason why Fessy/Hal wanna work with them, is because they have nobody left and have to. They talk about moving forward in the game...

Angela: "I'd rather Brett get Fess out."
Tyler: "Me too."
Angela: "Or Kaycee (get Fess out)."
Tyler: "At the same time, I don't want (Fess/Hal) to get us before we can get them."
Angela agrees.

This is a long conversation and doesn't end until just after 1pm BBT.

At 1:09pm BBT, Sam/Tyler talk about Sam quitting smoking.

Sam said she's worried about gaining weight from quitting and said she's already gained weight inside the BB house. Tyler is supportive of her quitting. Sam said that Kaycee said she'll help her stay quit in the house.

Tyler: "I'm proud of you, Sam! I'm like that. It's a marathon, not a sprint."

1:20pm BBT:
Tyler tells Fessy that he missed them all being on lockdown earlier due to hearing people laughing on the other side of the wall.
Tyler said that Kaycee yelled at them to come hang out and then BB put them on inside lockdown.

6:24pm BBT:
Scottie is enjoying the last couple of days inside the BB house and is playing cornhole with Sam.
Sam has forgiven Scottie for throwing her under the bus at the Veto Ceremony (by saying Sam is playing everyone in the house in hopes of Fessy getting her to be the renom).

7:13pm BBT:
All feeds are on Tyler/JC/Scottie/JC playing pool.

**And I'm outta here for the night! I'll see you guys & gals back here in the morning with The Overnighter as usual. Until then, enjoy the $6/ live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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