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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday, BB addicts!! Last night was a calm night, as predicted. I forgot to mention that the Have Not's have been announced for the week (*I always tend to forget because I don't really care about it. lol I miss the old days of the Food Comps. *sigh* Those were fun to watch.)

Have Nots this Week are:

Since Tyler is a Have Not this week, he has to sleep in the Have Not Room and away from Angela. They are not liking that one bit. As I've been reporting, they've been getting super close lately (no kissing yet, just cuddles, hand holding, kisses on her back/forehead, etc) JC has warned Tyler to not let others see them get so close and joked that he'll kill Tyler if he gets into a showmance. Tyler has always denied he's in a showmance, as Angela/Tyler try their best to hide it their feelings and budding showmance from others in the house. 

Speaking of #Tangela, JC asked Tyler yesterday if he wants to get married someday. He said if that question was asked pre-BB, he would've said no (he's said before that he "doesn't' date"), but now he'd be open to it.  Aww!!! Tyler also said that he doesn't want post BB "fame". He's simply not interested in it.

In other news, Scottie is still going out the door on Thursday and there's nothing that can/will change that. Scottie has told both Sam and Tyler (separately) that if he did stay, he'd gun after Fessy. He's hoping for a Battle Back Comp so he can come back and play. 

9:30pm BBT:
Angela is "in a mood" (her words, not mine). Tyler comforts her by putting his arm around her and talking with her. 

Tyler: "What's wrong?"
Angela: "I'm in a mood."
Tyler: "I was just telling JC how I'm in a mood, too. What's wrong?"
Angela: "I dunno." 
Tyler: "I dunno why I am either." (*I can guess why!! :) Aww!)

Tyler: "Are you in a mood because you have to sleep by yourself now?"
Angela: "Mhmm." 
Tyler: "Me too."

Tyler laughs. 

This is a cute Tangela flashback if you have the time. 

9:52pm BBT:
Kaycee/JC/Angela/Tyler decide to play "The Quiet Game". First one to speak, loses. 

They begin.

BB: "Safety first!" (*lol)

JC/Tyler are play fighting.

BB : "No horsing around!"

BB: "Stop that!"

At 12:36am BBT, Brett/Sam talked for a bit in the backyard.

Sam said she feels "very uncomfortable moving forward" in the game and that she doesn't know why Scottie threw her name out there during the veto ceremony saying she's "playing everyone" when she hasn't even been playing the game.

Sam: "I'm doing the opposite: I'm trying my hardest NOT to play." (*What?!)

Sam says she's not kidding and that she's just trying to "tough it out" by staying in the house.
Sam said she hasn't been playing the game, so she doesn't know how to jump in and start playing now. It's why earlier in the day, she said she wasn't going to talk for 24 hrs "as protest" (*she only lasted 3 hours, by the way).

Sam said she likes the mornings and nights in the house, but during the day she just daydreams.
Sam: "I just don't live here (mentally)."

Brett asked Sam what her end-game goal is. Sam said it's to propel people to the end that she feels deserve the money. That'd make her happy, except she doesn't know how to do that.

A bird lands in the yard.
Brett: "What (is) that?"
Sam: "It's a bird. It's my bird."
Brett: "A bird just landed in the yard? Should we capture it?"
Sam: "No!"
Brett: "Eat it?" (*lol)
Sam: "No. That's one of my birds that comes to me in the morning."

Fast-forward to...

2:32am BBT:
Sam is alone in the backyard and obviously going through a wide range of emotions. She seems lost, sad, frustrated, confused, and tired.

Sam: "Alright. Let's f*cking do it. F*ck it. I'm doin' it. That settles it."

Sam goes into the D.R. and at first, it seems like she's quitting but she came back out not too long after that. (see gif above)

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! So, Scottie is still leaving, as Sam wishes she could take his spot and even told him that yesterday. Tyler/Angela are not fans of being split apart at night by Tyler being a Have Not, Fessy/Haleigh are still a thing unfortunately, and Scottie thinks Fessy is either an idiot or a genuis because maybe it's been Fessy that's been throwing votes and blaming them on Scottie..though Scottie did say he's leaning more towards Fessy being an idiot. (*Correct.)

Nothing is planned for the day and I don't see much happening with the exception of Sam going through her mood cycles, Tyler/Angela hanging out together without making it obvious, Fessy/Hal bickering like they do hourly, and Scottie praying for a Battle Back Comp (which he told Haleigh is his "Plan B"). I'll be back later on tonight with an Afternoon Post Update. Until then, enjoy the $6 live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Jon said...

I think it should be #Angeler rather than #Tangela

Kayla Moore said...

What are the chances of a battle back comp? I hate that Scottie is leaving.

Mike Slagley said...

I can't wait to get rid of Scottie and Faileigh so we can get down to the people that really want to play this game. As much as I'd like Sam to leave, it's good to keep her around.

Dianne said...

Does Julie usually give viewers a heads up on battle backs? I wish Fess had put Sam on the block. I'm tired of her shenanigans.

Kelly Martin said...

Is there going to be a double eviction this season? It seems like there should’ve been one by now.

Heather said...


Amanda Davis said...

Me too! I really hope they have one.

romana118 said...

I agree it is a shame that Scottie is leaving. He was brought down by the Hive without them ever having even accepted him as a member, a shame given that he appears to be about 500X smarter than the other members of the Hive combined and could have seriously assisted them in understanding what was happening in the house around them. That said, though, everyone is SMART to vote Scottie out. He is a strong competitor, always finishing in the top 2-3, and a smart, savvy player. He chose to side with numskulls and never really got to play but was always lurking as a reasonable threat. I can't fathom what he will do in the jury house with Bay & RS for the next week, bless him.

P.J. Walk said...

Why do you hate fess/hal? They're like an old married couple already. It's cute

Purch Man said...

I keep reading in this blog about all the people who want to side with the underdog. I guess I would normally do that, too; however, look at the underdogs this season.

What a bunch of “holier-than-thou” offensive characters! We had Swaggy C, who thought he could just make himself famous by giving himself a ridiculous nickname and handing out t-shirts, Kaitlyn, the man-crazy space shot from another planet who was driven by hormones alone, Bayleigh, the "almost genius," who truly thought she was a queen and expected to be treated like one and who expected to win just because she quit her job, and Rockstar, the foul-mouthed mother of the year, who believed she should win just because she left her kids.

No thank you! I’ll sit with the cool kids this time. They have their faults, but I’m not insulted by them. They are smart and are playing the game the best.

ttucowboy said...

I would say a battle back is pretty likely...especially considering BB tried to get Kaitlyn back in with an easy puzzle that she couldn't complete.

UnionGrl said...

About Sam, I've been thinking maybe she is the cleverest one there. Her 'I am what I am and that's all that I am' and ' I love you all' and 'I don't know how to play the game' may just be the best ruse ever. Think about it. Almost everyone just excepts that Sam is Sam and never considers her an evection candidate. They will as the numbers grow smaller but I'll bet reluctantly. She has pinkys with Ty, JC, Brett, and a baffled Fez. Angela and Kaycee treat her like an aunt and Haleigh is scared of her. She may have this think licked.

UnionGrl said...

Oh, and please God don't let there be a battle back that includes Kaitlyn, Steve, or Swaggy. They don't deserve it and it would ruin the show. What we have are just fine and will give us all the drama and competitions we need.

Elizabeth said...

I feel like I heard that since Kaitlyn botched her super easy puzzle that she was an evicted houseguest that they weren’t anticipating so with the timing there might not be a double eviction. Like, they weren’t counting on her (or whoever it could have been) losing that comp.

Unknown said...

100% agree!!!

Mikomama said...

There wont be a battle back for anyone that was evicted before jury...they have been out of the house and have been able to see what has been going on in the house...they would have an unfair advantage if let back in.

Unknown said...

I think production is hanging on to the possibility of a battle back comp just in case Tyler or JC are evicted too soon. If they make it far enough along in the game then we will not see a battle back comp. If one of the stars of the show is evicted too soon we will have a battle back competition the following week. Just my opinion....

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