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Monday, August 20, 2018

Veto Ceremony Spoiler

At 11:43am BBT, the feeds returned from the Veto Ceremony.

Brett Used the Veto on Himself
Kaycee is the Replacement Nom
Haleigh told Fessy that she really thought he was gonna put Sam on the block.
Haleigh leaves the HOH room, Fessy smacks her butt, she tells him to not do that, he picks her up, puts her down, they kiss, I vomit, she leaves the room and heads downstairs to the kitchen where Scottie is.

So now we have Scottie VS Kaycee on the block, with Scottie most definitely going to jury on Thursday. Usually there's a little bit of tension post-veto ceremony, but so far..nothing. Brett/Angela are outside tanning, as Haleigh/Scottie are in the kitchen together. (Haleigh is cooking, as Scottie is talking to her from the kitchen island).

I don't expect much to happen this week and I expect it to be very much like Haleigh's boring HOH week until Thursday. We shall see!! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, ladies & gents!! (If anything noteworthy happens between now & tonight, I'll make a new post. Otherwise, I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter as usual.)

Stay tuned...
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UnionGrl said...

Scott had the misfortune of getting in with the wrong crowd and how he is paying the price. Another season, another cast and he could have been a contender for sure. IMHO the next casualties will be Hayleigh (hurray!), Fez, and Sam. JC will hold on to Fez as long as possible but at some point he will become dead weight. It's getting good now.

BTW, Brett is one of the best and most practical strategist ever on BB. He's so smooth he's polished glass. What a trip to watch.

KathyC said...

ROFL Jamie!! I literally spit out my drink at your "they kiss, I vomit" comment. Still laffin - you're the best!

Razldazlrr said...

I was rooting for Scottie - he's smart and knows the game but he teamed up with idiots. I also laughed out loud with the kissing comment!

I'm not a Brett fan but they are going to regret not getting him out when they had the chance. I never understand why they keep the strong players in and let people like Rockstar go - who they could all beat.

Sam - she has been on my nerves since the beginning - time to send her to jury where she can chill.

Unknown said...

Any idea if BB20 Saga will resume?

Jd said...

"They kiss, I vomit"....hahaha.. I hope your husband appreciates your sense of humor...Too funny!

DeniseG said...

I am loving this season! We have players who want to hide how much they know about the game, and clueless players who pretend they know what they're doing-- it just makes me laugh! I did want Scottie to team up with Tyler tho.

Keep up the great work Jamie!!

Atlanta said...

They nominate non contenders ie: Rockstar because nobody wants to draw a line in sand and as they always say “get blood on my hands”!

Jen said...

I’m missing it too! I look forward to it every season!

Jen said...

I liked Sam in the beginning. She seemed down-to-earth, honest, humble, and loyal. And, of course, I felt sorry for her during the robot week. I thought she would be a contender, boy was I wrong about my assessment of her!

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