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Monday, August 20, 2018

Monday: The Overnighter

Good morning, ladies & gents! Hope your Sunday was amazing! Since I wasn't able to do the Overnighter (*Brianna placed 4th out of 5, by the way..not bad for her first competition!), I'll get us all caught up so that we don't miss anything. Then again, it's Fessy's HOH and he's pretty easy to keep up with. ;)

Today is the Veto Ceremony and we can expect Kaycee to go up as the replacement nom. It doesn't really matter who the renom will be though, as Scottie's game is in the ground and buried already. There's nothing he can do to get out of it, since Level 6 (err...4?) have the votes this week.

Sam made an attempt to get Fessy make Haleigh the renom this week (*I'm not kidding), and that went about as good as you'd imagine. After their convo, they hugged and then Fessy mouthed "What the f*ck?!" to us live feedsters..

Fessy eventually told L6 about Sam's convo with him and how she tried to get Haleigh as the renom. This, plus Sam's constant need of reassurance from Tyler that he's still working with her (including yesterday again), seems be constantly problematic for Tyler/L6. Sam mentioned to Tyler yesterday how she thinks Angela/Kaycee hate her, as Tyler said they don't. How Tyler still handles Sam's craziness, is beyond me.

Fessy also talked with Tyler/Angela and wants Fessy/Haleigh/Tyler/Angela to work together, but this conversation is pointless to cover since Tyler/Angela just told Fessy what he wants to hear in order to keep him/Angela safe this week.

In other news, Fessy truly believes it was Brett who was the only vote to keep Rockstar (we know it was Scottie), and said that if Brett is lying, he'll buy him a "5 course meal" after BB20 is over for fooling him. Speaking of Brett, Fessy did some damage control with Brett yesterday (or at least he thinks he did) by saying Scottie was always his target and Brett was always just a pawn.

Yesterday there was some drama between Scottie/Haleigh. Scottie threw Haleigh's name around but eventually confessed to her yesterday that he mentioned Haleigh's name as a replacement nom option only so that it appears they're enemies and that he's distancing himself from her.

This is an effort on his part to try to save Haleigh's game, instead of going down the sinking ship that is Scottie. Haleigh was upset that Scottie called her "Kaitlyn 2.0" to Fessy. Scottie said he did that so that it'd be easier for her to walk away from him in the game and severe that tie. They both end up crying.

By 9:30pm BBT, Scottie was pitching to Fessy to NOT put up Haleigh and instead, put up Sam. Fessy said that his talk with Sam earlier (where Sam tried to get Fessy to make Hal the renom) freaked him out. Scottie said that Sam is "playing everyone" in the house and can beat them all in the end. By 9:43pm BBT, Scottie says he has feelings for Haleigh and doesn't know how to process them, since he's never had a girlfriend. He also tells Fessy that it was "100%" him that voted to keep Rockstar, not Brett. Scottie asked who Haleigh wants out and he said Sam. Scottie said then "do it for Haleigh" and make Sam the renom. Fessy said, again, he'd think about it.

At 10:30pm BBT, Fessy/Kaycee had a talk. Fessy said that he'd put Sam up if he was confident that Scottie (still his target) would go, but he's not.

So he thinks if Scottie was against Kaycee on the block, then Scottie would definitley go. (*OMG you guys, Fessy actually is doing something smart!! And on purpose!)

At 11:35pm BBT, Tyler/JC had a good convo that's worth the Flashback if you have the time. JC said that Fessy/Haleigh will still gun after Tyler/Angela.

Tyler told JC about the fake Final 4 and said Fessy/Haleigh are targeting Sam next. Tyler says that the real Final 4 is with him/Angela/Kaycee/JC. Tyler added that if they all got to the Final 4, he'd put the 2 girls up on the block together (Kaycee/Angela) and that he'd "never pick Angela over" JC. (*I don't believe this for a second, just for the record.) JC warned that Fessy/Hal think that Tyler/Angela are really close, as Tyler deflects and claims him/Angela aren't a showmance. (#Tangela) Tyler admits that he's gunning for Fessy next, then Brett next. (Sidenote: This is JC setting up Fessy/Haleigh to be the next targets.)

And that's it for this Overnighter!! I had to do a summary of the past 24 hours so that I could catch us up on everything, so hopefully I broke everything down okay. Today is the Veto Ceremony where we can expect Brett to use the Veto on himself and then HOH Fessy will make his renom choice (which seems to be Kaycee, and shes' aware/okay with it). Scottie is a goner and well, that's pretty much it this week.

I'll be back later with the Veto Ceremony Spoiler post as usual. Until then, enjoy the $6/ live feeds!!!

Stay tuned...
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Patience Ozor said...

If Fessy were smart (but we all know he isn’t) he would have put up two Level 6 noms and if one comes down put up a third. Scottie was never coming after him and he just lost a jury vote. But at this point Fessy is playing the game of Life and doesn’t seem to grasp the idiocy to his actions. Sam on the other hand has gone full blown Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction. I’m surprised that the girls haven’t gotten into a screaming match with the way Sam treats them. Have they forgotten what game they are playing? At this point I’m rooting for Tyler or Brett. I don’t think a girl will win this season and frankly I don’t want any of them to win. I hope whoever wins HOH on Thursday targets Sam with either Hailey or Fessy as a back up target.

Unknown said...

I Can't Stand Brett.. Think "Big Brother" keeps him on as a Villian, to keep people watching the Show - I Love 'Big Brother'... But, this is the Worst Season I think I've seen - & I watch Every Season.. Very Didsapointed this Summer 🙁🙁🙁

Lisa Plotner said...

Thank you for the update Jamie! And congrats to Brianna! Way to go.

UnionGrl said...

Oh Unknown, I can not agree with your season assessment. Last year was so bad (nasty, hateful, etc. . .) that I actually quit the show and didn't even watch finale. This year however has been good. The players are smarter, playing a more subtle game, and just are generally nicer people.

This HoH will tell the tale. If L6/5/4 wins they have just a little mopping up to do before the final bloodbath begins. Angela doesn't do much but look great, Kaycee also doesn't produce much, and Sam is skittering closer and closer to the edge of madness, but by and large it should be great watching now it all shakes out. The real fight will be Ty, Brett, and JC - it should be epic.

ME J said...

I love Brett!!! He reminds me of Dr. Will. Smooth, charming,convincing, diabolical, & a smile that make ppl lose all senses. (Ask Rockstar and Fessy) LOL!.

I don't know how anyone can be disappointed with this season given the past 2 season of BB.... oops I mean Paul show (barf)

Best season. Cannot wait to see how Brett pulled of the Veto.

Sam is definitely loco. She really annoys me. She does exactly the same thing, she disparaged & accused Hayleigh and Rachel of. More Brett less of Sam.

Jen said...

I love Brett too! He reminds me of a smarter Zach Rance, running around causing chaos and drama for fun!

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