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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wednesday: The Overnighter

Good morning and Happy Wednesday to y'all! Is it just me or is this the longest week ever? I'm not even talking about Big Brother, I'm talking in general. lol I'm beat and it's only Wednesday. My goodness.

Okay, so tomorrow Bayleigh's HOH reign finally comes to an end (*yay!) and that means so will her violent threats to every houseguest and her never ending HOH'itis. Rachel will be leaving and Brett is going to make sure of that by telling everyone during his eviction speech that Rachel told everyone about Bayleigh's power and the girls alliance. Brett told Tyler this at 2am BBT:

As if that's not enough, we're gonna have another shocked Bayleigh she thinks Brett will be leaving. It'll be great!!

Brett talked to Scottie (9:27pm BBT) and asked where the votes are. This is when Scottie told him that something big needs to happen if he wants to stay in the game, like Rachel blowing up. With Brett's plan on blowing up Rachel's game pre-votes tomorrow, you can consider it done. Angela reinforced this idea with her talk with Brett (10:30pm BBT). Brett asked if he should out the Girls Alliance too (The Maneaters) and she said yes and to pin that on Rachel, too. Savage. lol Welcome to the game, Angela. She then went on to mock her Final 2 alliance with Rachel called "The Vixens".

Speaking of Bayleigh, her/Scottie talked for a bit in the HOH room (8:18pm BBT) about how Rockstar/Haleigh need to start winning things.

If you 'stan' Haleigh/Fessy, then flashback to 9:26pm BBT to watch them hash things out. It's messy. It's confusing. It's toxic. It bores me. I'm moving on with The Overnighter.

Ironically at 1:40am BBT, Bayeligh tells Rachel she's glad she didn't spill the beans about her power app to anyone. (*lol!!!) Rachel said she'd never do that with her being on the block this week. (*This is fantastic! haha)

*And that's it for The Overnighter! So we should expect one heck of a live show tomorrow and for Rachel to get evicted. As for today, who knows. The HG's have been in chill mode for a couple of days now but things seem to be heating back up in preparation for a new week starting tomorrow night. I'll be back later as usual with the Afternoon Post, so check back for that. Until then, enjoy the $6/ live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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ME J said...

I'm sad L6 turned on Rachel so quickly. I do prefer Brett staying over her but still, it kinda harsh towards Rachel. Did I miss something she did? I thought she was a good source of info for L6.

Missy said...

I liked Rachel and am really sad she is not only getting thrown under the bus but it is backing up and running her down again! I don't think she deserves it but it's big brother and no matter what she is going home so they ( L6) has to do damage control and since she isn't on the jury, brutality has no consequences.

Thebez said...

I know I'm glad Bay's reign will be over. I cant remember any player past or present that not only has threatened to murder, beat or torture others but done it along with graphic details. I.E. pulling intestines out etc. All I know is if I knew her outside of the house I would be terrified to upset her. She may end up on TV again in the future but it will be on Discovery ID's Deadly Women. #Bay must be evicted next!! Please dont tell her I posted this

Psalms46:10 said...

I think the plan they (L6) have made to “oust” Rachel in oder to save their game(s), individually and as an alliance, is BRILLIANT!
Plus I look forward to another speech by Brett (I still crack up everytime I think of his speech imitating Kaitlyn!).
It sucks though that Rachel has to go out like that. I don’t care for her in the game but as a person I feel bad.
Tyler is playing a great game and I am SO GLAD Kaycee is finally stepping up her game. I want to see her (Kaycee), Tyler or Sam win this!

Lauren Gillaspie said...

Anything more on Bayleigh possibly being pregnant?!

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