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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tuesday: Afternoon Post

Hey guys & gals! It's been another lazy day in the BB house and nothing much has been going on game wise. Sam was being crafty as usual, Scottie getting yelled at for sleeping during the day for the hundredth time, and drama between Fessy/Haleigh. Bayleigh told Fessy to patch things up with Haleigh because now Haleigh is mad at Fessy for..I dunno, something stupid, I'm sure. She pushed him away, then gets mad at him for pushing her away. It's stupid and I refuse to subject myself to it any longer. lol Even Fessy said today that they're not made to be together & said that Haleigh is like a "baby sister" to him. (*Umm...ok.)

Around 11am BBT, Tyler told Rachel/Kaycee that Fessy wants them both (T/F) to be in an alliance with Scottie and how stupid they think he must be.

Halieigh and Bayleigh still think they have the votes to get Brett out this week (they don't). They talked in the HOH room around 12:45pm BBT if you wanna flashback to it.

A good conversation that you should flashback to (and the only thing really worth mentioning today, honestly) is that Brett/Bayleigh had a talk around 5:27pm BBT.

Bayliegh: "I don't wanna see you give up because it's not over until it's over."

Brett said they're not even to the half-way point of BB20 yet and it's important to think about which HG's you'd prefer to live in the house with for mental sanity for the duration of the season. Bayleigh tells Brett she told the HG's to vote out whoever they want. Brett reminds her that HOH "has a lot of pull" in who goes home.

Bayleigh: "I agree with a lot of things you're saying, like living with people in here thing...there's been a lot of stress brought to me this week..but if I know you're not gonna come after me..."

Brett tells her if he stays, he won't gun after her. Bayleigh tells him she'll see what she can do about getting votes to keep him. (*lol)

Bayeligh: "Going forward I want us to have better communication."
Brett:"Yeah I agree. 100%"

Bayleigh:"...And if it doesn't then I will personally kill you. In all sincerity." (*What is with this girl and all her threats?!)

As of 6:54pm BBT, here's a current look at the house:

Nothing much happening as you can see. Blahhh.

**And that's it for the Afternoon Post! I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter as usual. Until then , enjoy your evening!!

Stay tuned...
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Dawn Matusz said...

Really not a fan of Bayleigh's constant "I will kill you" and "I will tear you to pieces" comments. She always uses the word "literally" too. I am not entirely sure that she knows the meaning of "literally."

Lisa Plotner said...
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ME J said...

I don't get why it's ok go Bailey to threaten so many HGs. She is a disgrace. What if Fessy, Brett or any strong guys did that to the women? I thought there were rules I BB abt doing that.

Missy said...

One of my biggest pet peeves is the misuse of literally. It's gotten to the point that Webster dictionary changed the definition to include "figurative". Smh

MonicaW said...

What??? Anyone else and they would be called on the carpet or ousted. I think everyone is afraid of the little guy who literally (and I know the meaning of literally) acts like a two year old.

pgh fan said...

I literally agree with you lol

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