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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Happy Tuesday, BB addicts! As we learned yesterday, Tyler did NOT use the veto and left the noms of Rachel/Brett on the block for Thursday night's live eviction. Which one will go? Looks like it'll be a semi-split vote with Rachel leaving.

Yesterday and throughout the night, the house was pretty calm. Every season has these type of days where the HG's just seem to want to relax and socialize without much game talking. Speaking of game, here's a newly updated Alliance Chart by the great @89RazorSkate20:

Okay, let's see what did happen though, shall we?

At 4:20pm BBT, JC tells Brett that he has vote but to stay distant from each other for the next few days until after the live eviction.

Keeping with the chill vibe all day, some of the HG's decided to have a picnic in the backyard. Kaycee prepared the meal and even did the dishes afterwards.

At 9:18pm BBT, Kaycee/Angela talked about voting Rachel out and reasons (for explaining to Bayleigh) why they voted her out. (Bayeligh is going to be blindsided, as she thinks it'll be a unanimous vote to get Brett out.)

They both say they feel bad voting Rachel out because of how much this game means to her. Angela said there is really only so much you can do for someone else in this game.

Tyler comes in while Angela/Kaycee are talking about what Angela plans on telling Bayleigh about how Rachel's the one that told all the guys about the girls alliance, how Rachel made a Final 2 with them both and they found out, and that she told them about Bayleigh's power. They will tell her all of this after the eviction on Thursday.

11:28pm BBT:
Tyler (then Sam)

Tyler talked to use live feedsters.

Tyler: "Hello live feeders! Sorry I'm not entertaining today cause I'm on slop. Because I sucked at the HOH competition. That's annoying. I hope you guys are liking the season. It's probably boring now that Kaitlyn's not here, right?..We talked about karma, Kaitlyn. You did me dirty. Or, you tried (to). Didn't work. That's why I don't trust girls like you. Its why I dont date."

Sam comes out and Tyler tells her he was just talking to Kaitlyn on the live feeds.

Sam: "Sorry I missed that, didn't mean to interrupt. Hi, Kaitlyn!
Tyler: "She says hi. I feel it."
Sam: "Oh did you get a hit?"
Tyler: "I got..I'm gettin' a hit."
Sam: "Tell her I can't wait to see her."
Tyler: "What if i told you I was intuitive?"
Sam: "That'd be much easier for me to believe." (*lol)

Sam and Tyler then had a bit of a heart to heart. Tyler said that she's the most genuine person in the house. Sam said she means everything shes ever said to Tyler. Tyler said he knows and same for him. He said one day he'll tell her "I told you so" but said he wont tell her what about.

Tyler: "I already KNOW whats gonna happen, Sammy. I already know."
Sam: "I believe you, Tyler."
Tyler: "With YOU. I already know. Just keep doin' whatcha doin'."
Sam: "Ok."
Tyler: "And one day I'll say 'I told you so'."
Sam: "I'll say I told you so."
Tyler: "No, I'LL say i told YOU so."
Sam: "I'll say I told YOU so."
Tyler: "But I'm not gonna say what I actually will say I told you so about."
Sam:: "You're my...everyone has one..(JC comes out) ..JC doesn't' have one yet."

JC: "Have what?"
Sam: "Your pinky promise."

It's a cute flashback moment if you have the chance to watch.

12:06am BBT::
Tyler/JC/Brett  talked about Kaitlyn and how they all agree that they don't want anyone to hate her. They say she played a dirty game, but it's just a game. Tyler wants to see her outside the game just to see how different she is outside. JC agrees that he wants to know as well.

Sidenote: Speaking of Kaitlyn, she blocked Evel Dick on Twitter after his comment yesterday. lol

12:08am BBT:

Tyler told Brett that he's "good" this week and that JC is still voting for him to stay, but he wants Brett to hang out with Scottie more because it's making him (JC) paranoid that he's not hanging out with him as much. Brett said he's hung around Scottie all day though. Tyler said he knows and he saw it but JC didn't.

In random news, Haleigh (now that she's distancing herself from Fessy), spent a lot of one on one time with Brett between 3:14am-nearly 5am BBT this morning.

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I'll be back later on with the Afternoon Post to see what's been happening in the BB house. Until then, enjoy your Tuesday!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Dianne said...

I'm confused about so many things! Tyler doesn't date? WTH! A broken hrart? Also: He's going to tell Sam he "told her so" but no clues as to what that's about. JC is not hanging around Brett so people won't know he voted Rachel out, Brett is hanging around Scottie as per Tyler's instructions to target Scottie (make it look like he's on Btett's side and voted Rachel out) and then Tyler tells Brett to hang around Scottie even more to make JC paranoid. We know Tyler is targeting Scottie, maybe Brett or JC are back up targets??? I hope as time goes on Sam & KC, Tyler's most trusted allies, stop being his minions and start playing the game for themselves. Hive is winning more comps but L5 is a million times better at strategizing thanks SOLELY to Tyler. The rest of the "levels" have yet to exhibit anything other than lucking out by choosing Tyler to join up with. Sam and JC are Level 5 by association if not officially. Although JC is a bit of a wild card and actually working for himself. I think JC is one Tyler needs to watch out for. I'm not really a Tyler fan, not that I dislike him, but I don't like to see anyone win without a challenge.

MH said...

I think Tyler is incredible at this game. Basically....a natural. And a competition beast, too.

He literally has everyone individually wanting to protect him....which is exactly what you want and need in this crazy game.

It’s a bonus that he isn’t obnoxious like Paul.

Basically, Tyler is a good egg.

Michelle Just Another Fangirl said...

I think JC could flip his vote this week like he has done every dang time!

This is such a good season! FINALLY! Thank you so much for all you do Jamie!

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