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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Thursday: The Overnighter

Good morning & welcome to your Thursday! Today is live eviction day w00t!!! :D Tonight, we will watch Brett give an epic speech destroying Rachel by outing her telling everyone about the girls alliance and Bayleigh's app power, then we'll see Rachel leave, Bayelegh's HOH come to an official end, and then the HG's will battle it out for this week's HOH title. It's gonna be great!!

The votes should come to a 5-4 vote to evict Rachel (Tyler/Sam/Kacyee/JC/Angela VS Fessy/Hal/Scottie/Rockstar), though Baleligh & Co. think it'll be a unanimous vote. I definitely expect to see a pissed off Bayleigh tonight no matter how ya slice it. lol If anything wonky happens with the votes, it'll be utter chaos and still good feeds. We're in for a win-win situation, guys!

The feeds went down at 4:10pm BBT as BB showed the HG's short clips (or gifs?) from different comps. After this, Sam started to freakout around 6:10pm BBT...

...because she thought it looked like JC threw the endurance comp. Sam said she was so proud of herself when she won because she thought she won it on her own (*if you remember, Kaycee dropped immediately after Kaitlyn did and then Tyler dropped after making a public deal with Sam and then hand her the HOH title). JC said he didn't throw it and that he slipped (*which is true). JC said that Sam is acting paranoid when there's so much more to focus on in the game right now.

At 4:45pm BBT, Tyler asked Rachel the details of Bay's power app but she wouldn't give any and says she will if they need it in the future.

Some of the houseguests spent time off and on studying for an upcoming HOH memory comp. At 6:47pm BBT, JC entered the HOH room where Bayleigh/Fessy/Haleigh/Rockstar were studying for a memory comp and they stopped studying once he walked in.

Fast-forward to 7:15pm BBT..

Fessy/JC are talking alone in the HOH room. JC tells him that he saw Rockstar talking to Brett and that he doesn't trust her. He then says that if Brett stays, they (JC/Fess) are going on the block if Brett wins HOH. (*Sounds like he's might be setting up to pin his vote to evict Rachel on Rockstar?)

Fessy: "Yea that's why we gotta make sure Brett goes this week."

JC then mentions how he doesn't trust Scottie because he admitted to flipping votes before and then again mentions Rockstar talking to Brett. (*Yea, he's definitely setting it up to pin his vote on one of them. If I had any doubt on where JC's vote would go this week, this convo just squashed it.)

At 8:33pm BBT, Tyler/Kaycee talked in the Storage Room about how Bayleigh was fishing for info so she would know when to use her power app (which replaces both noms). Talk switches to Brett's speech tonight that he's gonna do.

Kaycee: "Yo, that's gonna be crazy!"

Kaycee said it's "f*cking weird" that Rachel wanted to go study with Bayleigh & Co. in the HOH room and that she's gotta go and how Rachel told her last night that she (Rach) is gonna "start branching out" (aka switching alliances). Tyler said she's "jumping ship" so she definitely has gotta go.

In other news...
Brett campaigned to Fessy at 9pm BBT. Fessy then told Scottie about Brett's pitch. Both still plan to vote Brett out and they (wrongly) think Tyler is on board, too.

At 10:02pm BBT, Bayleigh told Sam that she heard from 2 people that Brett is planning "a verbal attack" to get the target onto Rachel to get voted out.

Bayleigh: "I heard it from 2 different people." (*I'm not sure who told her this??)

Bayleigh said she doesn't know if it's even true so she hasn't asked Brett. Sam said that would upset her if he did that.

*And that's it for the Overnighter (plus some afternoon post in there too)!! Now we're all caught up and ready for tonight's live eviction show at 9pm ET. I'm so freaking excited about this show tonight, I can't even begin to tell you! Come to think of it, have we had a non-amazing live eviction show yet this season? Maybe Steve's but that's it. Vote flipping, Kaitlyn losing a puzzle made for a 2nd grader, Swaggy/Balyeigh getting's been such a great season already and we're not even halfway done yet!

As usual, I'll be live blogging tonight's show so make sure you bring your favorite snackies and I'll see y'all here and over on Twitter!! :D

Stay tuned...
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MirrG said...

It's awesome to watch an alliance work so well together. Between JC and Tyler - they do some amazing prework!

Amy Klauck said...

Did Bayleigh start her period yet??

Janice Rose Kane said...

Lol not sure if she started yet but possibly some major PMS with all her death threats🤣🤣🤣

Dianne said...

JC isn't in Tyler's alliance; he's a free agent a force in the house, hes the one who got Kaitlyn out,that was not Tyler's plan but he relented after JC's relentless campaigning. Tyler is so focused on the Hive that he's ignoring how dangerous JC is.

Robin Maynard said...

I agree. JC is impressing me more every day.

Corey Official BB said...

If Brett does the speech he is planning I see Rachel exposing the entire level 4 alliance and JC and Sam for flipping votes. This will be Tylers down fall.

MH said...

I love how clueless Hay, Fess, Rockstar are..... they seem to get blindsided every week... LOL. Amazing season, love it!!!

Unknown said...

Totally agree about JC! He knows this game inside and out. It took me a minute but I'm finally liking him. Sam was my fav bout after her speech at nominations and how she acted as is not so keen on ole Sammy now...... :)

Johnny Fontane said...

That was one of the more memorable exits I’ve seen.

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