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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday: Afternoon Post

Good evening, everybody! So in case you haven't heard yet, Haleigh told Bayleigh that she's this weeks hacker! Yes, you read that right. In addition, Haleigh wants to tell the whole house during a house meeting on Wednesday. If she actually does that, she will sink her game to an irreversible level. Even if she decides against the house meeting, the odds of Bay opening up her mouth and spilling the beans, are pretty good. (That girl can't keep a secret to save her life. lol) Either way, this is really bad news for Haleigh.

So, what sparked Haleigh telling Bayleigh about being the hacker? For that, you'll have to flashback to 4:52pm BBT when Bayleigh said...

Bayleigh: "Whoever has the hacker app and is letting me suffer, is evil and worse than anybody!"
Haleigh: "Yea."

Bay went on to complain that her goal wasn't to "just make it to jury", she wants to win the game. Bay said that she can't even campaign because she doesn't know who the hacker is and who they're working with.

Fast-forward to...

5:52pm BBT:
Haleigh reveals to Bay that she's the hacker.
Bay isn't mad and is thankful that she told her. She said it's okay and she (B) is sorry she made Haleigh feel guilty. Haleigh said she wants to tell everyone in the house tomorrow during a house meeting that she's the hacker. Haleigh also wants to call-out the people who are being mean to Bayleigh (*nobody is being mean to her, but they think Tyler is because he smiled and said "Good morning" to Bay today). Bayleigh said that if anyone attacks Haleigh during the house meeting, she'll "go off" on them.

Okay, now I gotta rewind a bit (sorry for being all over the map's BB20. lol)

At 5:31pm BBT, Bayleigh got snippy with Kacyee out of nowhere because she keeps taking things the wrong the way that Kaycee is doing.

Bay said she "doesn't believe her" (B) and Kaycee asked how does she know what she beleives because they just had a conversation yesterday about all this and how Bayleigh keeps taking things the wrong way when there's nothing going on. Sounds like Bay is taking everything everyone does personally these days and nobody can do anything right in the house.

Speaking of..

Around 11:23am BBT, Bay/Sam were talking on the backyard couches.

This whole conversation is just Bayleigh complaining about everything and every time Sam has a solution or something positive to say, Bay slams it down. She mentioned how she quit her job to go on BB, Sam said she did too. Nothing Sam could say to switch Bay's gears into a more positive thinking track.

And last, but not least...

Rockstar has been contemplating throwing away her own game to save Bayleigh's (flashback time: 2:03pm BBT). Her boyfriend is on Twitter and said if she did that, he'd "cut her off" (break up) and that he's "pissed" that she's thinking of doing that.

**And that's it for the Afternoon post! I'll see y'all in the morning with this mess-fest we call Big Brother 20! :D haha I love it!!!!!!!! Enjoy the $6/ live feeds, guys & gals!!

Stay tuned...
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Christina said...

Bayleigh is the type of person that makes every single thing about her. It will be interesting to see if the hive members will change when she leaves. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more miserable group, when she’s holding court. Everyone (besides Fessy) is afraid to say the wrong thing?! And it always is actually, haha! Thanks for always reporting the facts. That’s why you’ll always be the best BB blogger there is!!

viewer said...

Jamie here with all the hottest tea as usual!

Poor Rockstar, not very smart to contemplate that but her boyfriend shouldn't be saying that on twitter either..

Davinci said...

Oh Swaggy .... if she is prego she will want to have the B.B. kid and you definitely are irreversibly trapped to this black hole of emotional need.

She must be a real joy to live with

Itsme said...

I think Bay's emotional because she is (probably pregnant) thus explaining her being snippy. Angela should pull Bay in her group since she does have a power. It won't be the first time in BB someone switch alliances

ME J said...

Bay is such a gem. No 2 ppl deserve each other than Swaggy and 'Queen Bay'. Her parents must be proud of how their grandchild was conceived. Eeewww!
Did she expect everyone to stop playing so she could win bc she quit her job to be on BB?

Pablos puppy said...

Its amazing what people will do to pass up a half a million dollars cause you don't want someones feelings hurt.

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