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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Good morning and welcome to your Tuesday, BB addicts!! As we learned yesterday, Tyler was saved by Angela's Veto and then Angela (HOH) put Bayleigh up next to Rockstar. So, where do things stand of now? Well, Bayleigh is a goner either way you slice it and it's all of her own doing, really. She should've never (1) told anyone about her power app and (2) never should've been mean to so many houseguests.

Haleigh/Fessy want to try to save Bayleigh (12:50am BBT)...

...this week by voting Rockstar out, but that's not going to work. I understand why Haleigh thinks it could though: she thinks they can get Scottie and JC to vote with them. (*JC will not budge on this though, he'll vote Bay out and you can thank #Chipgate for that. lol) My question is, I wonder if Haleigh will out herself as the Hacker (at least to Fessy) because there's no other way to get the majority votes (in her plan) any other way without her using her Hacker power to cancel out one of the Level 6 votes. Guess we'll see. I don't think she will out her power, and it'd be dumb to, but..we'll see.

Going into next week, the HG's are already looking at who to target. Here's the breakdown:

Rockstar:  wants to nom Sam (pawn)/Brett (thinks Brett is hacker & she thinks Sam or Brett are leaders of the other alliance lol)

Haleigh: wants to nom Tyler/Sam with Angela as renom to have Tyler/Angela on block. She thinks Tyler/JC/Brett/Scottie wouldn't target her (*Wrong.) She also toyed with the idea of maybe Kaycee/Angela with Tyler as the renom.

Fessy: would nominate Scottie/Tyler with Tyler as target. No backdoor plan for Tyler. Straight up as a nom.

Level 6: want to target Fessy next, then Haleigh, then that order.

Sidenote: Tyler/Brett are onto Haleigh's "flirt with the other guys in the house" game tactic while being with Fessy. They also wonder if Scottie would ever target Hal/Fes as he claimed he would (now that he's with L6).

In other news, Rockstar and Kaycee are still getting their punishments in and I gotta say, Rockstar (who has it the worse punishment with her constant cooking and working out), has been a real trooper. She's been serving HG's the food she makes (which, to my knowledge, is not part of her punishment) and even serving her enemy in the house, Brett, while being cordial. 

The HG's have also been including themselves into her punishment workouts voluntarily to support her here & there, which is just awesome. 

Switching topics back to Bayleigh, according to her own words, that production "hates her" and that she snapped at them in the Diary Room and told them that their questions "are dumb". BB called her out over the loudspeaker...

Big Brother: "You are not allowed to talk about production."
Bayleigh (to production): ""Well stop sucking so hard and I won't have to."

Such a sweetheart. 

*And that's it for The Overnighter!! Who knows what is in store today for the HG's. Yesterday afternoon/evening was pretty calm but with eviction day inching closer, I could see Bay either gearing up to fight to stay, or continuing to roll over and die in the game like she has been doing. We shall see!! I'll be back later on with the Afternoon Post of course to fill us in on the all the happenings. Until then, enjoy the $6/ live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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leroy janecek said...

Haleigh did let it slip to Fes that she’s the hacker but it went right over his head!😂😂😂
Would love to see Haleigh as the next target!! Preferably back doored !!

Brenda Reed said...

Bayleigh saying "she snapped at them in the Diary Room and told them that their questions "are dumb"... or maybe she's just hormonal because she's pregnant, and everything is getting on her nerves.

wantmoredrama said...

I have to chuckle at Fessys noms..... He is kind of an airhead so I thought he might nominate himself LOL

UnionGrl said...

I don't think Bayleigh is panicked enough to be preggers. She is far too calm about that possibility for it to be a real thing to her. God knows her life plan doesn't have a baby with some random dude from a reality show. Even if she thought there was Jeff/Jordan - Rachel/Brendon fame attached it just too far out for serious consideration.

Unknown said...

Bay is no doubt in need of leaving...why the heck do you NOT use your app this week considering it’s out that you have it and you “Literally” told everyone in the House you’d harm them if they didn’t go your way last week. HOHitis!!!

She is a terrible game player...terrible.

Hayleigh is picking the game up and reading through Tyler, but she is doing exactly what Sam said she is doing....still.

She may not leave as soon as we think....Tyler needs to get JC out sooner than later. Next week would be the right time if possible. People wait too long to make those moves and it comes back to hurt them

heather graif said...

Thank you so much Jamie for all the hard work you put into this blog! I haven't seen you mention miss Bella so I hope she's doing well 😊 apologies in advance if I overlooked it.

Jamie said...

Hey Heather, I did a post on Miss Bella a week ago. Search for "Whats Been Happening: An Update".

heather graif said...

I just found it. I am so, so sorry. I too have lost one of babies from cancer recently. I will give my golden extra lovins and tell him to look for Bella in heaven one day. You are one heck of a dog mom!

Fins Up said...

I saw Hay tell Fes in the hammock tonght (Tues), 9ish pm, telling him she had a secret then spilled her Hacker beans & told him she had just told Bay & was going to call a house meeting & spill to them to save Bay, thinking she could cause 2 people to come back & make everyone apologetic for blaming Bay. Hilarious. So regardless of what you saw at 10am, she got it out to him & they went back & forth whether or not to tell all.

One suggestion was to tell the house a few hours before eviction so it was freshly on their minds, blah blah blah, perhaps minimizing the House’s anger.

Completely entertaining.

Fins Up said...

I think Fes/Hay should go first, once broken up, Fes will be less aggressive, especially knowing she’s in the JH, sans Brett. JC is useful for now, but I agree he needs to go soon to save Tyler’s game. But, would JC win we’re he F2 with Ty?? He is a pain, but a decent player.

Tanya Pitt said...

What was Fessy feeling under that blanket in the hammock?

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