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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Weds: The Overnighter

Happy Hump Day, BB addicts! Today's BB agenda includes Haleigh calling a house meeting to tell everyone that she was this weeks Hacker in an effort to take the heat off of Bayleigh in hopes she stays. (As Level 6 said, even if she wasn't the hacker, she still has the app power and she needs to she's been rude to everyone, which doesn't help anything.) While Haleigh hopes to clear Bay's name, get apologies from HG's for treating Bay badly (*good luck with that, since they haven't been lol), this will only sink Haleigh's game. The only thing good for Haleigh that could come out of this, is bringing to light how good Tyler is at the game. She plans on telling the HG's that Tyler's won 5 comps and nobody seems to notice that he's a threat.

In addition to committing game-suicide, Haleigh has the potential to piss Rockstar off (one of her few allies left) because RS will know that Haleigh saved Scottie and not her, while trying to save Bay's game with the house meeting and thus, throwing RS's game under the bus. Oh boy. Haleigh points out that it'll piss Tyler/Angela off by coming clean, but Angela can't win HOH next week and Tyler is only one person. (*I wonder if Haleigh ever heard of a thing called an "alliance" and how one actually works. lol She's gonna be target #1 by L6 no matter what, if she goes through with this.)

Speaking of Angela, she told Fessy that Bay tried to make a F2 with her but it was too late. Haleigh then asked Bay if it was true, and she admits it is...however, she wasn't loyal to it over her F2 with her (Hal).

At 9:45pm BBT, Haleigh told Fessy that she's the hacker and wants to call a house meeting to out herself to save Bay.

Fessy told Haleigh, at first, that it'd be stupid to call a house meeting and, let's be honest..if Fessy is being the voice of reason, then you know you're screwing up. lol However, in keeping with his "What game am I playing?" stupidity, Fessy eventually encouraged Haleigh to do the house meeting and said she'll be "respected" and "admired" for it. (*lol)

In other news, Fessy tried to make a deal with Brett to work together (9:35pm BBT). I don't see this being something Brett is truly interested in, but time will tell on this one.

If you're curious to which vote Haleigh the Hacker plans on canceling this week, you probably already guessed'll be Tyler's. Shocker!

And last but not least...
At 2:37am BBT, Fessy asked Scottie if the hacker exposed themselves and it wasn't actually Bayleigh, if it'd help her stay. He said yes, but it'd be dumb for the hacker to do.

*And that's it for The Overnighter!! So that's where we are as we head into our Wednesday in the BB20 house. Will Haleigh actually go through with the house meeting? What will happen during it? Oooo the suspense is killing me!!! I got my popcorn on standby and luckily, I'm off work today so I'll be here waiting for the moment when things go down.

Oh, and just for giggles...

Stay tuned...
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Craig Marshall said...

Yes, Haliegh knows what an alliance is, she just doesn't have any experience with one working. I expect RS to start campaigning to keep Bayliegh any time now.

Toby Sluss said...

Haleigh...Do it! Do it! Do it!

Pablos puppy said...

Haylee, Baylee, schmayee,,,,doesnt matter anyway they're both going anyway.

UnionGrl said...

I swear - dumb as a box of rocks.

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