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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday: The Overnighter + Veto Comp Spoiler

Good morning, BB addicts!! Yesterday the HG's had the Veto Comp.

Veto Comp Players:

Host: Tyler

The feeds were down for 9 hours for the Veto Comp, so that's why I wasn't able to update last night. The feeds came back on finally at 10:38pm BBT. (I wonder if this is the longest Veto Comp in BB history.)

Winner of the Veto is:

Kaycee beat Fessy by 1 point for the Veto. Haleigh said the veto was designed for him, which Fessy knows and that's why he's so mad that he lost it.
Fessy: "Oh God, get me out of this house."

So, Fessy's fate has now been officially sealed and he knows it. Kaycee won't be using the veto and thus, the noms will remain the same and then Fessy will be evicted. (JC told Fessy that he'll have his/Sam's vote, but Sam is voting with L6). Fessy also said he won't be campaigning.

Speaking of Fessy...

At 1:20am BBT, Fessy admitted to Haleigh that he wanted Scottie out because he was afraid they (Scottie/Haleigh) were getting close and he was going to pull him away from her.
Haleigh is not happy and told Fessy he owes Scottie an apology.

At 3:00am BBT, JC tells Brett to go upstairs and break up Tyler/Angela cuddling and asks Brett to sleep up there with Angela. Brett is baffled and confused.

Brett: "There's 6 beds down here. Why would I....I'm not just gonna be like 'Let me sleep in here'!" (*lol)

At 3:01am BBT, Tyler asked Angela if she'd like to go out on a date after Big Brother. She said yes.

Tyler: "Where do you wanna go?"
Angela: "Hilton Head or LA?"
Tyler: "Something better..Hawaii." (*Remember he won a trip on BB to Hawaii.)
Angela: "Okay."

Tyler tells Angela she can teach him to surf. She said she doesn't know how either.

JC/Brett enter to break up their cuddle session.

***And that's it for The Overnighter! So we're probably in for yet another boring week on the feeds as Fessy knows he's going, wants to go, and refuses to campaign. The Veto won't be used, there's nothing to do except wait until Thursday's live eviction and Battle Back Comp to stir up the drama and game once again. Today is Sunday Funday, so I'll be back tomorrow morning with The Overnighter. In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday and enjoy the $6/ live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Toby Sluss said...

OMG, this post cut off at the juiciest moment. I wanted to see what happened when JC and Brett interrupted Tyler & Angela's cuddle time. Sounds like JC is now on a mission to break them up.

Dawn Matusz said...

Fessy ... "Brilliant HOH" ... Does he really think that??? Oye vey. And Bayleigh ... Volunteering to be a pawn??? These two. Really. Do not. Know how to play this game.

Brian Resto said...

Maybe I'm overreacting but I feel that Fessy simply ruined this season for me after being so dumb and petty. It frustrates me because I was really enjoying this season but last week was just way too painful to watch to find enjoyment anymore. I feel this way because I simply perceive that the rest of the season being once again the rest being picked off via alliance totem placement.

Unknown said...

It will kill Fessy if Scottie wins the Battle Back and is in there by himself with Haleigh, knowing that Scottie is the only one she will trust!

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