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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saturday: The Overnighter

Happy Saturday, y'all!! Today is the Veto Comp and unless Haleigh/Fessy win it, the noms will stay the same and Fessy (the target) will be voted out. If Haleigh or Fessy win the veto, then Sam will be the pawn replacement nom and whoever is sitting beside her, goes. It's a pretty straight forward week. Haleigh/Fessy are dead in the water and this week just has to go through the motions at this point.

Next week will be a totally different story, however. The Battle Back on Thursday will stir up some drama, which we're currently lacking. We're kind of hitting a wall with gaming, as the L6 side keeps chipping away at the couple people left on the other side. It'll be interesting once Fouette is out how L6 start turning on each other, especially with all of Tyler's F2 deals he has floating around.

So this week doesn't matter much since L6 has the votes no matter how you slice it and then there's the battle back on Thursday. It's really just a predictable/potentially useless week and we're going to still have 8 HG's come Thursday anyway. Not to mention, the person evicted this week (Fessy or Haleigh) could come right back in the game.

Last night, there wasn't much game talk. Level 6 hung out with each other, as Haleigh/Fessy spent time to themselves talking game.

Fessy said that if its him/Haleigh still on the block post veto, then he wont campaign against her. They said they regret trying to make a deal with Angela/Tyler last week, as it clearly didn't work this week. Haleigh talked about how L6 used Fessy's HOH to get one of their own numbers out last week (Scottie), and how Rockstar went out on her own HOH. Haleigh said they "suck at this game". Seems like she has a clear understanding of what's going on, as Fessy is..well..being Fessy. He wants to have fun this week and just let things play out, as Haleigh thinks they should socialize and try to play the game. Haleigh also mentioned how good Angela is at the game and that pisses her off.

At 7:57pm BBT, Level 6 spent time studying for upcoming comps.

Before going to bed (1:11am BBT), Tyler went and said goodnight to Angela in the HOH room and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Angela complained about the "damn camera" zooming in on them. Tyler mentioned how Sam is just sitting on the stairs. Angela comments that it's "weird" she's doing that.

He heads back downstairs.

Tyler then talked to Sam at 1:15am BBT by the stairs.

Tyler told Sam that Fessy/Haleigh tried to get Sam up on the block this week but he wouldn't let that happen. He tells her that one of them will definitely be leaving this week and that's why they're on the block together. She asked if the noms stay the same if anyone but Hal/Fess win veto, Tyler says yes.

Sidenote: On the topic of Sam, she's still over the place. One day, she doesn't wanna be there. On other days (like yesterday), she asked Angela to not put her up. Then in the convo above with Tyler, she was sad that she almost went up on the block. I can't get a read on this girl.

And that's it for The Overnighter!! Today is the Veto Comp and it's do-or-die for Haleigh/Fessy, but kinda not since there's a Battle Back. lol Have a great afternoon and I'll be sure to post the Veto Comp spoiler later on today!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Unknown said...

Best situation would be Fessy getting evicted and Scottie winning battle back.

1). Fessy's worst nightmare--his girl in the house with Scottie and Brett.

2). Scottie is the most strategic of the 4 possibilities, and he and Haleigh could actually stand a chance to make some late-game noise if they can poach Brett or JC to flip on the core of Tyler/Angela/Kaycee.

Fins Up said...

I found it interesting that Sam talked about how during HOH comp she gave Hay her tokens to get Hay to keep her safe if she won & didn’t understand when she tried to do same with Kaycee, she was turned down. Tyler explained how it looked bad to openly make a deal like that. Sam “ohhhh”.

After awhile I watched Brett talk to Sam (after she tried to play hide-n-seek with the camera after Tyler left, hiding behind stair beams & steps, then try hanging a towel into a dirt thing... “Sam, stop that!, she finally did!) In her LONG convo with Brett she ultimately explained that she was comfortable in the small spaces as her & morher’s Home’s we’re smaller than the B.B. house, that she’s uncomfortable, lives everyone... and the rest we’ve heard before.

And regardless of how boring the convo got as they talked about their dogs, why do they switch all the cameras to a sleeping (snoring) JC?? Drives me crazy, I’m not paying for so many of those type camera shots!

Thanks Jamie for letting me vent!

Toby Sluss said...

Agree! I haven't bought feeds the past few seasons for that same reason. They will often cut away from dialogue and game play to boring events or empty rooms.

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