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Monday, August 27, 2018

Monday: The Overnighter (Lite)

Good morning, BB addicts!! Today is Monday, which means it's Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother house. Kaycee, veto winner, will not be using it and thus, no drama will ensue post-ceremony. Like I said days ago, this week is kind of a waste/predictable/slow week due to the target (Fessy) going up and out this week and a member of L6 winning veto solidified that plan to stay in place.

As we saw on last nights BB episode, JC is cutting his "puppet master" strings with Fessy and letting him go this week, so now JC is trying to act like he's always been a part of Level 6 (*he's not). The best part is that Level 6 is onto JC and called his plan "transparent". If you'd like to flashback to this convo, go to 2:15pm BBT.

In other news, the Have Not's for the week have been picked: Haleigh/Fessy/Kaycee. Sam voluntereed several times but Brett/Angela wouldn't allow Sam to be on it 2 weeks in a row.

The HG's are pretty much done with this week and are still looking ahead into next week already. Tyler told Haleigh that after Fessy is gone, she won't be a lone wolf in the game and how there's probably a battle back anyway, so Fessy could come right back in. (*Oh please gawd no) Later on in the night, Angela said she hopes that doesn't happen because everyone that could come back, hates her. (*Her goodbye messages have been brutal. lol)

Next week, Tyler/Angela wanna target Haleigh but as we know, the Battle Back on Thursday could throw a wrench in those plans. We shall see.

And that's it for this Overnighter! There was a bunch of little convos but nothing I haven't covered a hundred times already: Haleigh is still denying being in a showmance (when Brett asked her last night), Sam is still being anti-social, and lots of little conversations about JC trying to be a part of Level 6 when he never has been.

I'll be back later on with the Veto Ceremony/Afternoon post. Like I said above, the veto will not be used, so you can pretty much count on that to happen today. Have a great Monday and see y'all tonight!!

Stay tuned...
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Kimberly Hall said...

Jamie - love the feeds schedule! haha!

M T said...

I laughed so hard at last nights show when Fessy said in the dr that his job was "brilliant". Then the other day him and Hay admitting they got played 2 weeks in a row lol.....he is clueless

Atlanta said...

How many of you think Fessy is one of the worst players?! He is a nice guy but that boy is hurting in the brains department. I cannot believe how clueless he really is!
Why is it that Haleigh backed down on calling Tyler out?! Weeks ago she had a feeling when she was the hacker and was on to him but has done nothing since. She caught them all celebrating and she has still not called them out! I wish she would fight more.

Jaime-Thank you for all you do for us! I so appreciate you! I love your updates!

UnionGrl said...

About Fessy - what a little whinny brat! He is so petulant and childish I want to slap him. If Hayleigh isn't stroking his hair he is all silent and sulky. That boy need to grow up and grow up quick. He's nearly 30 yrs old - how long can he be appeased?

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