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Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday: Nominations Spoiler

Good evening, ladies & gents!! The Veto Ceremony was held a bit late today and it happened right after Fessy/Scottie had a talk. The talk didn't switch Fessy's mind, however...

Nominated for Eviction is:


So Fessy went with his plan of nominating Scottie and Brett. While Fessy is trying to make this game related, it's pretty clear that it's because Fes always sees Haleigh with Brett and he thinks Scottie has a crush on Haleigh (not to mention that Scottie/Hal spend a lot of time together). This is nothing more than Fessy trying to play The Bachelor on Big Brother.

At 6:20pm BBT, the feeds came back on and we saw the noms on the wall as all the HG's gave a round of hugs.

Scottie then started to talk to Fessy about why he's on the block. It gets a tad bit heated but nothing too bad.
Fessy said that either Scottie or Brett is lying and that Fessy always makes it clear where his votes stands, but Scottie hasn't been as predictable. Brett said they (S/F) don't "talk extensive game".

Fessy: "I like you, I like (Brett), but somebody is lyin'."

Fessy said he doesn't know if it was Brett or Scottie who actually voted to keep Rockstar, so that's why they're on the block. (During this convo, Brett is asking Angela if he should go out in the kitchen during this and she says no. So Brett hurries to the bathroom to take a shower and avoid this.)

During Scottie/Fessy's public talk in the kitchen, Scottie points out how he's there confronting this, as Brett is in the shower avoiding it. Scottie also mentions that he's going to be going home if he doesn't win the veto (*true) because they (and he pointed to HG's in the kitchen) are going to keep Brett there vs himself.

Fessy eventually retreats up to his HOH room and is clearly proud of his nominations.

Fessy: "Welp..that's how you do a nomination ceremony, fella's." (*No it's not. lol)

Tomorrow is the Veto Comp and if Scottie doesn't win it, he's going to be evicted, or at least that's the plan right now. Brett has the votes, no twists to screw up noms or votes this week (Hacker Comp twist is done), so it's back to regular BB gameplay.

Ya know...*sigh*...this season really is the gift that keeps on giving. lol I don't know where they found these people, but I am officially going on record saying that FOUTTE/The Hive is the worst alliance in the history of Big Brother. The fact that they continue to attack their own and/or people who have been helping them in the game, just baffles me. Oh well, I'm all about #TeamFunFeeds and with the exception of Haleigh's HOH, it has de-liv-ered! :D

Have a great Friday night, guys & gals!!!

Stay tuned...
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Sheldon Sherman said...

This season was definitely needed after the back-to-back Paul show that we endured over the last two years. Plus, I’m super happy that nobody has uttered the words “friendship” or “your boy” this season!

I’m also really interested to see how far FOUTTE/The Hive makes it before it finally dawns on them what they did to themselves... maybe it won’t happen. Ever. They’ll be awarding Tyler the $500,000 and still claiming it’s Scottie’s fault they’re sitting in Jury.

leroy janecek said...

Tyler/Sam F2!! Thanks for another great update!

UnionGrl said...

Oh you are so right Sheldon, they will blame Scottie. What a ragged collection of dumb-a**es. It's almost painful to watch - painful from laughing. This is great. And again you're right, after Paul it's refreshing to see good, smart (and very dumb) play.

Christina said...

You kill me Jamie! Lol. Perfect analogy of Fessy playing the Bachelorette!! I’ve mentioned before, been watching since season 1, it’s been a mixed bag through the years, but always a big part of my summer that I so look forward to. I want to take a minute to let you know that the BB experience would not be the same without you. We always see eye to eye and during those somewhat grueling seasons, I’ve always felt like we’ve been in it together! So thanks for sharing your heart, your thoughts and your life with us. You truly are the best <3 And here’s to this glorious season!! We all deserve it!! xo

jnet blogs said...

I haven't posted in a long time, if ever, but I'm a longtime reader and my absolute favorite part of your recaps are your *personal remarks. It always cracks me up! Thanks for all you do for your readers!

RJ Hunter said...

Regardless of the why, Fessy putting up Scottie was a good move, He is a definite threat, all the others better keep their fingers crossed Scottie doesn’t win POV. I think if Scottie came down, Sam would go up because Scottie spun some web about Sam that, once again “pi$$es off” Hay

ttucowboy said...

Fessy is an idiot and the Hive is terrible....buuuuuut let's not act like Scottie is totally innocent here. He severed the trust with the rest of that alliance when he voted out Swaggy C (wearing his shirt too which just added insult to injury). So in reality the JC and L6 are capitalizing on the distrust Scottie created. He only has himself to blame.

Jamie said...

lol thanks Jnet!!

Jamie said...

lol Christina ;)

Hailey N said...

Fessy does not know how to play big brother

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