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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday: The Overnighter + Veto Players Picked

Good morning & Happy Saturday to y'all!! It's the weekend yayy!!! Speaking of, just a heads up,  I will not be doing the Overnighter tomorrow  (I always take the afternoon off on Sunday's, so that'll remain the same). Reason being is that Miss Brianna has a Dock Diving Competition at 9am and I won't have the time. Since Fessy is the HOH, I don't expect much to happen overnight anyway. lol ;) So tomorrow, let's all take a day off and enjoy ourselves!! I'll resume my normal posting on Monday morning.

Okay, so about last night...

Nothing much happened. Scottie has been by himself mostly, which is sad to see. He even played a game of chess against himself. That was heartbreaking to watch. Later on, Haleigh joined him and they played a game of chess together. She's his only friend in the house at this point, it seems.

Last night around 7:38pm BBT, Sam ate some tuna with hemp seed and had an allergic reaction to it. Her lips started swell, she screamed, Tyler asked what she ate, Brett said tuna with hemp seed, Tyler told BB to open up the D.R. so she can grab an epi-pen. Then the feeds went to fishies for a bit.

When the feeds came back, we saw Sam was fine. She was seen by a medic in the D.R.

In other news...
Brett is nervous being up on the block for a 3rd time, but Tyler reassured him that he's safe this week since they have the votes: Tyler/Angela/Kaycee/JC (and most likely Sam).

Scottie/Haleigh had a chat last night and Hal told him that she has "no pull" with Fessy, Scottie says clearly JC has pull with Fessy though. Scottie told Haleigh that if he's still on the block come Thursday, he's a goner. And he's right.

Haleigh/Fessy had a talk last night (12:24am BBT) and she told Fessy that she thinks he got the noms wrong because she thinks Scottie is with them (which is true). Fessy said he's going with "his gut". (*aka Jealousy) She threw JC under the bus, saying maybe its him making stuff up and not Scottie. Haleigh then told Fessy how nobody is talking to Scottie, but everyone is talking to Brett..which means to her that Brett will stay VS Scottie. She tells Fessy that he has JC, as she has Scottie. Fessy pushes back with how JC will talk game to Haleigh too but Scottie won't talk game to him. Fast-foward a bit and they start making out, so that's where this train stops for me.

And last but not least..
I told y'all that #Tangela is becoming a thing! The gifs speak for themselves. First was the forehead kiss the other day...

And some hand holding last night.

Veto Comp Players...

This morning the Veto Players were picked already and here's who's playing:

Veto Players are:

Scottie picked Haleigh, which Fessy isn't happy about. lol :P

Today's Veto Comp is rumored to be the Hide n Seek Veto. (I loooove this one!) and Zingbot will be making an appearance today as well. I'll be back later on with the Veto Comp Spoiler post! Until then, enjoy your Saturday!! :D

Stay tuned...
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leroy janecek said...

Not happy that there’s a 50/50 chance the Hive can win POV😡 Let’s go L6!!

Unknown said...

JC is running things behind the scenes so much it reminded me of a two characters in a movie.

Does anyone see how JC and Faysal’s dynamics together are like Master/Blaster from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome?

JC(Master) is the Brains and Faysal(Blaster) is the muscle of their relationship, and does whatever JC(Master) wants him to do.

I hope this next part does not come across as insensitive or disrespectful of Faysal and JC, it’s not how it’s intended. JC has so much influence in the house that I bet no one would question if Faysal and JC played out a part from the Mad Max movie. JC would get on Faysal’s shoulders, Faysal would walk around the house as JC demanded that people acknowledge his power and how he is the one that actually is running the house. I bet "The Hive" would get a laugh out of it (if they knew the movie reference), but the still would NOT realize how true it is, and that JC is the Mastermind behind the Hive’s downfall.

JC – “Who run BB House?” (Who run Bartertown?)
Rest of the House in Unison – “Big Brother run BB House!“

(now with some defiance in his voice)

JC – “Who run BB House?!!!” (Who run Bartertown?)
Rest of the House in unison – “JC/Fessy run BB House!“ (Master/Blaster run Bartertown!)

Jamie Thanks for your dedication to this blog. I offer my gratitude here and with a donation and registration to the feeds for your efforts.

Stacia said...

Wouldn't *that* really piss Fessy off if Haleigh wins and takes Scottie down? Oh man, so many variables! I can't wait for Zingbot!

Lisa Fox said...

I'd LOVE to see Haleigh take down Scottie and have Tyler put up. He can't use his Cloud after nominations, and he's so sure he's safe right now that he won't use it. I'm sure he'll have the votes to stay, but I'd like to see him sweat a little. As well as have Fessy up in arms about Scottie

Jamie said...

He can use it at the Veto ceremony. It's to be used either the nomination ceremony or Veto ceremony.

Dianne said...

Ty hopes he never has to use the power partly because he doesn't want anyone to know, other than Sam, because he thinks they would resent him for having it. So far, the powers have been a bust and the Hacker was a giant pox on the Hive.

Purch Man said...

Of course Fessy nominated Scottie out of jealousy. Fessy wasn't interested in
backdooring him because it is too complicated for him to understand. This
teacher is just dumb, dumb, dumb. He would have to improve his smarts just to get up to plain stupid.

Lisa Fox said...

Doesn't he need to use it before the ceremony? If he thinks he's safe and doesn't use it, can he do so after he becomes replacement nominee?
Too many powers, too confusing to keep them straight lol

Becky Norman said...

He can sit on the cloud before the renom ceremony, not after. Will depend on the Veto winner. Go Tyler Angela or Brett! You have to win the VETO!!!

Hayley Lechler said...

And this is why he is a substitute and not a teacher.

Mike Slagley said...

Brett won it, so presumably he'll take himself off. It doesn't really matter who gets nominated to replace him because L6 still has the votes and Scottie is still going home.

Gina Stjox said...

Omg poor Scotty. I seen where you said he was playing chess with himself. I really hate when some players don't talk to others, I know it's a game but. I hope Fessy feels bad about the Scotty issue. Tyler and Angela are cute. Taking it very slow. How cute.

RJ Hunter said...

Too funny, I see your analogy. JC is an amazing manipulator & playing this game well. He may make it to F3

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