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Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday: The Overnighter

Happy TGI-Friday, ladies & gents! Last night we saw Fessy win HOH, and if you follow on me on Twitter, then you also saw how I said that this is really JC's HOH. lol Well, this Overnighter will prove just that. A lot happened last night, so I'm forced to do a summary, as I don't have hours and hours to cover all these conversations.

So, what can we expect this week? As I type this, it appears that Fessy will be nominating Scottie/Brett, with Scottie as his target. Yes, you read that right. The Hive is yet again going after someone on their side. If Scottie gets pulled off the block with the veto, then Brett will be the backup target. You have JC to thank for these nominations, by the way.

Okay, let's dive right in, shall we?!

At 8:35pm BBT, Fessy/Haleigh talked.
They go through every possible nomination scenario. Fessy said he's not targeting JC because JC isn't targeting him. They tossed around Tyler's name but then Fessy said that Tyler isn't gunning for him (*you can thank JC for that, as he told him this on Wednesday night). Fessy mentions how Sam thinks he (Fessy) is gay. Haleigh said that Sam has a crush on Brett and she wondered if Haleigh had a crush on Brett, too. Fessy said he would ask Haleigh the same thing. (*Eek.) Haleigh suggests Sam/Brett for noms, as Fessy thinks Scottie has a crush on Haleigh. He thinks Scottie will strike at him next week, so he wants to strike at him first.

8:38pm BBT:

Fessy tells Scottie he wants to ask everyone at the same time who was the 1 vote for Rockstar to stay. Scottie encourages this idea. (*Me too!! Ooo let me go grab my popcorn real quick..)

9:44pm BBT:
Haleigh/Scottie are talking on the HOH landing couch and Haleigh said there's obviously a 6-person alliance. (*About time she noticed something. lol) Although, she has the members wrong.
She lists: JC/Sam/Kaycee/Tyler/Angela/Brett. (As we know, JC/Sam are not in L6..which is more L4 these days, but I digress.) By 10:03pm BBT, Haleigh tells Scottie she wishes Tyler would work with them.

10:42pm BBT:
HOH Room
All HG's
In an effort to see who was the 1 vote for Rockstar to stay, Fessy asked all the HG's to gather in the HOH room and asked. Brett plays along as if it was him. (*lol!)

Scottie: "This is cute. You're a bullsh*t actor.." (to Kaycee)
Kaycee: "What the f*ck are you talking about?!"
Scottie said she just made 'a face'. Kaycee goes off on him.

Kaycee: "I have never been close to Brett, Scott. I'm on the block!"

As we know, Scottie was the one who voted for Rockstar to stay, not Brett..but Brett is trying to take ownership of it. Fessy said he never knows what's going on and the meeting is over.

Everyone gives Fessy and a hug and leaves one by one. Kaycee starts yelling at Scottie for a few seconds but then walks away.
Not too long after this, Scottie/Brett went in the lounge room and played Jenga like nothing happened.

Fast-forward to...

11:25pm BBT:
Haleigh believes Brett was the vote, not Scottie. Fessy mentions that Brett didn't act confident.

11:30pm BBT:
This is a conversation to watch on flashbacks because this is JC working Fessy/Haleigh to gun after Scottie.

JC tells Fessy/Hal that Scottie likes Haleigh and wants Fessy out because of it. By 11:43pm BBT, Haleigh tells Fessy to do whatever JC wants to do for noms this week. Haleigh said that Scottie was acting nervous and didn't seem to know what to do during the "Who voted for Rockstar" meeting. They're totally believing JC. lol JC adds that he'll work on Tyler to not target Fess/Hal (so that they don't nominate him).

They're thinking of putting up Brett/Kaycee and backdoor Scottie but Fessy has said all night that he's not interested in backdooring this week. So the noms could be Brett/Scottie from the get-go.

By 12:55am BBT, Fessy is thinking of putting up Brett/Scottie and let them battle for Veto. By 1:23am BBT, Fessy is still leaning towards Brett/Scottie for noms. He wants them (Fes/Hal) to work a deal with Tyler that if they keep him safe this week, then he can't use the veto if he plays/wins it.

At 1:34am BBT, JC told Tyler what's going on and that he's safe this week. Tyler is surprised. (*We all are, Tyler. lol But then again, it is The Hive...) He tells Tyler that Fes/Hal are going to try to make a deal with him.

Fast-forward to 10:30am BBT this morning, Fessy talked to Tyler/Angela. He told them that he's not touching either of them this week and in return, to not use the veto if they win it. They agreed.

*And that's it for The Overnighter with a dash of morning update! The Nomination Ceremony is today, so I'll be back later with that update. Scottie is the target this week, no doubt about that. Whether it's Brett/Kaycee or Brett/Scottie is yet to be seen, but I'm leaning more towards Brett/Scottie. This is all because Fessy knows that Scottie really likes Haleigh and he wants him out. While Haleigh knows that Scottie wouldn't gun for her, she's not sure that Scottie wouldn't gun for him. Fessy also said this morning that he won't be sending Tyler out this week when it's the 6th anniversary of his fathers death.

Stay tuned...
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Dianne said...

If I valued my sanity, I would stop watching this trainwreck.

Rebecca Cazares said...

This is absolutely hilarious! What a great update, Jamie! You covered everything. Amazing as usual!

Jamie said...

thank you Rebecca!!

Imdaturtle4u said...

My hubby and I always watch together and he always wants the other side to win to keep up drama and not have a boring season. I usually agree but I told him that there is no way anyone from the Hive deserves to win, let alone make it to the final couple of weeks lol. They are just too blissfully ignorant to deserve it.


I have no words. What a disappointment. Like you always say Jamie “head desk”

Fuzzies said...

Once again, a member of "Not L6" could go home this week. I am absolutely loving this season!!! #TeamTyler4theWin!

Tom Sparks said...

still surprised that he didn't nominate himself

Htown said...

seriously banging my head on the table now.. This so called Hive alliance is driving me crazy..

Kayla Moore said...

Why haven’t they talked to Scottie to share info and get to the bottom of this?? Just when I think there will be a breakthrough they let me down. I always have a soft spot for the underdogs but I can’t with them. I don’t want Scottie to go home and I don’t know whether I like JC’s game play or not.

Htown said...

I’m literally DEVASTATED!!! It’s soooo painful to watch. I just don’t understand HOW every week the are completely BLINDSIDED, yet continue to TRUST every word that is told to them, EXCEPT FOR SCOTTIE!!! They really don’t deserve to win at this point!

Chikis said...

I love this season!! Some of these guys are so entertaining and some just make me want to SMH! I've gotta say...that JC...he's very good!LOL!

Unknown said...

I was so worried about Tyler when Fessy won, but then I remembered it was Fessy and he would probably go after his own side. Thank you, Jamie, for letting me know he did. Fessy has got to be one of the most oblivious BB players of all time.

Rachel said...

Is anyone gona talk bout how cringey rockstar was when talking to Julie after her eviction?!? But then it’s like everyone felt sorry for her cuz she’s such a dumb ass and Brett called her an idiot. That was good stuff

BBWatcher said...

JC is doing a lot more than I ever thought he would in this game.

Jon said...

Jaime, This is awesome. Thanks for the great blog! I read it religiously. Btw, I missed why they are called the hive? Is this a name they gave themselves or someone in the house gave them or is it just something you call them by?

ME J said...

This is hysterical. I cannot believe at this stage in the game the Hive is still that clueless. I just hope Brett stays. I wish they would show more of him. He is so entertaining.
Thank you Jamie. Your BB blog is the best!

Robin Maynard said...

You can't make this stuff up. Thanks Jamie.

BB Bopper said...

Fessy won't be sending Tyler out when it's the sixth anniversary of his father's death.... LMAO!You are too funny Jamie

leroy janecek said...

You outdid yourself with this update Jamie! And thank you Fes for continuing the demise of Hiveđź’™!

Missy said...

And this is why JC is playing a great game and abdolutelt NOT a floater.

Corey Official BB said...

The Hive could have cleared the other side out every week since week 1 if they could just trusted each other , they trust other side more then there alliance Level 4 actually are terrible at all comps(mental or physical)Tyler carrying his entire squad to the final 4. Hell 2 of them lost to Blockstar in a Veto. Actually 3 Tyler was out too, but we all know what happened.smh

Redrandi said...

This season is so good. You cant make this stuff up. Thank you Jamie for your updates I live for them to keep me updated and know what to flashback to watch. :)

Okrafeet said...

omg it was so difficult to watch. Trying to be sexy and coy with Julie was painful to witness.. She’s clueless

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