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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Weds: The Overnighter

Happy Wednesday, y'all!! So before we dive into the Overnighter, there's 2 things I need to mention first:

1) After Bayleigh went off on Fessy in the bathroom (see the Afternoon Post below) because he told her to not go around talking about his vote (which she has been doing, for the record), Bayleigh went around retlling the story differently. She accused Fessy of being "threatening" (which he wasn't) and "cussing" her out, which didn't. In fact, she's the one who cussed at him. I wanted to clear this up because I foresee this being an issue in the near future and wanted to get that out there.

2) Yesterday morning as I was gathering up/typing up the Overnighter, I didn't see that Kaityn was attempting to get umm..'handsy' with Brett at 7:47am BBT Cam 4.

Okay, now that all that's outta the way, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting it below!

6:15pm BBT:
Storage Room
Like I said the other day, this week isn't Rockstar vs Kaitlyn, it's JC VS Tyler. JC wants Kaitlyn gone-gone-gone and he's not budging, as Tyler wants Rockstar out because his name is in her mouth lately (as a target) if she sticks around. They go back and forth and JC even accuses Tyler of thinking with his d*ck, as Tyler calls Kaitlyn stupid.

JC: "You're thinking with your d*ck right now.."
Tyler: "I am not, bro. I don't have an ounce of f*cking feelings for that dumba*s girl! I know I can control her and she's a f*cking puppet for me!"

9:08pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom
Sam said she doesn't wanna break a tie but if she has to, Kaitlyn will go. JC is happy to hear this. (*Unfortunately for JC, as of now the votes are against Kaitlyn so it won't come to a tie but anything is bound to change between now and Thursday night's eviction).

9:32pm BBT:
HOH Landing

Tyler is telling Kaitlyn that Fessy will vote how Haleigh wants, and Haleigh wants her (K) out. Tyler said that Fessy won't tell him that because he knows he'll just tell her (K) about it so he can't have that "vote conversation" with Fessy (to try to convince him to keep Kaitlyn).

Kaitlyn: "That's fair."
Tyler: "Mend ties with Bayleigh. I don't care if it's fake." (*to get Bay's vote this week)

Tyler told Kaitlyn all the votes she has to stay this week, but doesn't think she has Bay/Haleigh/Fessy's votes.

10:01pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Kaitlyn is trying to get Sam's vote (in the event of a tie breaker). Sam tells her she's heard that she (K) is targeting her (S).

Meanwhile at the same time inside the house, JC is pitching "Keep Rockstar this week" to Angela. Tyler is there.

Angela: "Rockstar has been throwing my name out since Day 1, (so) why would I wanna keep her?"
Rachel ends up walking in during this convo. Tyler's had enough of JC's pitch and says he's not keeping Rockstar because she's targeting him and that's that. JC counters with he's just making his pitch.

Angela chimes in again and says she knows Tyler/Brett will go up on the block if Rockstar stays and wins HOH. JC says he doesn't think Rockstar will win HOH. JC then said that if Rockstar goes, then "Fessy's side" will put Tyler up because he's tied to Kaitlyn, so getting rid of Kaitlyn would take that target off of him. Round and round it goes.

10:49pm BBT:
Storage Room

Tyler fills Kaycee in on the JC/Angela/Tyler convo in the Lounge Room and how JC isn't budging on his vote this week.

Tyler: "That's on him. We have to keep Kaitlyn here. I'd much rather have Kaitlyn here"
Kaycee: "Yeah."

Tyler tells Kaycee how he acted like he might vote Kaitlyn out a couple days ago just to show that he's not as close to her as people think and then Haleigh started spilling all the reasons to get Kaitlyn out. Tyler's glad she showed him all her cards, so to speak. (*Sneaky, sneaky!)

10:57pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Ding! Ding ! Ding! Round 2! JC is once again trying to convince Tyler to get Kaitlyn out this week but it's falling on deaf ears.

11:53pm BBT:

Haleigh/Kaitlyn are talking. Haleigh said they don't have conversations like her/Tyler do. Kaitlyn agrees they're not as close as they should be but then says they're best friends and she wants her (H) to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. (*lol) Kaitlyn said she heard (..though she doesn't say it's from Tyler..) that she doesn't have Haleigh's vote and that hurts.

**And that's it for the Overnighter! So it appears that Rockstar is still going to be the one getting the BB boot on eviction night & then fighting in a comp to have her chance at rejoining the game. In other news, I'd like to congratulate Angela (#AngelaWho?) on joining the Big Brother game yesterday, as she talked game to Kaitlyn by warning her that she doesn't have JC's or Fessy's vote. Welcome to the game, girlfriend! *thumbsup*

I'll be back with an Afternoon Post and don't forget tonight's new Big Brother episode! We'll see the Veto Comp where Fessy stupidly won it, followed by him using the veto save his girl Haleigh. I'm sure the episode will be peppered with Katilyn meltdowns, as usual. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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MonicaW said...

Bayleigh has anger issues. She needs to drop the poor pitiful black girl routine. It’s not a good look for her.

ME J said...

Good Grief JC! How does Tyler keeps his cool with JC constantly in his face abt the votes. Why is JC so adamant to get Kaitlyn out? Did I miss that Kait is targeting JC?

Kimberly Hall said...

Hello - first would like to say that I am a "return customer" for Jamie's blog! you do an excellent job ((((Jamie)))

Second - I get why Tyler does not want Kayleigh out...but I am lost as to WHY JC wanted Rock Star out? I must have missed that, can anyone fill me in?


stephanie martin said...

She hardly plays the poor pitiful routine. It's a game..she's playing it how she needs to

HokiePokie said...

He says it's because he 100% knows which way Rockstar will vote each week, but Kaitlyn is unpredictable and that makes him nervous.

HokiePokie said...

Tyler wants to keep Kaitlyn bc he can control/manipulate her. JC wanta to keep Rockstar bc she's loyal to her side whereas Kaitlyn is unpredictable when it comes to eviction votes.

UnionGrl said...

I have a theory on JC's hate on Kaitlyn. It's Fessy. JC likes (*likes!*) Fessy and he thinks that Kaitlyn is stringing him along and driving him crazy with her whining, crying, and general drippiness, which is very true. He would like more control, closeness, companionship with Fes and he can't get that with Kaitlyn pulling at him. It's just a theory but it seems to me to be one b!tch coming after another over a man.

Me said...

Bayleigh’s behavior has nothing to do with her being black. And she’s a woman. So let’s stop that. Her behavior is killing her game though.

Me said...

Angela who? Bayleigh needs to chill. As someone on FB said, she's becoming Kaitlyn 2.0

Pablos puppy said...

Tyler and Sam the 2 alpha dogs in the final 2.

Lee Warren said...

She is playing the black card for sure

Missy said...

JC also sees Kaitlyn as a better player. She does better than rockstar in the comps and she will flip on her closest allies in a heartbeat. JC also explained to Tyler last night that if he keeps using her she will figure it out and no one knows what she will do then to get revenge. Rockstar is not a good player as in her campaigning to stay she was throwing out names of who she would target not thinking that it would get back to those people. I have to agree with JC, he is looking at it from an objective point of view but Tyler seems to be somewhat infatuated with Kaitlyn, who is completely psycho!!

Dianne said...

I don't think Bayleigh has had any more issues than several other houseguests.IMO Sam has been acting like a crazy woman, what "card" is that? Twitter seems to think it's the Aunt Lydia card :)

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