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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Afternoon Post (Quickie Update)

Good evening, ladies & gents! If you're on Twitter then you've seen the tide turning (again) on the votes this week. It seems that as of now (and this probably will change..again..), it appears that Kaitlyn will be the one voted out now and the vote could be unanimous. At 7:59pm BBT, Tyler even asked Kaitlyn if she'd be pissed if he voted 'with the house' and she got angry, so he backed off. He's already setting it up for her to get evicted and hopefully not be mad at him if she wins the battle back comp.

Bayleigh/Kaycee talked earlier and that's when Bayleigh mentioned that Kaitlyn is aligned with "too many" houseguests/alliances. Kaycee said during this conversation that she'd feel better keeping Rockstar. (This was also from JC wearing her down from his "get Kaitlyn out!" pitches, too. From there, things just snowballed. Considering that the vote this week has changed so much, and probably will continue to do so, I'll let CBS show y'all how everything went down on Thursday's live show. I'll save my energy for the next countless times they change their minds and how it happened.

In other news, delusional Rockstar thinks that she's good at campaigning (*for the record, she's horrible at it lol She hasn't offered anyone anything, and instead made the campaigns all about her and how she's a mother and she's this/that/the other thing pit plays). So I fully expect her to take credit for staying because of her campaign skills. (*lol)

Sam had mentioned all week long that in the event of a tie, she's voting Kaitlyn out. Luckily for her, it doesn't seem to be heading that way anyway but in the case that it does, she's prepared for it. She told Tyler that she's going to draw a color dot out of a hat and one color will be for each HG. What the others won't know, is that there's only going to be "Kaitlyn's color" in the hat to ensure it's picked and she goes. But like I said, that probably won't even be necessary this week.

JC/Tyler solidified their Final 2 deal, saying they should take only weak houseguests to the end with them to win. They threw out names like Haleigh and Bayleigh as being "weak houseguests".

**And that's it for the Afternoon Post! I'll be back in the morning as usual for The Overnighter, where the votes probably will change again. lol Ahhh, gotta love this game! ;) Goodnight, y'all!!

Stay tuned...
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M T said...

I loved the show tonight.....2 very funny scenes...Scottie laughing so hard at JC l9oked like he was goinna pass out and when Jessy called Kaitlyn by the other girls name Haleigh lol...the look on her face was priceless

ME J said...

I was looking forward to Rockstar (not interesting), leaving and more drama with the Faitleigh triangle. Oh well. :-(

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