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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Afternoon Post

Good afternoon/evening, ladies and gents! I've been sifting through today's happenings and my head is spinning. Kaitlyn's, Rockstar is, pong. lol As I type this, it appears that Rockstar will be the one going now but hey, that could all change before I'm even done with this post so don't hold me to that.

At 1:19pm BBT, Kaycee/Tyler talked in the lounge room about which one to get out.

The convo started off saying they should get Kaitlyn out, but by the end of it, they thought maybe it'd be a good idea to get Rockstar out this week instead. Tyler had mentioned that he's sick of Kaitlyn and he's looking forward to his goodbye message to her and told Kaycee that he's been "savage" in his DR's about her on the show. He thinks she'll hate him after the show.

At 1:47pm BBT, the Level 6 Alliance girls are talking about who to get out. Rachel says that Rockstar is gunning after Tyler/Brett so she needs to go.

They all agree. Kaycee fills them in with her talk with Tyler just a little bit ago and said they were thinking maybe they should get her out this week.

Fast-forward to 3:30pm BBT:
Scottie/Bayliegh talk about how they're voting this week. Bay said that she should probably vote with the house because the times she didn't, she was on the wrong side of the vote. They seem undecided right now.

Speaking of Bayleigh...

At 4:43pm BBT, Fessy tells Bayleigh to not talk about him/how he's voting Kaitlyn out to other HG's. She gets mad and said she hasn't been and to "not piss her off" as she walks out of the bathroom.

At 4:46pm BBT, Rachel/Kaycee/Angela talk about how Bayleigh is now on-board (*I must not have seen that conversation or it wasn't shown on the feeds, I'm not sure..??) and that Rach told her 5 of them are on-board with getting Rockstar out and that she (Bay) would be the 6th. Tyler enters and they tell him plans have changed and that Rockstar is leaving this week because she's after him/Brett.

As for Rockstar, she's been campaigning but she's been really bad it by saying stuff like she's a mom and has a doesn't have a trustfund (*She's been talking badly about Brett and Kaitlyn being 'from money', I believe). Rockstar is starting to isolated as the houseguests are kinda pulling away from her.

**So there ya have it! As of right now, Rockstar looks to be getting evicted come Thursday night and they can worry about getting Kaitlyn out another week. The good thing about keeping Kaitlyn in the game, is that she's a huge target and can act as a meat shield for other houseguests in the game. I suspect the next couple days are going to filled with flip-flopping on who to evict this week. The one person that doesn't seem like he's budging, is JC. He's firm on getting Kaitlyn out and not only will he not budge, but he called Tyler "a lost cause" because he knows Tyler won't budge either (on wanting Rockstar out).

I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter as usual. Until then, enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Carlos Torres said...

When should we see the first double eviction? We need one soon.

Mama B said...

Is it me, or does Tyler look like a young Smith Jarred from Sex and the City??

briiilowe said...

He does! Good call!

Dianne said...

When Tyler has his hair pulled back leaving his face unframed, he looks like a little kid. It finally hit me: Jay North from the old Dennis the Menace TV show.

UnionGrl said...

OMG, that hit the nail directly on the head. Maybe that's why I like the kid so much. And he is playing a hell of a game on top of being a dreamboat. Very good call.

Leah Pants said...

Meat should lol

Leah Pants said...

Meat shield 🤣🤣

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