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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Veto Players & Comp (Spoiler)

Good afternoon, everyone! At 10:05am BBT, the Veto Players were picked. Let's see who was picked, shall we?

Playing for Veto:

Host: Rachel

**Correction: Rockstar is playing, not Bayleigh**
(Edited to reflect accurate Veto Players)

Funny enough, Haleigh picked Faysal with a HG choice chip, which could make things messy if he wins Veto. lol

As soon as the feeds return from the comp, I'll post the winner below!

Winner of the Veto Comp is:

Oh my goodness, I can't believe he won it! lol I can't stop laughing! Turn on the feeds if you got'em because Kaitlyn is gonna continue her already day-long crying meltdown. Enjoy!!

Turn on the live feeds to get caught up with all the latest gametalk!

Stay tuned...
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rcazares said...

Just for pure entertainment, I'd LOVE for Fessy to accidentally win this one. If he thinks he's confused now, just wait until he has to decide whom to save with veto. Hahahahaha! Love that kid.

UnionGrl said...

I'm watching BBAD and that Sam - she is so good at bucking people up. Her sunshine offensive just may be the ticket for this year. I also admire her kicking all the hangers-on out of the HOH room. It will be fun to see if this technique works. Hey, it's a nice change from the back stabbers and gossip mongers if nothing else.

Becky Norman said...

So with you on that!

Missy said...

Kaitlyn has been hammering on faysal all morning. Cannot stand her. Sam was right 100% about Kaitlyn. Faysal owes her nothing and she berates him like a child trying to get him to use the veto on her. Please let her go out and not win her way back!

Jamie said...

Kaitlyn has been a basketcase all day. its getting on my nerves. she's like a train wreck tho, i cant look away (for too long).

Unknown said...

Kaitlyn is a stage 5 clinger, she needs to go

Trish Deffenbach said...

Worst case scenario, rockstar wins veto and pulls whack job Kaitlynn off 😭

Unknown said...

Hope he saves haleigh but whoever gets evicted still has a chance to come back in and will want vengeance lol

UnionGrl said...

Oh, lets all burn candles that it's Namaste that gets the boot. She is a drag to the nth power. Please, please let the big F use his save on Haleigh, who is slightly clueless but at least not a crying, clinging, b-tch person that Namaste is. Won't everybody's game get better if that that public menace is removed? Especially Tyler's, he will be so relieved if she goes and he didn't do it.

Dianne said...

I love Fessy.

MH said...

This is incredible. I have no idea what’s going to happen..... and this is something I’m not used to (due to recent seasons).

What a joy!

I’m thinking Fessy is gonna save Hayleigh. But only if she pays a lot of attention to him.

Kaitlyn makes the feeds gold!!

I will laugh if whoever goes...comes right back in.

Meanwhile... Kaycee, Angela, JC, Tyler.... all sittin’ pretty.

Corey Official BB said...

Kaitlyn needs to go, if she stays it will be a steamroll because she will turn on her side again, again and again smh

lucia brannng said...

All Tyler has to do is sit there with his mouth open and Kaitlyn is just a flapping gums water spout whirling around him protecting him
BB needs to keep her bipolar ass for a while

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