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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday: The Overnighter

Happy Sunday, BB addicts! Yesterday we learned that Fessy won the Veto and by doing so, he got himself in a bit of a pickle. He had promised both noms (Kaitlyn/Haleigh) that he'd use the veto to save them if he won it and he didn't wanna win it. Well, that didn't go as planned and he won it, which made his night a living hell with Kaitlyn constantly nagging him by crying to him, begging him, guilt tripping him, and pitching to him using the veto to save her. Non-stop. All night. She told Fessy that she "threw the (veto) competition" because he said he'd save her. (*According to Bayleigh, she didn't throw it.) He called her out on it and said she didn't throw it. (7:24pm BBT Cam 2)

When the feeds came back on post veto comp, we saw Rockstar making the same scripted "Brett is a big, mean bully" speech adnausem to anyone who would listen. Meanwhile, Brett's been trying to get Rockstar to be the renom since Thursday night.

So, who will Fessy save with his veto? He told Haleigh last night that he's using the veto on her and to not act happy so others (ie Kaitlyn) doesn't catch on. With Fessy using the veto tomorrow to save Haleigh, Sam will be forced to put up a replacement nom. At first, it seemed like Rockstar would be that person but that might have changed. Sam isn't giving us (or even Tyler) a hint of who she's putting up for the renom, but she said she already knows who she's putting up. At the beginning of her HOH reign, Sam said that she didn't care which nom got evicted this evicted and called her noms "interchangeable", but she's signing a different tune now as Sam is making it clear that she wants Kaitlyn gone this week.

If you love to hate Kaitlyn and might be sad that she's leaving this week, fear not because production loves a good train wreck and let's face it, Kaitlyn is feeds gold. So if Kaitlyn gets evicted on Thursday, you can bet your bottom dollar that Big Brother will give her some kind of "Align the HG's Chakras" battle back comp to ensure she comes back in the BB house.

At 6:49pm BBT, Tyler/JC had a conversation in the Storage Room:
Tyler told JC that Rockstar is going up as the renom if the veto is used.

JC: "Kaitlyn needs to go home this week. (Rockstar leaving) is out of the question. Rockstar is not a threat."
Tyler: "I'm not trying to protect her (Kaitlyn)..."
JC: "Rockstar's game is really weak.." (*Good point.)

Kaitlyn entered the storage room and broke up their conversation.

9:16pm BBT:

Tyler told Fessy he's gonna have to use the Veto and that Sam isn't saying who the renom will be.

Speaking of Sam..

9:28pm BBT:
HOH Room

Tyler: "I'd put up Rockstar (as the renom)."
Sam: "Why? Because it's the easy thing to do?"
Tyler. "Yeah. Least amount of blood on your hands..I just don't want you to be stressed."
Sam: "I'm not stressed, at all."

Sam asks Tyler who he'd put up next week if he wins HOH..
Sam: "Rockstar, and who else?"
Tyler: "Whichever girl that doesn't go this week."

Sam tells him that whoever wins HOH next week, has it easy because they can target Rockstar. Sam keeps fishing for other HG's that Tyler "wouldn't miss" if they were gone.

Tyler says Bayleigh but thinks they could work with her in the future, and he mentions Rachel because he doesn't know much about her except that she votes the way they vote.

Tyler: "So those would be the next 2 for me."
Sam: "I'm not gonna tell you what I'm gonna do, but I know what I'm gonna do." (re: renom)

Speaking of Bayleigh...

9:37pm BBT:
Bayeligh comes up and she's obviously crying.

Tyler: "You ok, Bay?"
Sam: "She's not ok."
Bay: "I"m just at a frustrated place right now."

Bay is venting and hitting that point in the game where she's just "done" (though she's not really "done", she's just sad/pissed).

Sam reminds her that everyone hits that point in the game at some time or another. Bay said her goal is to be the first black woman to win Big Brother.

Bay said she's a nice person but maybe she'll have to start being mean and vicious in the game. (*I have no idea what sparked this reaction or if it was just built up frustration that finally came out.)

Bay: "Everyone has someone at the top of their list. Except for me. I can't even go and express myself to people without them being terrified. You have no idea how long I've been holding my tongue and being respectful but people aren't respecting me."

Sam: "I agree with you, but everyone gets to this point. I'm impressed with you holding it in so long. You've been boiling and bottling for a long time."

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! Tonight we have a new Big Brother episode and Julie said that we'll see the conversation that JC/Bayleigh had last week (where Bay kept using the word midget, as JC used the n-word).

Tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony where I except Fessy to use it to save Haleigh. Who Sam puts up, is anyone's guess. I don't think it'll be Rockstar or Bayleigh, though. So we'll see. I like not knowing, I love the suspense. It's been a long, long time since I've been *this* excited for a BB season. Guys..after enduring the past few seasons, this is the season we all deserve. lol Finally.

Also, a huge thank you to anyone who has Made a Donation to the Blog and to the people who have bought the live feeds through the blog. It is only because of y'alls support that have supported the blog, that I can continue to do so. I will be honest though and say that this blog is in danger of following suit with other popular BB blogs and websites that have "retired" the past 2 years. (I still can't believe BigBrotherLeak "retired" this year ughh. Heartbreaking.) This blog is heading that way too and I'll make my decision by the end of this season if I can return next year or not. So if you love this blog and don't want it to go away, please consider help keeping it alive by supporting it.

Welp, t's Sunday Funday, which means I'm outta here for the afternoon but you guys & gals enjoy the feeds and enjoy your Sunday and we'll meet back here tomorrow morning bright and early for The Overnighter! :D

Stay tuned...
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chance neal said...

Please do not retire the blog! I have been following this blog for like 10 years. BB would not be the same without the blog! I literally visit the blog like 20 times a day for updates. Please no!!!

MH said...

Jamie, I’ve been following your blog for what feels like a decade!! It’s crazy! I have your blog saved as a button on my home screen (on my phone and iPad).

Of course I can follow updates on Jokers, but your storytelling abilities and so much better than just reading updates.

I understand your desire to retire..... so many of my favorite things eventually go away.... my favorite shampoo or perfume becomes favorite shows always come to an end.....

You retiring your blog is just another end to an era in my life! ❤️❤️❤️ Although it makes me beyond sad.... I get that.... that’s life!

I will donate some money this week because you certainly deserve it!

I’m so excited to see what Fessy does and hopefully see Kaitlyn go psycho. Perfect tv drama scenario would be.... Kaitlyn gets voted out....but wins whatever and comes right back into the game. Yes, she’s annoying... but good God!!! It makes for incredible feeds watching and TV GOLD.


Unknown said...

I am so sick of Kaitlyn's fake crying and lying. Is Fes that dumb? I hooe he doesn't use the veto. Then I can't wait to make sure K can't win the battle back. Surely after this show nobody would pay her to be their life coach, unless tgey are trying to be a con artist. Such a delusional liar she is.

Tanya Pitt said...

Love this blog! Don’t quit Jamie! Best season in awhile. A few floaters we rarely hear anything from.

Purch Man said...

Fessy walks through the place and can't understand all the lies and backstabbing that he sees (this guy is playing house, not Big Brother). He has to save Haleigh from eviction because she picked him to play veto. If he does nothing, or picks Kaitlyn, he is as phony as the rest of them, and yes - production will send the nutty visions lady right back into the house.

MH said...

I read somewhere that Fessy and Kait “hooked up” before the feeds went live.... wouldn’t that be nuts!!

Angelface said...

Jamie, We will never let you go, 😘
I have no problem helping to support. Wasn’t going to continue the live feeds, but I will. And make a donation.

On the game.
I’m very disgusted by most of these player’s. I love to watch Scotti, he is playing the game well.. I do not like back stabbing, human beating down, general nastiness from, Brettt, Ty, Ang, KC, Rach and J C.. they have done so much that did not need done, it’s been highly said and done just to beat them down, make them well hurt, causing people actual pain. None of which has been needed. It has been the level 6/5 group that has pushed to far for not! any good reason. I’m finding all this childishness and disgusting.
I don’t care if these guys are cute, they are simply playing mean and dirty, and Katelyn is such a stupid fool.
I also don’t mind Rock Star, she flys her freak flag, good for her.
J.C. Gets not crap for flying his freak flag, and it’s highly accepted.
I 100% want to see this game flip, Angie, Rachel, Brett, and K. C. Are floaters as much as anyone else is. The hypocrisy is just wow.

Group 6/5/4 will be found out sooner or later, if Kate took her head out of Ty’s butt, she might actually see. Or some speaking the right words to make her think about Ty’s easy use of her.
Boy is she going to feel like a total fool when she watches her stupid self.

I like Feysal, Scotti, Bay, Sam, Ty I have no respect for, manipulating an obviously mentally challenged human, was never needed or actualy good game. It was stepping all over crushing another’s dream, did not need to drag it all to the point he did.
Brett is arrogant, self important, lonely guy, what woman wants to be treated like trash, he would 100% be that kind of jerk.

I hope 6/5/4 splits very soon, so these clicks can change up, and give us more of a game, not manipulation where half the House is doing the manipulating. Just over kill. Do not want to watch. A one sided game, or the exit pick done by only Tyler and Brett. Boring.

Unknown said...

I just love the way Sam handled her HOH ! Been watching for a long time..Don't know of any one ever making a statement like she did

Philippe Scott said...

I don't understand how you could not like this season. It's the most entertaining in years! There is always going to be ugliness and bullying in a pressure cooker situation like these houseguests are in, it's human nature. We are tribal, we join up with a group and distrust and hate the others. It's unfortunate, but true.
Rockstar goes around the house banging pots and pans screaming about Brett's micro penis and your cool with that, but not the other bullying?

Also, backstabbing is part of the game. A good part at that. It takes a lot of skill to stab people in the back and get away with it, and it's necessary to backstab at least a little bit if you have any hope of winning, otherwise you're just playing for someone else to backstab you first and win. There is only one first place prize in BB, you gotta do what you gotta do to win it.

Angelface said...

I didn’t say, I did not like the season. But, I do not like over the top, basic hate!
The way they have been talking crap about so many, or kinda like they just think they are better, period. It’s been heavy since day one, they just don’t need to make it so personal. They look like a pack of dogs.

I like actual game play, a good game is better then personal views.

I can’t wait til, someone realizes or they realize, the 5, that they are destroying the trust factor, which will probably be needed to win or get to finals.

Razldazlrr said...

I LOVE the blog - you are a great storyteller - I'll send some $$ your way at end of week!

MH said...

Right?? I’m reading this response...and scratching my head.... it’s possible they’ve never seen this show before this season.

This is the BB we know and love.

Andrea the Great said...

I don’t know what I’d do without you��
I’ve been following your blog for probably 10 years and love your voice. I totally understand if you need to move on, but you will be missed! You are doing God’s work girlfriend.

Mercy said...

Brett makes me ill, literally ill. It's assholes like that that make the rest of America look bad. If he wins i'll be so disappointed,

Jamie said...

Andrea!!! Much love!!
Thanks, Raz!!! So good to see you back!

haha Angelface, dont ever let go ;)

thank you miss Tanya!

MH thank you for the kind words and wow, a decade?! Thank you for being such a long time follower!

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