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Monday, July 23, 2018

Monday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday, everybody!! I want to first say a huge..and I do mean HUGE...thank you to everyone who poured in their support yesterday!! I am shocked. I am humbled. I am beyond grateful, and I am utterly overwhelmed with all the love. From all of you who supported the blog with amazing donations (my sincerest thank you!!!!!), to those of you who shared your stories of how long you've been a part of this blog family..words cannot even begin to express my gratitude & love for y'all. This blog would be nothing with you guys and it's only because of you that I'm even able to here. *takes hat off and bows humbly*

Okay, so let's talk about what's been going on in BB land, shall we?

Firstly, there was something I totally forgot to mention that I saw on Twitter yesterday but I don't have a timestamp or anything to verify it, but it appears that Kaitlyn/Fessy might have or almost hooked up during the 1st week of BB (the feeds don't turn on until week 2, so that's why us feedsters had no clue). This would make a lot of sense of why Kaitlyn is so clingy to him and expecting him to use the veto on her rather than Haleigh.

Today is the Veto Ceremony, where we will most likely see Fessy save Haleigh with it, forcing Sam to make a replacement nom choice. Who is she going to make the renom? Who knows. She told Rockstar and Bayleigh they're not going up..can't be Fessy (veto winner), Kaitlyn's already up there, she's not gonna put up Tyler obviously, Haleigh will be safe after Fessy uses the veto on her...I have no clue who she plans on putting up. *shrugs* While it's a tiny bit frustrating to not know where Sam's head is, the excitement of not knowing is so damn refreshing and welcomed that it overrides that tiny bit of frustration. Can I just say that I absolutely love this season!! It's amazing so far! Honestly, it's the season that we all deserve after the past few ones.

Okie dokie, I'm gonna go put the Overnighter together and I'll start posting it sections (not much happened last night, so it won't be a long Overnighter this morning).

Line of the Night:
Angela to Haleigh in hammock: "She's not gonna have a boyfriend when she gets out of here.When she was HOH, stomping around the house like a f*cking queen, I literally like just wanted to throw her down the spiral staircase, in her little HOH robe. Die bitch." (8:52pm BBT)

11:17am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Sam asked Angela who she'd put up as the renom. Angela said Rockstar because of the bullying Brett thing and that she made some deep digs at him.

Sam: "Okay."

Angela continues to say that Rockstar isn't going to win BB20 and she has kids at home, so it's best that just leaves anyway and espeically before jury because she has a 6 month old baby at home.

Sam: "That's a good point. I hadn't thought about that. Ok."
Angela: "I don't think she's strong enough to win this game."

12:06pm BBT:
Scottie/Tyler/Angela all agree to vote with the house this week.

12:27pm BBT
Kaitlyn tells Tyler to push Fessy to take her off the block instead of Haleigh. Tyler pacifers her and says he'll ask but won't push for it if he's not being receptive to the idea.

12:34pm BBT:
Angela fills in Tyler about her conversation Sam.

Angela: "(Sam) actually asked for my opinion. Didn't even have to force it."

1:49pm BBT:
Rachel/Kaycee/Bayleigh/Scottie all volunteer to be Have Not's this week.

2:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

After Rockstar just told Kaitlyn/Haleigh in the kitchen that she hopes she won't be the renom if the veto is used, she decides to go talk to Sam in the HOH room. She tells Sam that she'd like to stay and play the game. Sam tells her that they're 1 week away from jury, so that makes her decision harder and she hadn't thought about that. What's interesting in this convo, is that Sam keeps switching the subject and dodging talking about the renom. Hmm.

2:25pm BBT:
Downstairs Bathroom

Bayleigh tells Fessy to talk to Sam about using the veto or not because if he does use it, he could piss off the house VS only making the 2 girls mad if she didn't use it. She then told him that Sam said Bay wouldn't be the renom if it's used, which makes Fessy feel better about using it.

6:55pm BBT:
HOH Room

JC tells Tyler that Kaitlyn said she has feelings for Fessy. Tyler said she said the same thing to him (T). JC starts laughing. They break up the convo because Brett came up and they had to act like they weren't talking game, so Tyler snuck into the bathroom as Brett entered.

Fast-forward to 7:21pm BBT...

JC/Tyler talk more. Tyler tells JC to wait until post veto-ceremony to learn why neither of the girls (H/K) might not be leaving this week. (Tyler's not telling him the details of Sam's powers).

8:52pm BBT:
Haleigh/Angela think that even if Rockstar is the renom, she'd stay VS Kaitlyn.

12:29am BBT:

Sam tells Fessy to just let her know either way if he's gonna use the veto so that she knows how to be prepared for the veto meeting. He said okay and he'll let her know in the morning.

3:50am BBT:

Haleigh/Fessy have been hanging out and talking for awhile in the backyard alone. He wants her to be his Final 2 and "Ride or Die" in the house. When she asked what that all entails, he said she can't be going around playing with other guys' hair in the house. She counters with that she doesn't want him to feel like he has "full control" over what she does in the house if he saves her with the veto. He said that's what this is all about.

**And that's it for the Overnighter! So, who will Sam put up? Who knows. lol I'm leaning towards Rockstar despite her telling Rockstar that she wasn't gonna put her up this week. We'll have to wait and see! What we can count on, is that Kaitlyn will continue her "I'm going home" freak-outs, so that'll fun to watch on the live feeds later. I'll be back later on with the Veto Ceremony Results post, so stay tuned for that!

Stay tuned...
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Mama B said...

I have a feeling she is going to put up maybe Scottie? I say that because of how he handled last week with his power trip and Sam seems to have specific motives for placing people on the block.

And how can Fezzy tell Haileigh to not basically flirt with other men in the house when he has girls all over him?? smh

ME J said...

Run Hayleigh Run!!! Guys like Fessy r immature and insecure if they start trying to control and dictate. Wow considering his tryst early in the game, he has some nerve.

Leah Pants said...

Because he likes her and she doesn't like him and that's the only way that he might get her to reciprocate his feelings.

It's really, really manipulative

Unknown said...

Not going to be Scottie...she has a bond with him. He and Tyler were the only two that actually tried to make her feel like part of the house as the robot.

Could be Rockstar...or even Rachel/Angela.

sissy92101 said...

I personally think Haileigh is using Fezzy to take her off the block I believe she likes Brett more then Fezzy I don't care for Kaitlyn that much, but I think she would be more loyal to Fezzy then Haileigh would be to him.

Suzee Cue said...

I think Sam is playing the game as it should be. For and by herself.

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