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Monday, July 9, 2018

Veto Ceremony (Spoiler)

This morning at 10:49am BBT, the live feeds went down for the Veto Ceremony and returned at 12pm BBT. Let's see what veto winner, Tyler, did...

Tyler Used the Veto to save Scottie
Swaggy is the replacement nom

This leaves Swaggy/Winston on the block.

Swaggy is determined to get the votes needed to stay but it's not looking good for him. There was no initial blowup, but I definitely can see a few fights between now and Thursday happening. 

Kaitlyn keeps going back and forth between playing victim and crying to defending herself. She's saying this isn't who she is in real life, then how she felt "threatened" and "bullied" by Swaggy and called a "liability" in their alliance, then later on took back the word bully and said maybe that's not the right word, and saying she wanted to do a big move in the game. 

One thing she did mention that does fall 100% on Swaggy, is that he didn't go up to her (I think until yesterday?) to talk at all about noms this week. That's a mistake any HG can make, whether it's your alliance member or enemy sitting as up there as HOH. You should always go and talk to them. Him ignoring her all week didn't help anything. UPDATED @ 4:41pm BBT, Swaggy just admitted to Kaitlyn/Tyler that he was wrong to not come up to talk to Kaitlyn this week. 

Kaitlyn keeps saying it was her "intuition" that guided her to putting up Swaggy, but I think it was a mix of knowing she wasn't valued in her current alliance (being at the bottom of the totem pole as Swaggy said), not getting enough personal attention from guys in that alliance (she's super clingy/needy), and Tyler in her ear the past few days that got her in this situation.

Bayleigh said she's not mad at her (Kaitlyn) but she is surprised that she put him up. She then cried about how he (Swaggy) is all she has in the game. She goes on to say that she knows Swaggy snaps at people sometimes and she's tried to help him not be so aggressive. 

Swaggy wants to have Tyler tell him to his face that he called Kaitlyn a "liability", which he never did. Then a few minutes later, blamed him being nominated on Faysal/Haleigh and the whole Faysal/Haleigh/Kaitlyn love triangle because that's when he (Swaggy) called Kaitlyn "shady".

In other news, Rockstar is upset with Kaitlyn and stupidly told Kaitlyn that if she wins HOH, she might put up Tyler/Brett. *head desk* Why on earth she'd tell this to Kaitlyn, knowing her/Tyler are close, is beyond me. lol

As I type this, Swaggy and Kaitlyn are finally talking.
Fire up those live feeds!!! 

Stay tuned...
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leroy janecek said...

So glad Swaggy is nominated!!

Lisa Plotner said...

And hopefully Swaggy will go out that door!

Debi Franklin said...

Bye bye Swaggy C.

Unknown said...

Swaggy never went up to talk to Kaitlyn because some of the others in his alliance told him he shouldn't. That he should lay low and wait.

Dianne said...

I don't want Swaggy to go home. Tyler running the house is going to get boring even tho I do like him.

Unknown said...

Swaggy is extremely irritating, but he will keep the show interesting.

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