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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tues: The Overnighter

Good morning and Happy Tuesday, everybody! Normally I do the Overnighter and then post it right away but today's Overnighter is taking so long because there's sooooo much to sift through, that I'll just post it in sections. I figured it's better for y'all to have something to sink your teeth into, rather than nothing.

At this point, Swaggy looks to be a goner and Tyler (who, lets face it, is the real HOH this week lol) is already planning ahead by wondering how to get Bayleigh close to him since now she'll be gunning for him (Tyler) after Swaggy leaves. Smart.

I'll start where I left off yesterday, the convo between Swaggy/Kaitlyn and then Tyler eventually joined. I was as surprised as everyone else was, that Swaggy wasn't going off like he said he would and was having a calm conversation with Kaitlyn/Tyler, but it was because it was part of his plea of sympathy to Kaitlyn. Swaggy told her how he wants to "move out of the hood" and move to L.A. and that's why he wants to win BB. He kept swearing on his "dads dead grave" that if he stays, he won't gun after them (Tyler/Kaitlyn). Of course, Tyler isn't buying this and he shouldn't but Kaitlyn did for a minute. By 5:23pm BBT, Tyler tells Kaitlyn he loves Swaggy but he's still gotta go. So just as Kaitlyn was falling for Swaggy's plea, Tyler reeled that fish right back in. lol

During the Swaggy/Tyler/Kaitlyn convo (4:33pm BBT), Swaggy told Katilyn/Tyler that him/Bayleigh are "one vote" and a team, which is pretty much the fastest way to put a target on your back in this game. lol

The conversation went in circles but the jist of it is this: Kaitlyn heard she was a "liablilty" to the alliance group she had with Swaggy, as Swaggy denied he ever said that and that he said she was "acting shady". It seemed to be a battle of what description was used/not used, rather than focusing on the fact that the leader of that alliance (plus other alliance members as well) were talking badly about one of their own alliance members..which would indicate either (1) low on the totem pole or (2) disposable. Either way, it's a good idea to jump ship, although Kaitlyn jumped shipped way too early and caused too many unnecessary waves and now we have this mess.

Before this conversation though (at 2:32pm BBT), Swaggy talked to us live feedsters so I should back up a minute:

Swaggy: "If I win a power app, I'm gonna f*ck this game up and I'm gonna flip out every single day. I swear I am. If I get a power app before eviction, I will flip out I swear. I will curse everybody out. I wanna flip on everybody. I swear I will flip out."

Moving on...

6:54pm BBT:
Faysal asked Kaitlyn what would happen if it turns out that Swaggy has the BB App Store power this week (*Tyler has it). She said she'd put up Bayleigh as the renom.
Faysal: "You're savage! Oh my god."

At 9:08pm BBT, Swaggy/Faysal are talking about the votes this week.
Swaggy: "If there is a tie, I'm hoping Kaitlyn could break it (in my favor) but I'm hoping to get JC and Tyler both to flip."

Swaggy then says hopefully he stays, wins HOH and then "takes this house back over".
Faysal: "If you go home, I'm probably (next) right out the door."

Speaking of working on Tyler's vote...

9:19pm BBT:
Swaggy asks Tyler what's holding him back from keeping him (S) this week. Tyler said that he doesn't trust Rockstar and he knows she's "been fake" to him.

Tyler: "She's thrown my name out (for eviction)..I've heard it." (*As I covered yesterday, this is true.)

Swaggy said that he wouldn't gun after him (Tyler) and that he could talk to Rockstar and see how she feels about it because he hasn't heard her bring up Tyler as being a target of hers.

Later on in the night (10:35pm BBT), Tyler tells Kaitlyn he's still voting Swaggy out this week. Meanwhile, Swaggy is trying to work on the votes. He has a conversation with Sam at 12:49am BBT. He tells her about his life and what all has happened (he's trying to play on emotions, not a bad strategy unless you're like Tyler and left your emotions at the door like you're supposed to for Big Brother lol).

Fast-forward to 1:12am BBT, Sam warms him that he's not that approachable despite her trying to talk to him everyday, saying hi to him and throwing compliments on him smelling good, etc and that he just brushed her off. She tells him that she stopped trying because she thought she was annoying him at one point.

She then gave him the advice of being himself 100% and not be so closed off/rough around the edges. To be more open with everyone. Be more Chris, less hard-shelled Swaggy.

Fast-foward again to 1:56am BBT:
Sam is affectionaltly calling Swaggy "Sunshine Swaggy" and starts singing 'Ain't no sunshine when (Swaggy's) gone'. (*lol) She asked if he feels better and he said he does and that she knows how to talk to people and make them feel better.

Sam: "If I can be a bright, comfortable spot, in this whole weird thing, that's all I want."
Swaggy: "You changed my whole night around..been sad and crying all day.."

They then hug.

**And that's it for this Overnighter! Pheww that was doozy! Going through 12 hours of footage is rough. lol So Swaggy's days still seem numbered but we still have until Thursday to see what he does to try to save his BB life. I don't see how he can pull it off but hey..never say never. I'll be back later today with an afternoon update. Until then, see y'all on Twitter and enjoy the $6 live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Bubu A said...

I feel for Swaggy (can't believe I am calling him that) but this is a big move by the HOH "Tyler" (sorry Kaitlyn aka Tyler) getting him out now.

Dianne said...

I actually love Tyler, but I wish Swaggy weren't going so early in the game. We might wind up with a Derrick steamroll, I like to see more of a contest. And as far as Swaggy being cocky, that's overblown. Not like he's the only one in the house with an ego.

Jamie said...

I don't think it would be a steam roll though because so many people are on to Tyler unlike with Derek.

UnionGrl said...

I just can't warm to Namaste, she seems so clingy/needy. I have to hand it to Ty, he handles her perfectly. I like the whole house this year. Chris would have been a good player to watch but he got his swagger on way too soon, so bye-bye. I can't get a read on some of the girls yet but the boys are pretty much - what you see is what you get. I suspect some unplumbed depths there but who knows?

Walkrock said...

Anyone who refers to themselves in the 3rd person needs to leave my TV screen. There was a Seinfeld episode about this! Lol

leroy janecek said...

I agree �� %!! Buh bye Swaggy!

Jamie said...

Walkrock..yes! "The Jimmy"!! haha Love Seinfeld :D

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