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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tues: Afternoon Post

This afternoon was relatively calm, with game-talk peppered throughout the day. As I reported in the Overnighter this morning, Swaggy looks to be a goner but it's not quite100% set in stone. Tyler wants Swaggy gone, gone, gone. There's no budging there. He also has HOH Kaitlyn wrapped around his finger and has her doing what he wants. Every time Kaitlyn thinks about maybe keeping Swaggy and getting rid of Winston instead, Tyler shuts it down and brings her back to the reality of getting Swaggy out this week and adds that they can deal with Winston at another time.

Before I get to the afternoon post...
It turns out that Kaitlyn is now single, as her boyfriend is done with her.
This tweet explains it all:

Kaitlyn has been crushing on/flirting with/being physically affectionate with various guys in the house and has been super clingy and needy. Apparently this was a side of Kaitlyn that he didn't know about. Oh boy.

Ok, let's see what happened today on the feeds, shall we?

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9:28am BBT:
Sam talks to Winston/Angela/Kaycee about her talk with Swaggy (12:49am BBT last night).

This is a good flashback feeds moment to go watch but basically Sam just told them about he conversation and Winston/Angela told Sam that Swaggy is just putting on an act to stay and they hope she's not falling for it.

At 12:22pm BBT, Rockstar Angie and Tyler talk in the Storage Room.

Rockstar: "Last week you were HOH, and you refused to put certain people up, and then this week homegirl (Kaitlyn) starts kickin' me sh*t like 'just so you know, anything you say to Tyler, comes back to me'. And I'm like 'whoaaa shorty, I don't talk bad about you 'cause you're my friend'".

Tyler: "No, you don't."

This isn't really that important of a convo, more of a smoothing things over talk, so I'm gonna move on. But there's the timestamp if you wanna check it out.

1:51pm BBT:
Sam is telling Tyler about her long talk with Swaggy last night.

Sam thinks that it'd be easier to work with Swaggy moving forward, as Winston is like a "brick wall". She also told Tyler about how she told Kaitlyn the same thing late last night. Kaitlyn ends up joining the conversation with Sam/Tyler.

Sam said that she's going to put aside her emotions and do what they wanna do, she's just letting them know about her talk with Swaggy.

Tyler wants Swaggy to go and he's not changing his mind, so I'm gonna just move on from this conversation. I'm only covering it in case Swaggy stays, then y'all will know how that ball got rolling. By the way, Sam did say that there's no way that she would use her Bonus Life on Swaggy to save him, in case you were wondering.

At 2:38pm BBT, JC asked Tyler what's up with him/Kaitlyn and if they're falling in love.
Tyler says no and that he "sees her like a sister". (*I don't think she sees him as a brother figure though, so this is gonna get messy next week. lol) JC then warns Tyler that Faysal is targeting them (Tyler/Kaitlyn).

*And that's it for the Afternoon Post! As of an hour ago (7pm BBT'ish), Kaitlyn confirmed that in the event of a tie, Swaggy's going home. Swaggy talked to JC about a vote but JC said he needs to work on the '2nd vote' first because he's not so sure that Kaitlyn would vote out Winston over Swaggy if it came to a tie anyway. It's not looking good for Swaggy and like I said earlier, I really don't think that's gonna change. It's nice to see someone on the block actually try to save themselves, though. So for that, he gets credit. Will it be enough to swing votes? Most likely not. Okay, I'm outta here for the night, so y'all enjoy the $6 live feeds and I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter as usual!

Stay tuned...
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