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Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday: The Overnighter

Goooood morning and Happy Monday aka Veto Ceremony day!! I will urge you to get the live feeds if you haven't already because I expect major drama post-veto ceremony, as Bayleigh/Swaggy are going to be furious when Tyler uses the veto to save Scottie from the block and then HOH Kaitlyn is going to put up Swaggy as the replacement nominee. Oooo I can't wait!! :D Mama wants dramaaa!!

Speaking of drama, looks like Kaitlyn will have some drama of her own once she gets out of the BB house. We'll start off with what Kaitlyn said on the feeds yesterday, and then how BB19's Jessica reacted to it...

Annnnd, here's Jessica's reaction:

While I'm on the topic of Twitter, it appears that Steve (1st evicted HG) is now back home and on Twitter. So it looks like he's not in sequester, as was rumored.

Moving on...

We found out on yesterday's BB episode that Tyler won the BB App Store Reward this week as suspected. Here's the breakdown:

So what does it mean? Well, just like it says, Tyler would have to be worried enough to even think he could be going up on the block and use it before nominations or veto ceremony (if he fears being a renom). He can only use it 1 time and it expires in 2 months (so basically until Final 5'ish, give or take).

Rachel received the BB App Store punishment this week, the "Yell!" punishment, which started yesterday at 12:20pm BBT. The feeds cut for it, but it's a guy screaming over the loudspeakers..kind of sounds like a  punishment for the whole house, actually.

Before I get to the Overnighter, the Have Not's have been named for this week and they are:

Have Not's This Week Are:
JC/Faysal/Haleigh/Rockstar Angie

They all volunteered, though Tyler's been saying all week he'd volunteer and Kaitlyn still didn't pick him.

At 2:50pm BBT, Kaitlyn warned Haleigh that she's doing a "big move" this week and Haleigh said she figured it out that its Swaggy getting backdoored this week. Later on (at 7:15pm BBT), Kaitlyn told Rachel that Haleigh now knows about backdooring Swaggy. Fast-forward to 10:35pm BBT, we have Haleigh trying to talk Kaitlyn out of the BD Swaggy plan but it fell on deaf ears. During this convo, Kaitlyn mentioned a possible alliance of herself/Haleigh/ Faysal/Rockstar Angie/Tyler/Brett but as we all know, there's no way that Brett would do anything without his "bro", Winston, so..yeah.

Interestingly enough, Haleigh didn't spill the beans to Bayleigh about Katilyn planning to BD her showmance partner Swaggy this week (3:30pm BBT). Bayleigh said that Angela will probably be the renom if veto is used. (*Oh, honey. *sigh*)

Haleigh did tell Rockstar Angie about her conversation with Kaitlyn and about the plan to backdoor Swaggy this week. (3:48pm BBT & then again at 4:25pm BBT for flashback times).

In CrazyTrain Kaitlyn news, she wrote (with her finger) on Tyler's arm last night "I want to kiss you" at 12:21am BBT.
Tyler: "No yet." (*He's playing her like a violin. lol)

And that's it for The Overnighter! Swaggy still doesn't suspect that he'll go up as the renom today and in fact, he thinks that it'll be Angela. He told Bayleigh he hopes he'll never get on the block until week 8, 9 or 10, if ever this whole season. (*lol)

Tyler told Scottie he's using the veto on him and that "big things are poppin'" this week.When asked, Tyler said "that's Kaitlyn's place". (*I love how he's already throwing her under the bus. haha!)

Today is the Veto Ceremony and it expect nothing short of drama and chaos. Bayleigh said yesterday that if Tyler gets Kaitlyn to put up Swaggy, then "it's on!" get ready because it'll be on, for sure! I'll be back later with the Veto Ceremony Spoiler and the aftermath. Wanna watch it all unfold yourself? Got $6 bucks? Then you, my friend, need to *click here to get the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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daryl42 said...

Yesss. Let's get ready to rumbuuuuuuuuuuuuul!

Unknown said...

I love when someone is blindsided..... Swaggy is gonna flip out and there’s gonna be major drama with Bayleigh next week. This will be awesome to see, can’t wait!!

Mike Slagley said...

Swaggy is going to lose his mind. I'm waiting for the self eviction.

Jeff - Louisville, KY said...

Really enjoying watching Kaitlin's HOH. She is doing a great job overall considering the big move she is going to make.

Tyler is really a sharp player, he does such a good job manipulating Kaitlin and talking game...great poker face.

Razldazlrr said...

I love the Jessica response to Kaitlyn (she is for sure a bit of a weirdo - and isn't she a "life coach" at her old age? ha

Melissa Burke said...

I'm so excited for some drama!!!

Nicole said...

I'm starting to think Kaitlyn's boyfriend Bean is made up or wasn't that serious in the first place.

BBWatcher said...

It’s going to be so good.

Fred Kilmartin said...

Any news about Swaggy getting put on the block?

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