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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday: The Overnighter

Good morning and Happy Sunday to y'all! Last night when the live feeds came back on at 7:38pm BBT, we learned that Tyler won the Veto. Kaitlyn asked Tyler if he was happy he won the veto and he flat out said no. lol He kinda got himself into a pickle with this win. Meanwhile, Swaggy actually wants Tyler to use the veto because he knows it'll put a target on his (Tyler's) back. Oh boy. lol

Tyler wants to use the veto to save Scottie, then have Kaitlyn put up Swaggy as the renom.

Tyler told Rachel that he wants to save Scottie with it. Tyler then runs it by Kaitlyn (*not sure why, since she does whatever he wants her to do. lol) and she agrees to save Scottie, though she's worried about the ramifications of it. (7:50pm BBT)

Winston (who's on the block) is nervous since he won't be the one saved with the veto, though Kaitlyn assured him he's safe this week. Rachel/Angela explained to Winston that it'd be "too obvious" if Tyler saved him instead of Scottie. Winston is still scared of being left on the block and Brett tried to calm him down and explained why they have to play it out like this for this week. Brett then went and asked Kailtlyn late last night if they could leave Scottie up instead of Winston, but Kaitlyn said she wants Scottie to be pulled off because it'll establish trust with him (and thus, be easier to get him to their side).

It's a good move for Tyler to have Kaitlyn take out Swaggy this week because Swaggy wants to target Tyler/Brett the first shot he gets. It's also a brilliant move on Tyler's part since he's breaking up a duo in the game while having another HG do it for him, but smart-cookie Bayleigh is on to Tyler and is worried that Tyler might get Kaitlyn to put him (Swaggy) up. (*Yep.)

Apparently Jess and Cody (from BB19) were there for the Veto Comp. Kaitlyn (who talked crap on Cody pre-bb20) said Cody was "cold" to her when saying goodbye. Bayleigh said that Cody was nice to her (B) and wonders if "America likes them" (Swaggy/Bayleigh).

Speaking of America, Swaggy said "f*ck you,America" at. 2:16pm BBT (pre-veto) yesterday on the feeds.

Swaggy: "Not gonna lie, if they give me the (BB App Store) power next week, I'm not gonna even want it. Like, f*ck you, America."
Bayleigh: "Ooo! Don't say 'f*ck you, America'."
Swaggy: (laughing) "I don't want it."

They both go on to say that they "did everything to play the game for America" and now they'll just play for themselves. Post-veto, Swaggy retracted this and said he loves America.

At 8:27pm BBT,  Faysal/Kaitlyn were talking about having sex post-BB but they're using a "riding a rollercoaster" as an analogy and how she might not be able to handle 'the ride'. I'm sooo not covering this. lol Flashback to it if you wanna hear more. I'm moving on.

If you're wondering why Kaitlyn is targeting Swaggy to begin with, it's because she heard that Swaggy said she was "at the bottom of the totem pole" in their alliance. Even with that as her reasoning, she asked JC/Rachel last night for more reasons to tell Swaggy why she's targeting him. (*This is odd to me because, like I said, it is a good move because Swaggy ran half the house, he's part of a duo in the house, he showed her where she falls in their alliance, said he doesn't trust her, and he's competitive..those are all very solid and logical reasons to target Swaggy. So I'm not sure why she's looking for more reasons.)

At 9:35pm BBT, Faysal told Angie they need to get Tyler out and pull Kaitlyn in with them and worry about getting Kaitlyn out "weeks down the line".

And that's it for The Overnighter!! Now, just because Swaggy looks like he might be a goner this week, doesn't mean that it's for him. He could have the chance to come back in a Battle Back type comp, since it's rumored that Steve (1st evicted HG) is currently in sequester. He also could have the BB App Store power, though it's highly doubtful since Tyler/Sam are in the lead on fav HG polls lately and I would think that he would've told Bayleigh (if nobody else) that he has it.

Okie dokie, I'm outta here for the day (Sunday Funday for me)! Tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony where we'll see Tyler take Scottie off and then HOH Kaitlyn will put up Swaggy. From there, I expect all hell to break loose. lol So make sure you have the live feeds (you can always use the Flashback feature to watch any moments, and I'll give you the timestamps) if you're not able to watch it live. Have a great Sunday, everyone!! :)

Stay tuned...
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Gina Stjox said...

Hi Jamie love your blog!! Tyler is playing a great game. Scotty reminds me of Steve, I think Steve won his season if I remember right. I see Scotty goin pretty far!

Mama B said...

I couldn't help but cringe watching last night's episode and Swaggy getting so upset about America not voting for him. He kept asking "What else do I need to do? I wont this... I am the first showmance.." like??? He acts super entitled and THAT's why no one is voting for you. UGH!! smh So far this season I like Tyler and Sam :)

Bubu A said...

I really like Tyler, he is playing an amazing game. I was a bit scared of him going home soon but I feel like with his charm and 2 powers (both his and Sams lol) he should be good. He is running his alliance and Kaitlyn without even trying too hard or saying it all the time. Swaggy had potential but his mouth and attitude got him in this mess, i am really happy he is out the door this week. I think it is a great move to get rid of him now. I hope Tyler goes far maybe win the whole thing but i doubt it, he is too strong to keep for that long. Eventually the bros will target him as well.

Rockstar is a major floater, it bothers me that she wants Tyler gone because he is a snake (Hello it is big brother.) If she wanted him gone because he was too strong that would be understandable. i need to see he win an HOH and take him out herself.

I wish Tyler and Faysal would form an alliance, they would run the house all the way to the end.

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