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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Good morning & welcome to your Tuesday! Last night was a calm night but had some good game talk convos that I'll cover in today's Overnighter. As we learned yesterday, the veto was not used and Scottie's noms of Winston/Brett remain the same. It's still a close call to which one will be evicted come Thursday night, but does it really matter? I mean, they're kinda one entity. lol

We'll start of the Overnighter at 9:39pm BBT when Sam/Bayleigh are talking in the bathroom. Sam is irritated that Kaitlyn is going around telling everyone about her BB App Store power. Bayleigh said that Kaitlyn told her if she didn't vote Steve out, there would've been consequences from Sam's power (which isn't true).

Sam said it doesn't include anything bad, just good.
Bayleigh: "Are you kidding me?"
Sam: "No. It's a good thing and nobody else suffers."

Bay is shocked and obviously frustrated (with Kaitlyn's lie).

Meanwhile, upstairs at the exact same time...

Scottie said Sam/Tyler/Kaitlyn are making it look like they're working together when they're not.
He thinks he's being played by all 3 of them and goes on to say they should throw Sam/Tyler up on the block soon to make them sweat a bit.

Fast-forward to 10:16pm BBT and Rockstar said she'd feel bad putting Sam up on the
block. Scottie says he won't feel bad, now that he thinks he's being played by them. they then speculate that maybe Sam is related someone famous (like Frankie Grande) because otherwise, why would us fans give her a power right away.

11:10pm BBT:
Tyler is apologizing to Sam for ever telling Kaitlyn about her (Sam's) BB App Store power.

Sam accepts and said she knows he's always done what he thought was right in the game and that it's ok. He asks her if people think it expires this week, but she's not sure what they think. Sam says she hasn't told anyone the details of her power. Just Tyler knows. Tyler thinks it'd be a good idea to lie and just tell people it expires this week. She agreed. Tyler mentions (a few minutes later) that he wants Kaitlyn gone. They then talk about this weeks vote and that they're both voting Winston out this week and Sam said she's not using her power this week to save either of them.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! The only other thing worth mentioning, is that Kaycee told Tyler to not trust Kaitlyn because of her spreading Sam's power info all over the house. I'll be back later on with the Afternoon post so check back for that. Until then, enjoy the $6 live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

I still don't understand why Scottie voted out Swaggy - wasn't he someone to be on their side?

lord - I hope one of the bros doesn't get back in the house. I always hate the "superpower" stuff

Tyler now realizes crazy could probably blow up his game and his going to work to get her out next!

Dianne said...

Tyler is really good at manipulating and controlling the house, but in choosing Kaitlyn as his accomplice he made a fatal flaw. Scottie thought he was in an alliance with Tyler, Sam and Kaitlyn. He now knows that was a sham. Tyler may have gotten ahead of his skiis, we'll see!

Unknown said...

I am just glad they are actually playing the game this year,unlike those mindless robots from last season!

Jamie said...

me too! last season was bru-tal! ughhh. dont get me started. lol

Jeff said...

So much better than last season. And love that everyone not voting the same. About time people think for themselves

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