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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tues: Afternoon Post

Good afternoon/early evening! The BB20 house has been rather calm today, a definite switch from the past few days. Winston has started to campaign but without throwing his "bro", Brett, under the bus in the process. Tyler gave Winston the advice today to feed whatever "bullsh*t" he has to in order to stay in the game (2:42pm BBT).

At this point, I still am not 100% sure who is going home Thursday, it's going to be a close call for sure. What we can plan on, is that there will be no battle back type comp because Swaggy is home and very active with fans and former BB houseguests on Twitter.

Haleigh finished doing her Shakespeare punishment (2:30pm BBT Cam 1):

Kaitlyn is still being..well..Kaitlyn. She told Fessy (Faysal) and Scottie that JC has the BB App Store power and it "lasts for 5 weeks". Faysal isn't buying it (and he shouldn't because it's not true). (2:35pm BBT)

Kaitlyn said that Rockstar was there when JC told them. Oh, and while we're on the topic of Kaitlyn, her/Brett had a convo around 6:40pm BBT today and hashed some things out. He said his veto speech (of mentioning "visions") wasn't a personal attack on her. (*Mmhmm. lol)

And last but not least, Angela is still in the house. I saw her. I promise she's still there. #AngelaWho

Okay guys & gals, I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter! Hopefully I'll have way more to talk about than today's afternoon post. :P Goodnight & enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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AMTBB20 said...

Id like to hear folks thoughts on Angela. I don't see why she gets "hate". She proved to be an endurance competitor early on and then laid back to not become a target (whether this was on purpose is up for debate). Shes not floating since she is clearly part of L6. Thoughts?

Id much rather see her than someone like Rocksalt (saw this on another blog and couldn't stop laughing) who just goes around bashing everyone, falsely identifying powers and doing absolutely nothing for the game.

BTW great blog!! You may see this post twice since it errored the first time!

Unknown said...

I don’t watch the live feeds but I agree Angela is being smart. The guys in L6 are attracting all of the attention. She’s fine with that! Also when I first saw her intro I thought we had another Christmas on our hands...who initially thought I would love but her personality turned out to be nasty. :( Angela might pose a major threat later!

Gina Stjox said...

Yes I like Angela too. She's doing well. I would lay low to. Still to many people in the game. Kaycee to is playing smart.

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