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Monday, July 16, 2018

Afternoon in the BB20 House + Veto Results

Good evening, BB addicts! Today was a rather calm afternoon, after a crazy night on the feeds (as I reported in the Overnighter). The Veto Ceremony took place today and when the feeds came back on at 1:00pm BBT, we learned that...

Scottie did NOT use the veto
Winston/Brett remain on the block

So Scottie stuck to his plan of not changing noms, as expected. Now it's up to the other houseguests to decide which one goes. Scottie, again, said today that he doesn't care which one leaves but if he had to choose, he'd lean more towards Brett going.

Speaking of Brett, apparently he said something along the lines of "I had a vision..", as a way to mock Kaitlyn and her "hits" (aka visions).

In other news, Kaitlyn told Rockstar Angie that it was her that flipped to get Steve out week 1. Rockstar already knew. She continued to talk badly about Tyler to Rockstar/Haleigh/Bayleigh all because he wasn't her knight and shining armor post-confrontation with Brett last night. (*nobody followed her outside lol) she told the girls she wouldn't care if Tyler gets evicted next week. (*Wow!)

At 10:16am BBT, Kailyn/Tyler talk.

She expresses her frustration with him not rushing to comfort her. She kept repeating she "didn't ask for this". (She said the same thing during the confrontation last night, too. A favorite line of hers.) He deflected and said if he's her #1, she shouldn't be doubting him and that he was thinking of how to get out of the mess she's created. He asked if he did anything to make her not trust him, she said "yesterday was concerning" to her (him not rushing to her side).

Kaitlyn: "If we have a deeper connection, shouldn't (your reaction) be, like, immediate?" (*sigh*)

Moving on...

At 11:13am BBT, Kaitlyn told Scottie about her vote flip week 1 and that she only did it because she was told she'd be screwed if she didn't because of Sam's power.
This convo is very anti-climatic because of Scottie's non-reaction (she thought it be a bigger deal than it is).

As I reported the other day, Haleigh (who won the punishment app), had to stand in the bathroom on a box and recite Shakespeare. (3:35pm BBT)

And last but not least, a 6:58pm BBT, Rockstar and Bayleigh talked and agreed to have Rockstar backdoor Tyler and Bayleigh backdooring Kaitlyn when they get the chance. A little while later, they filled Haleigh in on their plans.

And that's it for the Afternoon post!! Scottie is wondering about Sam's BB App Store power (which would give whichever bro evicted a chance at coming back), and he plans on talking with her to see what it all means in detail. I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter as usual! See y'all then!! :D

Stay tuned...
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