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Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday: The Overnighter

Good morning and Happy Monday to y'all! Today is the Veto Ceremony, where veto winner (and HOH) Scottie is expected to not use it and keep his nominaions (Winston/Brett) the same. As for which HG will be voted out Thursday night, it's going to be a close call. Rachel/JC think it'll be 6-5, with Winston being the one going home. We'll have to wait and see!

Last night, all hell broke loose as CrazyTrain Kaitlyn went off the rails. If you wanna skip the Overnighter and just head to the action on the Flashback Feeds, start at 9:46pm BBT on QuadCam.

I know Kaitlyn is a little nuts but man, she is feeds gold. lol For that reason, and only that reason, I hope she sticks around a few more weeks (though that's probably wishful thinking at this point).

Some little tidbits from yesterday during the day:
*Angela (*Who? lol) wants to break Tyler/Kaitlyn apart so she plans on spending more time with Tyler. That outta be fun to watch. ;)

*Rockstar/Rachel wanna target Faysal next week, and put him on block with Scottie
*Brett offered Bayleigh an alliance and she didn't know if she should take it or not (*really? lol)
*Kaitlyn tells Bayleigh to keep Brett so they can gun after JC/Scottie. They also talked about Scottie being a big target now because he flipped on Swaggy and the bros.

*Sam thinks Brett has "Identity Theft" power app (its Bayligh) and gets worried. This started a bit of a paranoid freak-out with her last night. She ended up offering Brett to work together in the game (since she thinks he has the app power and will use it to get her up & out this week.)

*When Rockstar/Haleigh asked why Sam's being paranoid, she claims it was the DR (production).
*Since Kaitlyn wants to keep Brett, Scottie comes up with a plan to tell her how The Bros offered him a F3 deal and to backdoor Kaitlyn this week. Scottie thinks this may change her vote to getting Brett out instead.

9:36pm BBT:
There's not enough coffee in the world that could get me through the details of Kaitlyn's freak-out last night, so I'll try to simplify it instead.

Scottie admits that The Bros offered a F3 deal and wanted to get Kaitlyn on the block via backdoor (i covered that yesterday), Kaitlyn said she had a vision (she called it a "hit") about Brett/Winston offering a Final 3 deal with Scottie. She was so impressed her own "skills".

She storms out of the HOH, telling Scottie she loves him and he said whatever she does, he'll back her up (during the confrontation with Win/Brett).

Kaitlyn: "I don't know what I did to deserve any of this. I don't get it."
Brett: "Deserve what, exactly?"
Kaitlyn: "Aren't we supposed to be friends?"
Brett: "We are friends."
Winston: "We are friends, Kaitlyn."
Kaitlyn: "Not friendly enough, clearly!"

Meanwhile, Bayleigh and Sam are staying out of it like the smart-cookies they are.

Sam: "I feel like that was staged."

Kaitlyn walked into the backyard afterwards and nobody followed her. A little bit later, Tyler/Faysal join her in the backyard. (This became an issue later on in the night because Tyler didn't immediately check on her.)

Meanwhile inside, JC is telling Scottie to keep his mouth shut because he's making himself a target with all this drama.

Fast-forward to 10:11pm BBT:

Kaitlyn: "Rachel and Haleigh have still not come up to me to see if I'm okay." (*omg.)

Rockstar says that Swaggy would've taken her to Final, and this leads Kaitlyn to regret getting Swaggy out. She also said that Brett was her friend so it hurts, but she doesn't care about Winston because he's a "f*cking loser".

Kaycee told Tyler that Kaitlyn is digging herself/her game a hole. Tyler agreed. They think if they kept Brett, he'd be a big target but JC wants to keep Brett. It's a big mess. Tyler mentions that Kaitlyn's gotta go before jury.

At 10:50pm BBT, Brett/Kailyn talk.

Brett said he does love her and that they are friends but that he was just trying to save his game. Kaitlyn does more drama/crying but I've had my fill of it and moving on with The Overnighter. lol

11:41pm BBT:
Tyler tells JC that they need to keep Brett now.

At 1:08am BBT, JC/Rachel talk about the votes should be 6-5 with Winston going home.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Phewww what a drama filled day on the feeds! As I mentioned earlier, you can watch everything I posted on the Flashback Feeds (it's only $6/m for the live feeds). I'll be back later with the Veto Ceremony results, but I don't expect Scottie to use it to save either Winston or Brett.

Stay tuned...
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Joe Burner said...

I miss the days when your comment section was so alive!!!

I am liking the way that Kaycee is playing the game so far. Lying low, but still involved with several groups. Not really on anyone's radar.

Jamie said...

The past seasons scared a lot of people away.. It's been dwindling. :( I don't blame them though all. It's been a rough past 4 seasons lol I wonder how many are waiting to see if this season is worth the energy or not.

Unknown said...

Been reading your blogs religiously even tho I don't usually comment (although I read those too 😉).

Gina Stjox said...

Oh I think things are getting good and gona get even better!! I bet this season will be worth it and you'll have tons of comments!!

Jamie said...

Hey Unknown! THanks for being here!! :D

Gina, I agree! This cast has a ton of potential and it's just getting into that chaos phase we love so much lol Buckle up! ;) haha

Jillian Clarke said...

Kaycee is the epitome of a floater!

michelle wright said...


Dianne said...

Maybe some of those likely to post comments are doing so on Twitter?

MH said...

I read Jamie’s blog everyday (for what feels like a decade now!!!). I’ve gotten lazy with posting comments, but I’ll participate more.

It’s totally refreshing to have an actual
Game of BB now.... I’m still kind of dumbfounded. Like..... I don’t know how to feel about this season...because for so many’s been so predictable. You knew who was going home the minute the HoH was determined.

Kaitlyn is crazy!!! I thinks she’s eventually gonna run out of guys to crush on...and drive herself absolutely nuts. Which is usually feeds gold!

I loved watching JC and Rockstar talk about politics. I thought I would hate Jc from the promos, but he’s actually very interesting !!! And not stupid!! Lol.

Obviously Tyler has been playing the game well. I’m disappointed in Angela and Fessy. Kaycee is super pleasant and she’s playing well.

A lot of players like JC, Kaycee, Hayleigh....have not been mentioned at all by other HGs as possible targets for eviction.... so ...

Anyways! That’s my comment! Hahaha! Love ya Jamie. Thank you for everything always.

Unknown said...

Your blog is a lifesaver. We don't have cable/satellite, and here in the woods in the countey, our antennae doesn't pick up the few local stations either. We also don't have internet (I guess we live a stone age lifestyle! Lol), so literally, your blog is my go to every season!
Okay, so clearly I'm technology impaired as well, how do I put a name in, so it comes up instead of unknown? It has reply as: "my email address, but posted as unknown

Jen B. said...

Me three!

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