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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Good morning, everyone! Happy Tuesday to y'all! I'll start this Overnighter off by saying that this week's voting is turning out to be one big hot mess and it's yet to be determined just exactly where the votes will fall.

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As for drama, I reported yesterday that Kaitlyn (who likes Faysal, though she has a boyfriend outside the BB house) caught Hayleigh with Faysal under the covers. She later on told Bayleigh it looked like they were having sex under the covers. Bayleigh then went and told Faysal what Kaitlyn said. At 1am BBT, Hayleigh told Kaitlyn she wasn't happy to hear her tell people they (H/Faysal) were having sex.

By 1:48am BBT, K/H were seemingly back to being cool with each other and Kaitlyn told her about how Swaggy mentioned by accident that he had a deal with Winston/Brett to keep each other safe.

Kaitlyn then immediately started drilling Hayleigh about what her/Faysal were actually doing under the covers. She said they weren't making out and that she actually likes Tyler more. (*This is getting uglier by the day and I'm so here for it! lol)

With Kaitlyn hating on Hayleigh for stealing her crush, both Tyler/JC talked about how they might be able to snatch up Kaitlyn from other side of the house and have her be a vote (to keep Sam) this week. Tyler said he'd work on Kaitlyn and he did just that by cuddling with Kaitlyn in the HOH room last night at 12:30am BBT. Kaitlyn cried to Tyler about Faysal/Haleigh hooking up and how she doesn't wanna lose her friendship with Hayleigh.

She added that she doesn't trust Faysal now, but she does trust Tyler.
I'm sure Tyler was super happy to hear this, as it'll make his plan of getting her (K) on thier side even that much easier.

Moving on...

At 7:13pm BBT, Angie came up with a plan to have herself/Hayleigh vote to evict Steve (saving Sam) and then blame it on The Bros (Winston/Brett). 

At first, Hayleigh wasn't on board but then she seemed to like the plan. So we'll see if this actually happens or not.

Swaggy made a bit of a boo-boo last night, as he messed up and let it slip to Kaitlyn that him/Winston had a deal. When Kaitlyn made him backtrack and explain himself, he procrastinated at first and then finally just said it was a deal between himself/Winston/Brett to keep each other safe but that it wasn't real and he still wants The Bros out. 

9:33pm BBT:
Stage 5 Clinger Kaitlyn harassed asked Faysal a lot last night if she was still his 'ride or die' in the house. No matter how many times Faysal said yes, she kept pushing the issue. 
The real issue is that she's jealous of his showmance with Hayliegh and doesn't wanna be forgotten about.  (FYI, Hayleigh said she's not in a "showmance".)

Interestingly enough, at 1:25am BBT, Faysal lied to Hayleigh and said that he doesn't have a F2 with Kaitlyn and that she (H) is his F2. Oh boy.

And that's it for The Overnighter! The Have Not's are done for the week, the votes are still up in the air, Kaitlyn/Hayleigh seem to be trading off crushes, Swaggy is overly cocky and messing up...ahhhh I love this game!! ;) Steve has been laying low for the most part and asking for votes but nothing to write home about as far as conversations go. 

See you guys & gals later on with the Afternoon Post! Until then, enjoy the $6/month live feeds!

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

Yes, I think Sam is annoying. I would like to see Steve stay, Sam voted out and she has to use her power to stay.

Jamie said...

looks like you'll get your wish, Raz! lol

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