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Monday, July 2, 2018

Monday: Afternoon in the BB20 House

Good evening, ladies & gents! This afternoon was a rather calm one, but definitely some things worth noting.

At this point, Sam just might be saved even without her having to use her Bonus Life power, and the beauty in that is that she'd still have the power and be off of everyones radar (well, maybe not Kaitlyn's lol) come Thursday night.

In other news, Winston and Swaggy (Chris) look to be the HG's that'll most likely be targeted moving into a fresh HOH week come Thursday.

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12:45pm BBT:
Haleigh says it's b*llshit that she has to tip toe around Kaitlyn's jealousy of Faysal liking her (H), especially since Kaitlyn has a boyfriend at home. (*Good point.)

4:08pm BBT:
JC and Sambot got married by Rockstar Angie in the kitchen. It was a beauitufl ceremony, followed by a romantic far as human/robot kisses go, anyway. (*Ya know, every year there are moments where I can't believe I typed something. This moment, however, tops them all. lol)

Here comes the lovely couple..

Sambot saying her vows to JC...
 ..and, of course, the kiss.

Moving on...

4:16pm BBT:
As I reported this morning in the Overnighter, there's a bit of a love triangle between Kaityln/Faysal/Haleigh. Kaitlyn likes Faysal (despite having a boyfriend outside of the BB house), as Faysal likes Haleigh and now Haleigh apparently likes Faysal because they were making out this afternoon.

As if that wasn't juicy enough, Kaitlin walked in and busted them red handed!

Faysal bolted up out of bed, as Kaitlyn was pressing Faysal about a bracelet of hers that he broke and was asking where the pieces of it was. He told her it's up in the HOH room.

Shortly after, Kaitlyn held a mediation session with other HG's as she clearly wasn't taking the whole Haleigh-making-out-with-Faysal thing well.

Oh boy. lol

Well, that's it for today's Afternoon Post! I'll be back bright and early tomorrow morning with a fresh Overnighter for y'all. In the meantime, enjoy the ever-fun live feeds!!!

Edit: I forgot to mention that JC was on TMZ today for his harassment of the HG's. None of the HG's have complained (from what I've seen), but I can see this becoming a problem at some point in the future. Here's the link to the TMZ article.

Stay tuned...
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Shoba said...

I’m just now catching up on your posts! Btw hey Jamie... a very huge THANK YOU for all you do!! Am I the only one who doesn’t like Sam? I think she’s very whiny and kinda obnoxious.. however I adore robosam.. am I insane lol?

Jeffrey Lyles said...

Do you think they'll do anything with JC or is this a case where they'll hope it goes under the rug after some other controversy like Angela's black skin remarks?

Unknown said...

I don’t really care for her either, she’s kinda annoying lol

Jamie said...

Jeffery, naww..not unless the HG's speak up about it.

Shoba, you're welcome! ANd no, you're not the only one who doesn't like Sam. Most do, some don't. And it's still so early in the game that opinions will change on both sides of that coin anyway.

TruBEE said...

While I dont agree wth him touching people's crotches like in the 2nd video where he grabs a HG with his hand, I feel that unless the house guest that he touched complains is not really up to us to decide or complain.

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