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Monday, July 2, 2018

Monday: The Overnighter

Happy Monday to y'all! We are on Day 12 (of 99) for this Big Brother 20 season and already, I'm really loving this cast!! They've played more game in the first week than last season combined. lol Okay, so let's see what happened yesterday on the live feeds, shall we?!

Swaggy promised drama if the Level 6 Alliance votes to evict Steve instead of Sam this week. As we know, Sam won the "Bonus Life" power, which she will obviously use on herself if need be and Tyler told everyone in L6 to just vote how they want to and not do an unanimous vote.

Sam knows that a lot of HG's wrongly think JC has the power and she wants it to stay that way, so she's hoping to somehow save her power to use for later in the game while remaining safe this week & Tyler is trying to help her out with that. (3:06pm BBT Cam 4)

Tyler also warned Sam that Rockstar Angie/Haliegh will probably be votes against her to keep trying to work on them, especially Angie, as she's a for-sure vote against Sam this week.

Yesterday (Sunday), the HG's had the Veto Ceremony (reminder: the 1st week of every BB season is off
from the normal BB schedule.)

Veto Ceremony Results:
Faysal did NOT use the veto
Sam/Steve remain on the block

Moving on...

There's a bit of a love triangle between Faysal/Kaitlyn/Haleigh:

-Kaitlyn likes Faysal
-Faysal doesn't like Kaitlyn, only "as a friend"
-Faysal likes Haleigh
-Haleigh has told Faysal she has no interest in him (yet continues to flirt with him)
-Faysal told Swaggy he'll "start ignoring Halleigh to get her to like him", but then decides to
practically beg her (11:40-11:50pm BBT), as Haleigh shoots him down left and right.

Oh boy, this is getting ugly. lol

Sidenote: Kaitlyn has a boyfriend outside the BB house.

Also in drama news, Swaggy (Chris) is now targeting Winston after Winston went around saying Swaggy/Bayleigh seem to be in a showmance (which they are). He (wrongly) thinks some of the HG's still don't know about his showmance with Bayleigh.

Speaking of Winston, he lied to Steve when asked if he (S) has his vote to stay this week. Also, Winston/Brett/Angela wanna get Swaggy out via backdoor ASAP, as Swaggy thinks he's king of the castle.

So that's where we are as we head into our Monday morning on the live feeds. We have a few more days of Sambot and Hamazon Deliveries, and of course Kaycee's Pinwheel of Doom punishment. There's so many potential drama situations that could easily brew soon, including the Sam/Kaityln tension (as we saw on last night's BB episode).

I'll be back later on with the Afternoon Post. Until then, enjoy the $6/month live feeds!!

PS Did you know that you can watch all BB20 episodes LIVE with your live feeds pass, too?? I actually watched last night's episode live while in the car on my way home from a mini-road trip. So awesome!!

Stay tuned...
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Mike Slagley said...

So I'm guessing that if they vote out Sam and she busts out her power to save herself, Steve is automatically going home?

I'm normally against production meddling, but this was a good call keeping Sam safe. She's a doll and they really sort of screwed her with the robot.

Jamie said...

No, most likely nobody will be Evicted this week.

Danielle Lum, APR said...

We need to make sure that Chris is never trending. We must bring his ego down a couple hundred notches.

Kaitlyn Golden said...

Someone on Facebook pointed out that the power Sam has says “a chance” to return to the game.....anyone know anything more definitive about her being able to return if she’s evicted or more about the rules of her “power”?? *sorry if someone already covered this and I missed it!

Gr8teful1957 said...

I’m reading the JC has been sexually harassing people with an ice cream scoop. Do you have any information?

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