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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday: Afternoon in the BB House

Today was a pretty low-key day in the Big Brother house. The live feeds were off for a  few hours (from 11am-1:45pm BBT), which makes this afternoon post even shorter than it'd normally be. (The feeds were off for the HG's to practice for an upcoming comp.)

So, what did happen today? Well, Kaitlyn drama was peppered throughout the morning and day. She had conversations with Bayleigh, Faysal (aka "Fessy") and frankly, I'm over Kaitlyn. While I love my drama, I just can't stand the same problem being brought up over and over again. Beating a dead horse syndrome. Over it.

Here's a look at what we did see on the live feeds today!

Some rock wall climbing by JC and Scottie. Here's Scottie going up first, as JC is on the couch putting his helmet on.

Sam returned to the house at 9:38am BBT.

Then Sam left, and Sambot returned at 3:50pm BBT.

If you're looking for a good conversation to flashback to, then I'd suggest the one between Tyler/Kaitlyn at 5:04pm BBT in the HOH room. Tyler was working his magic on getting Kaitlyn to be a vote for Sam to stay this week.

I have to admit, I really underestimated Tyler at first. His intro the first night of BB made me think he was the dumb surfer kid for this season but Tyler is anything but dumb. He's sneaky, charming, smart, manipulative...I like him. I'm looking forward to seeing how his gameplay evolves.

If you're wondering how the votes are gonna play out this week, then join the club. It's such a clusterf*ck. lol Sam has the Bonus Life power so she's pretty much safe (I'd assume) and if we end up losing Steve, ehh...well..nothing really lost there as he's super boring on the feeds. lol Speaking of votes, Angie told Swaggy C about her/Hayleigh throwing votes and blaming it on Brett/Winston. We'll just have to wait and see on Thursday. I'm done trying to figure out these HG's this week and where the votes will fall.

That's it for today's Afternoon Post! I'll be back tomorrow with The Overnighter. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!

Stay tuned...
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Jeff - Louisville, KY said...

It will be interesting if the robot is assigned to another house guest. My nominations:

1) Haleigh (nip a showmance in a bud)
2) Brett (look forward to hearing a robot say bro)
3) Chris (he needs a dose of humility)
4) Sam (her slow talkin sounds good for a robot voice)

Jamie said...

i actually like the robot punishment but i think it's extremely damaging to ones game (hence why it's a punishment). Sam's punishemnt of nearly 2 weeks is a bit excessive though and she needs the bonus life power just to stay in the game and hopefully not too much damage was done for her ongoing game.

i'd love to see kaitlyn get the robot punishment because i can't stand her lol

Jeff - Louisville, KY said...

LOL. Kate would be following Faysal around. That would be priceless.

LPinTN said...

I'm disappointed in the houseguests this season. All young with little life experience, deduction skills, or strategic thinking. I wouldn't go so far as saying none ... but little. Still going to give them the benefit of the doubt, but not holding much hope. The only one with life skills seems to be bored. Not the best group BB has ever had. They need to vet bebetter and show more variety.

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