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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday: The Overnighter

Good morning and Happy Live Eviction day! Tonight, we will most likely see Winston being evicted (but you never know until the last minute with these houseguests lol), and then...wait for it...we will have the 1st live HOH Endurance Comp on the live feeds this season! Yayyy!!! :D As those of you who have been following the blog for years, you know that this is my favorite thing about having the live feeds.

Speaking of eviction, JC plans on voting Winston out but is telling some HG's (like Fessy) that he's voting Brett out & he plans on blaming it on Kaitlyn. Oh boy. lol

So as I posted yesterday, there's an all-girl alliance (to get the guys out), but already we have Kaycee/Angela having major distrust in the group, and Kaycee/Rachel planned on telling Brett/Tyler about it and Kaycee did just that at 9:11pm BBT and told him it was Rockstar who started it.

Fast-forward in the evening and Kaitlyn told her girls alliance that Faysal somehow knows about the alliance. Bayleigh then told Faysal to keep quiet about it. (*This is a mess. lol)

At 8:16pm BBT, Sam/Bayleigh talk about the girls alliance. Sam said that Haleigh/Kaitlyn are being rude to her. Bayleigh said to not let them get to her and that she doesn't think they're doing it on purpose.

Sam said she feels "left out", as Bay explains it makes sense because they're "BFF's in he house". Sam then told Rachel the same thing. (*This girls alliance isn't gonna work out so well.)

Other than that, it was a calm night in the BB house. Hopefully it's just the calm before the storm. ;)

Okay, so tonight a 9pm ET, we will have the Live Eviction show begin. As usual, I will be here blogging the live show and updates for the Endurance Comp (in a separate post), so make sure you meet me back tonight with snackies in hand!

Wanna watch tonight's (confirmed by CBS!) Endurance Comp? Then ya gotta get the live feeds!! They are only $6 bucks a month and we have 2 months of BB20 left!

See y'all then!! :D

Stay tuned...
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I'm going to stick my neck out. I may be dead wrong but with Sam's power, I think whoever it is used on can come back into the game by agreeing to come back as the robot, for a specified period of time. CBS spent a lot of dough on I heard three robots. What kind of competition can they put on with just one person, and what would be the threshold for winning? That's why I think the comp would just be a tough choice of whether or not they could accept reentering the game as a robot, with stipulations as to the length of time, etc. I doubt CBS spent all that money for a one-off week of a weepy Sam. That is why I think it will be used next week in any case if Sam chooses to ignore it this week. CBS wants to get their money's worth.

MH said...

Coming back as a robot would just be silly. Because you’d be an easy target. Easy vote out. Easy week.

Annamae said...

Any idea how long the wall comps last? I'd be curious to see stats from previous seasons

Jamie said...

in the past, it'd last several hours. recent seasons, maybe an hour or two. but this cast could easily do a several hours comp. their feisty lol

Psalms46:10 said...

I wonder why the bros didn’t use Kaitlyn voting Steve out as a way to get Scottie to maybe go after her?
I know I’m late with my comment but ... gee. I still wonder


MH, that's the point. How bad do you want to come back in the house? Shave your head? It's been done before. Sam said CBS spent several hundred dollars on THREE robots. I'm assuming they would want to get their money's worth. Everybody thought it would screw Sam too, but she's still there. I can't think of any kind of contest with one person that would merit allowing someone to re-enter. Pick a number between 1 and 10? There has to be a price, a steep one.


My bad. CBS spent several hundred THOUSAND dollars on robots.

MH said...

I guess we shall see!

Such an amazing season this year.....just when I was losing hope for the show (after watching since the beginning.....).

Unknown said...

I'm I the only one to see Winston play pocket pool then sniff his fingers at the power of veto ceremony?

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