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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday Live Eviction Show

Good evening, everybody! Tonight is another live eviction episode where we will see either Winston or Brett leave the Big Brother house. Then we'll see the HG's begin their Endurance Comp yayy!!! After the show ends, the Endurance Comp will be shown on the feeds. Don't have them? Here's your chance! Nothing to download, just enter in your info and you're in! Simple as that.

I'll make a new post for the endurance comp and do updates, but I won't be posting minute by minute action (that's what the feeds are for). ;) So stick around after the show and look fore that.

Tonight's show begins at 9pm ET as usual, so make sure to meet me back here then!!

9:00pm ET: 
Show begins...

9:25pm ET:
Sam's family segment ended, now its time for the votes!

Prior to the vote, Brett threw Rockstar under the bus by saying before the show, she told him she was gonna flip the vote and blame it on Kaitlyn. Whoa!

The Votes:
Kaitlyn votes to evict..Brett
Rachel  votes to evict...Winston
Kaycee  votes to evict...Winston
Rockstar  votes to evict...Brett
Faysal  votes to evict...Brett
Bayleigh votes to evict...Brett
Angela votes to evict..Winston
Haleigh votes to evict..Brett
JC votes to evict...Winston
Tyler votes to evict...Winston
Sam votes to evict...Winston

Evicted from the BB20 House is:

Rockstar is going off on Brett.

9:49pm ET:
Up next, it's the HOH Endurance Comp! It's the wall comp! Yayy!!!!

Time to turn on the live feeds!!!!

Stay tuned...
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Unknown said...

Did anyone watch TKO last night? I'm sorry if this was already posted, but TYLER was a contestant. I kept thinking, if they say a lifeguard named Tyler, I'm going to die! Sure enough!

Mo Mo said...

That was the BEST live eviction!!! Loved Kaitlyn and Rockstar’s shocked faces!!! Yes yes yes yes yes!!!

Nichole Meerleveld said...

Did Rockstar really tell Brett that or was he lying?

Patience Ozor said...

This eviction is why I love Big Brother soooo much! Loves it! Now level 6 needs to pull out an HOH win, put up Scottie/Kaitlin, and potentially backdoor Rockstar! This season is the redemption fans needed!

Unknown said...

I read that Tyler was on TKO before going into the Big Brother house.

Scotty S said...

At what point would Sam have told if she was using the power app? Did she have to tell when she voted?

Unknown said...

I feel next weeks eviction wont really matter since sams power will be in play automatically!

latishadanielle said...

I was wondering too! I haven’t seen anywhere that she did.

DeniseG said...

I think a final 3 alliance of Tyler, Scottie and Sam would be interesting.

So over “Rockstar” already. And getting Kaitlyn out would definitely help Tyler!

When is Angela going to do something?

Stephanie Williams said...

I am going nuts trying to find anything remotely close to it and don’t see anything on feeds

MH said...


Awesome season of B.B.

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