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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Live Endurance Comp (spoilers)

As soon as the live show ended, the feeds came on! Yayy!! If you wanna watch along with me, you can watch on you cell, laptop, ipad, etc.

7:11pm BBT:
All HG's are still on the wall. 
Scottie is cheering them on from the sideline.

7:17pm BBT:

Rockstar fell off! She's crying to Scottie.
Scottie: "Nothing to worry about. Now we just wait."

7:20pm BBT:


7:22pm BBT:
Fessy is 2nd down!

Then Brett 3rd, then Bayleigh (4th) right after. Rockstar is being vocal about how happy she is that Brett fell (she's clearly still upset at him).

7:29pm BBT:

A look at the HG's out of the comp + Scottie.

7:34pm BBT:

Rachel & then Angela fall.

7:40pm BBT:

Tyler/Sam/Haleigh/Kaitlyn/JC/Kaycee are still up!

7:43pm BBT:
Haleigh is down!

Tyler/Sam/Kaitlyn/JC/Kaycee are still hanging on.

7:45pm BBT:

JC is down!

7:48pm BBT:
Tyler/Sam/Kaitlyn/Kaycee are still in it!

Sam is super focused.

7:56pm BBT:
Kaitlyn falls, then Kaycee let go immediatley after.
Tyler made Sam promise she wouldn't put him up (*lol Cute.) then dropped.


It's great that she won HOH on the same week her power goes automatically to the next evicted HG. Her/Tyler can figure out what they wanna do. It's gonna be a fun week! As for me, I'm outta ladies & gents! Gotta work bright & early and do the Overnighter before then, so I'll see y'all in the morning!! G'dnight!! 

Stay tuned...
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sissy92101 said...

I am glad for Sam, but she's so nice I'm not sure how she going to pick who to put up but I think Tyler will be helping with that.

Paul C said...

I’m hoping Baliegh uses her power app to put up brett and someone else from that side just to see them stay this week.

Trish Deffenbach said...

So whoever gets evicted on Sam's HOH will have the chance to come back in - I hope that doesn't come back to bite her in the butt

Melissa Gill said...

I'm so glad Sam won! I love her. She's the most interesting HG in a long time. I'm shocked JC didn't win though. I thought wall comps were made for him. Lightweight and super upper-body strength is usually lethal. Do you know why they aren't doing the HOH room reveal anymore? It was always fun to see who was really enjoying the new HOH's room and who was having to suck it up.

Unknown said...

Rockstar and scottie gotta go

Dianne said...

Sam is not the soft sweet southern belle everyone thinks she is. It's an act.

michelle wright said...

It’s BB...they are supposed to act however they need to to win...

Unknown said...

Yeah, that would be great. Then Sam uses her power as HOH to replace a vetoed nominee or her power app gives Baileigh's nominee/evictee the chance to reenter the game. Would be a wasted power for Baleiigh.

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